Friday, October 06, 2006

Goodbye Missouri, Hello Lulu

This morning started with bidding a sad farewell to out team from Missouri. A couple of them had already left late yesterday and the rest were on the road by 9am this morning. It was difficult to see them leave and even more difficult on them to have to leave. They made such a blessed connection with Dane and saying goodbye is never easy. We pray for safe travel for them and that they will take the enthusiasm back home with them and share it with others and then make a return trip to help again sometime. Thanks guys, we will miss you and are so thankful for everything you did while you were here!

Our next photo is Ms Lulu. We were able to bless here with some chairs and a stove yesterday. She told us then about some things she was in need of. She also lost her home in the storm (more photos tomorrow) and is blessed to have some of her men family members (who live out of state) who packed up their own campers and came here to work on her home and get her and her 5 children back in. The FEMA trailers they are in out back are more than a bit cramped. She also had insult added to injury - twice! During the storm her home caught on fire due to lightning striking. Then, during the beginning of the rebuilding process, it caught on fire again, this time it was electrical. And we think we have problems! She and her family members have been trying to rebuild her home without asking for anything. The time to ask came yesterday and we were happy to help out. We were able to donate door knob hardware and base trim to her today. Our thanks to Camp Hope for making it possible for us to do so! She was completely surprised by both donations and couldn't find the words to express her thanks! Like I said, watch the blog tomorrow for more photos of how she is living now and what the house is looking like, you'll be surprised!

This evening we were happy to spend the evening with our dear friends, Bruce and Linda. We hadn't seen much out of them since we relocated from Pascagoula to Gautier and have missed them. We had become close friends and with everything going on with all of us the summer flew by and we hadn't even realized it. It looks like we will be getting some volunteers in their home to help them out. They were also victims of some of the construction scandals going on down here and they desperately need our help! The contactors that are pulling off these tragedies should be jailed but it's not our place to judge -- just to continue doing the work God called us to do. Bruce and his son are finishing up the electrical and plumbing and will then be ready for us to come in and insulate and hang sheetrock. This should get them well on their way to coming out of their FEMA trailer and back into their home. Please keep them in your prayers also.

I would like to ask for a special prayer. It seems my body is trying its best to fight off a nasty cold and this evening I feel I might be loosing the battle. The temps are still near 90 here and getting a cold in the summer is not fun. I have been blessed so far but would appreciate your help in this one. Thank you.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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