Wednesday, October 18, 2006

They're rollin, rollin, rollin ...

Here they are, a bit more tired than yesterday, and a bit on the warmer side, but still hard at it!

The top two photos are at Margaret's. She is getting a new window above what will be the sink area. This one she will actually be able to see out of. They started hanging the sheetrock and it is now coming together. Each day shows amazing progress, all the while Margaret sits back and gives all the praise to the Lord!

The next two photos are at Bruce and Linda's. The team was really excited when they came in this morning and found that Bruce and Linda must have worked all night in getting the rooms cleaned and prepared for the team. They have nearly half the house sheetrocked and are moving at an amazing pace!

The last two are at Dane's. You can see by the faces of all of them that it was quite a day! Dane is feeling better and better with each day of being able to bond with this team. God calls the ones who need to be here and this team was definitely called. We are just so thankful that they listened and followed the calling! Each one of these homeowners is blessed because of this teams obedience which will have blessings falling back onto the team members!

Thanks to Convoy of Hope we now have a new shipment of sheetrock that arrived today. This will enable us to continue the rebuilding process and keep the blessings flowing.

Monty and I also went and visited two more prospective homes this morning. We will be starting work in them, one next week and the other the following. Each time we go out we are going into the unknown and although nothing should surprise us, it still does! How people live in the conditions they do is beyond me! The one we start next week falls into the emergency category!

Memo to the Elkhart, Indiana team --- this is where some of you will most likely be working. Lynne and her husband are living in conditions you couldn't imagine in your wildest nightmares! Her husband is only 47 and recently had a series of 9 massive heart attacks, all in one day, all before they could rush him to the hospital. He cannot do any work and they house is a disaster! They need some walls torn out, others rebuilt structurally, ceilings torn out, insulation put in, sheetrock hung and just about anything else you can imagine. They are desperate and were in tears when we told them we would be there Monday morning to start work!

Memo to California team --- some of you might be here also!

Memo to both Indiana and California, you will most likely be divided between this new home of Lydia's and Bruce and Linda's home. Hopefully this hint will help you prepare for your trip. Call me if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing ALL of you! It will be an incredible week.

I spent a good part of the afternoon working behind the scenes on details for Mike and Faye's home. One of the organizations that we thought was going to team up with us has decided not to do so. I am working on "plan B" with "plan C" in the wings. This has given me the opportunity to learn about new avenues, new organizations out there with hearts of service and the chance to meet new people. It will take alot of time and even more organization but mostly prayers!!
This is where you all come in --- we need YOUR prayers!!!!! Mike and Faye need YOUR prayers! God's timing is always perfect, never too late and never too early!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in everything!!!

Tomorrow is also packed with blessings yet to be discovered! What an amazing blessing to be here working this relief effort! God is amazing! Witnessing miracles each and every day is incredible and impossible to describe! You just have to be here! How about making a trip?

Be sure and stay tuned .... you don't want to miss anything!!

PS There was an awesome salvation on the beach this evening! Like I said, daily miracles!

PSPS --- The guys say hello to all their families back home! They are enjoying the Church Camp for Boys (and they are behaving quite nicely!!) :)

Until tomorrow ... Susan and Monty

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