Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Iowa in the deep south

Here they are, Iowans at work in the deep south! The top photos introduce Cindy and Jim to you. They had flood waters knee deep inside their home and although they tore out all their walls 48" up from the floor the inspector came in and said they all have to come out all the way to the ceiling. Moisture "leaks" upward in sheetrock therefore mold can grow and so they all have to come out. To be honest, it's easier to re-sheetrock a home when the walls are completely out instead of trying to match the old with the new about half way up the wall. This team dug in their heels and away they went. They had quite a pile of debris by mid-afternoon and were going full steam ahead. Cindy stood in awe at the progress that can be made with a few extra hands. There are actually 6 team members at her house and 6 at Virgil's.

Next we introduce Virgil to you. Virgil had water come in from the roof and you can see that his subflooring took the brunt of the damage. The team started cutting away the rotten flooring and getting ready to replace it with new. Virgil had also torn out all his walls half way up but some of them had to be taken out the entire way. They also managed quite a pile of debris.

Both teams of Iowa will be continuing in their respective homes again tomorrow. We could be ready for some insulation and new sheetrock if they keep going at this pace. We will be limited in what we can do until all their electric is taken care of. Virgil's house must be completely rewired where Cindy's just needs new boxes. Pray for some electricians in the next group (which is also from New Jersey).

Speaking of New Jersey, this team planned this trip this week just so they could be here for the Halloween Outreach planned by the church. They are now sunburned, mosquito bitten and have sore feet from being on them the entire day but they had fun!!! The worked the set up from 8am this morning, came back long enough to put on a clean shirt (on top of the sweat) and then headed back to participate in the evenings festivities. When Monty and I walked through Pastor Mike was playing his guitar putting on a solo concert for all those waiting in line to enter. Trish was helping with the games and Jack and Sue were working the prayer tent! They were having a blast and no doubt will sleep more than well tonight! We are so thankful to them for coming this week to participate in another avenue of spreading the word of Jesus to those who need to hear!

Also, today was an extra special day ---- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH!!!!! She chose to spend her 20th birthday with us, what a sacrafice and what a blessing! She said she wouldn't want to spend it anywhere else ---- God bless her for her heart of service!!!!

When we have days like this, 3 new jobs going at once, it's awesome!!! Seeing the looks on the homeowner's faces, looks of amazement and thanks that they cannot put into words --- once again the blessing of a lifetime being able to be here, working with Convoy of Hope, and rebuilding for the Lord!!!!! We thank all of you who make this possible! Please continue to pray for us, the devil never sleeps!!!!!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

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