Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home-made gumbo!!!!

Left side is hanging sheetrock in Margaret's kitchen. Right side is also hanging sheetrock but in Dane's house. This is what went on all day today!!!! In all three homes!!!!

The progress of Margaret's kitchen is amazing! Today the flooring was put down, the walls were taped, mudded, textured and primed. Tomorrow the paint will go on, the vinyl flooring will go on and the cabinets will be installed. As a surprise for her the walls are a beautiful yellow in color! She was seen last night having friends over to take a peek at her kitchen! :)

Dane's sheetrock went up to the point of running out. They made a trip late in the day and restocked so the men will be ready to go first thing in the morning. Two thirds of this team will be working at Dane's tomorrow hanging the sheetrock and cleaning up the entire jobsite.

Bruce and Linda also have over half of their house sheetrocked. The team will not be there tomorrow because Bruce and Linda's son has been doing the electrical and he will be finishing up tomorrow. Part of our next week's team will return and sheetrock the rest of the house. Bruce and Linda are still in shock as they had been doing it all themselves and seeing what all of the extra hands can accomplish has them in amazement! It's part of the flowing blessing thing!! Happens everytime!!! It's a God-thing!!

Monty and I went to visit another home this morning. This is another gentleman who has been trying to do it all on his own and is overwhelmed. There are areas of his home where the subfloor has rotted through due to the storm. These areas will need to be removed and rebuilt. He has all of the sheetrock torn out so this is a plus for us. He will be getting an electrician in to take care of some things and hopefully we will be working in this house in two weeks. He is disabled, as is his brother, but they rebuilt their mother's home first and then went to his. His brother lost his entire home to the storm, rented an apartment, couldn't keep up with the rent and his landlord threw everything he owned to the curb, wheelchair and all! We have referred him to a local governmental agency to see what they can do to help him. He was there with his brother this morning and we reassured him that this agency will be able to help him. Such wonderful men who are just too disabled to accomplish the huge task ahead of them! You'll be hearing more about him - Virgil.

This evening we had a special blessing. One of the church members invited us to their home for dinner - homemade gumbo! Jamie and Cindy love to reach out to the teams and give them a good ole' southern style dinner. It's so wonderful to go into their home, feel so comfortable and be fed a home cooked meal! We are so thankful to them for their hospitality. They just want to give back some of the blessings they received! Bless you Jamie and Cindy!

Over the dinner table this evening there was alot of conversation going on. We were asked the question (again), "what is it that you need the most?" We always have the same answer -- PRAYER!!!! This person asked what were the top 3 things we need. 1. is prayer 2. is prayer 3. is volunteers. Without the prayers we won't have the volunteers and without the volunteers we won't have a relief effort. It's that basic, it's that simple!! Monty and I need personal prayers for the work we are doing and for ourselves personally. Convoy of Hope needs the prayers for wisdom in the decision making they must do each and every day. The coast needs the prayers for literally everything you can imagine! With all those prayers going up the volunteers WILL continue to come and the relief effort will continue and the lives will continue to be rebuilt! THAT is what we need the most! How can you help?

To all the families of these gentlemen who are here from West Virginia --- we thank you for sharing the special person in your life. Even though you are back home, you are critical to this relief effort. If you weren't home, keeping life going for these men, they would not be able to be here, to be rebuilding homes and thus rebuilding lives! You ARE a huge part of this effort and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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