Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The joy of gutting

They were a bit more sleepy eyed this morning but all it took was a good breakfast and they were off and running.
Masks on, gloves on, hammer and prybar in hand-- they went to work.
One team went back to Marie's house to continue but had to postpone that work due to the fact that the roofers had arrived. YEA!!! Space is premium at her house and they soon decided to let the roofers have the space to work and we would return once the house is dried in and we are ready to go. Good decision!
The next team continued at Sandra's house and finished up around mid afternoon. They, and the team from Marie's joined the third team at their brand new work site -- more gutting! When we checked on all of them in the afternoon they were making great progress. The third part of the team will be returning to this one tomorrow -- it's quite the job!
The thing I hope you see in the faces of those working are the smiles --- yes --- their mouths are covered --- but --- look at the eyes! They speak for themselves! Every one of these team members is experiencing the joy of the Lord! It may be dirty and nasty work but when you have God's joy inside of you it's all a wonder and a blessing to be a part of.
They have all met and bonded with their homeowners and will remember each other forever. God is all about relationships and that is never clearer than working in disaster situations. We even received a phone call from one of the neighbors today -- just thanking us for being in the neighborhood!
We are so thankful to this team, driving the very long distance and being ever so flexible to go wherever and do whatever!
Tomorrow may be a holiday on the calendar but this team is working as if it's just another day to serve the Lord!
To all of you, Monty and I wish you a blessing filled 2009 and hope you are as excited as we are to see this next chapter God has written for all of us!
Until next year . . . Susan and Monty

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to welcome Minnesota team

Yes, late last night I made the flight back to Texas. Both links of the flight were smooth and I enjoyed watching all of the city lights below.
Sleeping was something that didn't happen much -- I don't unwind easily, especially when not feeling well. But I did get to spend a part of the day with 2 of my kids and rode to the airport, complete with a teary goodbye!
It was up (not so bright) and early this morning. The Minnesota team arrived late Sunday night and Monday Monty had them work in the warehouse and creating a new kitchen pantry inside the church. They did a wonderful job and took a part of the afternoon to travel into Galveston to see what awaited them today.
They are working on 3 different jobs, all of which are quite dusty and a mess!
Part of them are at Marie's where they continue the gutting of flooring, walls and ceilings. Marie is right there with them every step of the way and is really enjoying watching them. One of the guys said he has fallen in love with her and wants to take her home!!!! She's pushing 80 and he is in his late teens!!! I think I see God's hand!?
Another part of them are at Paul and Susan's home removing all of the subflooring inside the home. The water completely destroyed it and as Paul is seeing for himself -- all those extra hands can really cut down on the work and the amount of time it takes to get it done. Susan had some yard things also needing done. Everyone there is realizing what these homeowners and families have been through.
The final part of the team is at Sandra's home where they are also completing the gutting process and taking down some of the now dead trees. It seemed quite a shock to them that in order to get the home ready for rebuilding they actually have to make quite a mess!
I am anxious to hear the stories and see their faces when they return for dinner this evening. Many of this team are in their late teens and early 20's and are really getting their eyes - and hearts - opened up in a whole new way!
We continue to stand on our promise that if you come and help someone else after a disaster your life will be changed forever! God always has some special blessing for each individual that comes to represent Him!
With this year quickly drawing to a close it's always time to reflect on the past and see just where we could've done better, tried harder or reached farther. For every team of volunteers we have had over this past year I would imagine they feel they did do better, tried harder and reached further!! And they are right!!
Blessings to all and once again, thank you for all of your prayers and support! YOU are our life-lines and we are forever grateful!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holidays and illness

