Friday, October 27, 2006

Indiana pictorial

I want to pay tribute to someone very special from this Indiana team, even though she may not be here in the physical sense, I know she is reading and keeping a close eye on her parents.

Candice -- what you have been through these past couple of years is an inspiration to us all. Your parents shared the video with us and we stand in amazement at your faith and strength! You will continue to be in our prayers for continued healing, strength and most of all God's love to continue to shine upon you! We feel honored to know you, even if it is through the video. Keep up the good work and thank you for blessing us this week with your parents being here!

(for those of you who are wondering what in the world I am referring to, Candice is the daughter of one of the couples here from IN this week. A couple of years ago she was severly injured in an auto accident and, against all odds and against the voices of numerous medical professionals, she lived through it and is a walking miracle today!) We thank her parents for sharing their walk of faith --- may God bless and keep your entire family!!

You can see by the photos that this team has really accomplished their goal of blessing a family here. Bruce and Linda are speechless! They can see their house being transformed into a home right before their eyes, on a daily basis. We join them in thanking this team for all of their hard work but most of all for their ministry while they have been here! They truly did rebuild lives through the rebuilding of a home! They will be leaving us tomorrow morning and they will be missed! They brought their skills, they brought their tools, they brought themselves, but most of all they brought their hearts of service and love for the Lord and THAT is what made the difference! THAT is what rebuilds lives! We pray safe travel for them and also pray that they will return soon to share even more blessings and receive what the Lord has for them here!

The California team also continued to bless Charles and Lynne. It was a bit more difficult today as it decided to rain quite hard throughout the day and part of the team worked in the rain just to help clean up outside the home. They accomplished wonders and will continue tomorrow. They invited us for dinner this evening and it was such a blessed time of fellowship and prayer and we thank them for both!

We thank you for everything you are doing to make this rebuilding of lives and homes possible. You might think that you aren't doing much but praying --- THAT is what we need the most!!!!
We do have a request, something for you to think about and possibly make some calls to see if you can help us --- we are looking for a small forklift to help in the unloading of materials used to rebuild homes. If you have one, or know of someone who has one, and would like to donate it to this effort (you will receive a tax donation statement), please enter a comment at the end of the blog and let us know. You would be offering a blessing that would spread out all along the coast!

Until tomorrow ... thank you !!!! Susan and Monty

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