Monday, October 02, 2006

Thanks Mercy House

The top 4 photos are our team from Missouri working away at Dane's house. If you remember, this is the "high and lifted up" house that had to be raised due to the new flood plain. There are towers of cement blocks 12 high that are now the foundation of the house. This requires climbing quite a few stairs to do anything and everything. Just putting the siding on the outside requires scaffolding, not to mention a keen sense of balance! You can see in the top photo that those two men may be well balanced physically but mentally????? Just kidding guys! They are an example of the joy that one has when working for the Lord.

When they started Dane's early this morning Dane was there to meet and greet them. He "thought" he had his plumbing nearly complete --- until the inspector arrived on the scene and had conversation with our Missouri plumber! The final result was that our Missouri plumber will need to take out everything Dane has done and redo it, according to code! Dane thought he was on the right track but with all of the codes changing all the time it just wasn't the way it should be! Job security, guys! And you can't feel too sorry for them --- they were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on Dane's grill at lunchtime! :) They have more than enough work ahead of them this week and we are just so thankful for each and every one of them. They could be back home where the temps are alot less than the 93 degrees we had today!! Thanks, guys!!

Monty also had more than enough work for the day! As I said yesterday, the semi trucks were scheduled to arrive, and arrive they did, all 3 of them --- at the same time! Monty had planned ahead and the men from Mercy House were there before 7:30am! All 18 of them put in more than a days work! You can see by the photos that most of the windows, patio doors and the parts and pieces to go with them had to be off loaded by hand! Those men lifted, heaved, carried, stacked, restacked and turned around to do it all over again - and again - and again! The amazing thing is that they had all 3 semis emptied by 2:30pm! I bet they sleep good tonight! Or maybe not with all the Mountain Dew they took back with them!! :)

We want to thank Danny for helping us out with these trucks. The men were a joy to work with and we appreciate all of their hard work. These materials will be such blessings to so many and without their help it would not have been possible! God bless all of you guys!!

Diane was busy back in Stephen's house with drywall and painting. The kitchen cabinets are absolutely beautiful, even if there were a few installation problems. Lowes was busy making some adjustments as we left. The laundry room is now a soft yellow and ready for the new door to be installed. Brenda, Stephen's mother, will be door shopping this week and hopefully a couple of our Missouri men can get over there and get the job done. Stephen is supposed to be home from college this weekend and we would love for him to see a home that is nearly back together and looks like a home instead of a disaster! Not to mention we're excited to see him as we have really missed him!!!!

The sheetrock also arrived, just as the 3rd semi was empty. The Lowes driver was a blessing as he unloaded and stacked the entire 400 sheets, and without damaging any of them! Once again Convoy of Hope brings in the materials needed for us to rebuild the homes and thus rebuild lives! They just continue to supply materials and we thank God for them and for all of those who support them and make this whole sequence of events come together! Check out their website sometime and see just how and where they are changing lives.

Also, some good news to report from Mike and Faye. Mike had his surgery to relocate his port used for kidney dialysis and did well. They were able to put it in his arm and he will be going to dialysis tomorrow. Faye's brother also came through the same surgery well. Mike and Faye also have a meeting scheduled with Salvation Army this Friday morning to see if they qualify for a grant from them. Please keep them in your prayers as this grant would be an incredible blessing and yet another step in getting them into a home.

We are soooooo glad to be back here on the coast! It is such a blessing to be directly working for the Lord! Seeing the miracles on a daily basis is just something I can't put into words! We thank all of you for coming along with us on this relief mission and pray that you will continue to follow as we make progress in rebuilding lives! God is an awesome God and NOTHING is too big for Him!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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