Yes, remember that I told you Monty came down with the flu the day before I left for Indiana -- and I came down with it the day after Christmas! Right now I am fighting to get well enough to get back on the plane tomorrow evening and head back south.
He is doing better and preparing for our incoming team tonight. He will be keeping them there at camp tomorrow and working wonders both inside the warehouse and developing a new kitchen pantry for both Mercy Response and the church.
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend our home church on Christmas Eve and have a wonderful Christmas Day with family. We ended up spending the entire day together, playing games and opening gifts.
The following day we met my Aunt and cousin who was in from New York, had lunch and it was a short time after that I felt my world spinning and things went very downhill from there causing me to spend the rest of that day and all of yesterday in bed. I missed have Christmas with my daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren but the last thing I wanted to do was "share" this with them.
My son and other daughter will be coming here to my parents tomorrow where we will exchange gifts and they will take my to the airport on their way home (he lives in Indianapolis)
I was able to make it to Columbus First Assembly for church this morning and see family that we spent our entire summer with. They have come a long way with their rebuilding and yet have quite a ways to go in some areas. One step at a time.
We pray all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to what God has in store for the upcoming year.
Until next time . . . thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming!
Be blessed. Susan and Monty

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blessed Christmas to all

Very early tomorrow morning I will be flying back to Indiana for a short holiday visit. Please pray for safe travel -- I really !!! don't like flying!

I would also ask for prayers for Monty as he is staying here in Texas and has come down with the flu as of this morning! He also does not like to fly and felt he would get more rest if he stayed here?

We pray all of you have safe and blessed holidays.

Be blessed and celebrate the birth of our Saviour!!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Season of expectation

Expectation --- what comes to mind when you hear this word?

This season of Advent, of preparation, of expectation . . . kids expecting gifts, adults expecting family and friends for meals and get togethers, all of us hold some sort of inner excitement during this time of year.

And now we see the calendar and realize that we have only a very few days until "it" is finally here! What is your "it" you are waiting for, planning for, expecting?

As Monty and I see the lines of traffic, distances that normally take only a few minutes now taking literally hours ---it causes me to wonder if there is excitement and anticipation in those long lines or the opposite?

Pastor Nathan has been focusing on just those thoughts the last couple of weeks. I hope all of us are focusing on what this season is all about . . . how our lives have been transformed through a small baby, born in the lowliest of circumstances and just how much His love for us causes us to have amazing love for others.

It's through that love from Him that the callings on our lives happen. It's through that love from Him that He enables us to step out, trusting completely on Him and share that love with others, perhaps changing the way they are looking at this season --- and life!

We thank all of you who have made that possible for us these past years and this past year. Monty and I have made 3 major moves this past year, moves that brought us closer to those who are in such need of hope, moves that allow us to see miracles and to realize even more that Jesus is the "reason for the season."

We pray all of you are able to keep your focus on that reason this season.

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

Friday, December 19, 2008

Unloading, again

A couple of photo updates. Anything to bring a smile to your face!!!!
Today was spent catching up on a few errands, it is nearly Christmas! We checked out the local NASA Space Shop where we were able to pick up a couple of small things for our grandson. Anything we purchase here has to fit into a suitcase when I fly home.
From there we headed back and started the unloading process. Remember -- 3 vehicles and 3 trailers! We did get 2 vehicles done. It was one of those days where the sun would come out and before you turned around a cloud came over and dropped showers. Atleast we got the stuff inside the warehouse where we can focus on organization at another time.
Monty surprised me and had all the laundry from this week done before I knew it! Since he repaired the drum in the dryer last week it now actually dries our clothes in record time!
This evening we decided to go and "people watch" at the mall --- watching them come off and on from the interstate was the amazing thing! Driving at a max of 30 pmh on an interstate! We did make it to the mall and just as we thought -- packed! I think we might have been the only people walking around without!!! packages.
We pray all of you are able to keep your focus on the real reason for this season and not get caught up in the materialism of it all. Without Jesus . . . I don't even want to go there!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back and forth and back again

So very sorry for not getting even a spare minute to explain why I have been off line this week.

On Monday morning Monty and I set off for Galveston to conduct a couple more interviews. We met with Ms Marie who I have spoken about before, she's living in her home with no power and refuses to leave. Well --- they should've started her new roof yesterday and through a series of miracles and local contacts we did get her to agree to leave home (nights only) for the next 2 weeks so the roof can be put on. It wasn't easy and she insisted she would be sitting in her yard every day, all day and only sleep at the Catholic church at night --- whatever it takes! We do plan on going in after the roof is on and finish gutting and major cleanup, with her supervision, of course!

From there we visited with Ms Saralynn. She relocated to Houston due to the damage and still has live black mold growing inside. We will also be returning there to finish the gutting and then see from there.

We were literally speeding back to camp because we were to load up a van, hook up a trailer and return to New Orleans to take down more of the camp. Phil and his son had already stopped at camp and each picked up a vehicle and trailer and were about an hour ahead of us. As it was, we didn't arrive in New Orleans until after 11pm.

The next morning came quite early and we were on site taking down the kitchen and tent where the volunteers slept. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my camera and I am sad because you just have no idea how extremely large this tent was! It took all day long to empty the kitchen, take down just the outside of the tent and start packing vans, trucks and trailers. We were blessed with great temps, even with the fog making visibility at zero! By the time we hit the bed that night we were exhausted.

But . . . yesterday morning rolled around and we were back at it. Monty was working the bobcat as fast as we could load pallets. We got the tent steel framing down and taken apart. The outback kitchen was completely dismantled and the walls are now piled on the ground. That involved taking out all the electric, doors and windows. I managed to take out the last window and have it fall on my head -- atleast there I wouldn't be hurt! And it didn't even break! I also managed to smack my own forehead with a tool used to pull nails leaving myself with a goose egg, bruise and cut! Graceful for sure?

I wasn't the only graceful one yesterday --- Phil managed to fall off the step ladder on to the ground --- unhurt, thankfully. Whoever said disaster work was easy???

But the camp is nearly down and although we will still be making a few trips after the holidays we all felt ALOT was accomplished over a 2 day period. And we all felt the helpful effects of some Naproxen to help us along! None of us are as young as we think we are -- and today we all feel as though we are approaching 100!

So -- again, I am sorry for not keeping you better informed and I thank those of you who emailed and thought we might be listed as "missing persons."

Too bad we couldn't be in 2 places yesterday also --- Convoy of Hope showed up with a semi load of items for us to use and distribute --- what an amazing blessing it all is and will continue to be! I received a call from the Spanish speaking Assembly of God church in Galveston just today and they are having a Christmas outreach party this Sunday and wondered if we had anything we could donate to them --- do we ever!!! They will be here tomorrow to start picking up things!!! Thank you Convoy --- you all are awesome!!

And on Tuesday, while we were away --- Diane hopped her plane and headed home for the holidays --- and hopefully some much earned rest?? When she left here she was enjoying the warm temps and said it has taken her 2 days to get "unchilled to the bone." And they are expecting yet another winter storm tomorrow!!

As you can see --- this week has had enough activity for 3 weeks -- and it's not over yet!

Another update --- my brother came through his surgery just fine and is resting at home. Thanks to all of you who kept him in your prayers!!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Visit Day

You might need to click on the first photo to enlarge it and get all the detail. Yesterday they returned the space shuttle to NASA, which is located just a couple miles from us. It was an amazing sight as they flew it over the area a couple of times, just to let us "plain folks" see the wonder of it all! The chase plane was right with it the entire time. Like I said -- amazing to see!
Yesterday we also welcomed a couple of gentlemen from Las Vegas, Nevada. They will be putting together a team and coming to work in January. After getting a good nights rest they headed south, into Galveston, to tour the area for today. We gave them some areas and some addresses where we have been working and most likely where we will begin the rebuilding process. That should give them plenty of information to take back home tomorrow and get the team fired up and ready to go. It was nice to spend the evening with them, sharing stories and getting to know each other better. When they return with the team it will be like family coming back!
Monty and I spent the day making home visits to clients who are likely candidates for rebuilding. There is alot of information that must be taken, releases of information and liability that must be signed and assessments of the homes that all take place within that home visit. Today we visited with Sandra and with Paul and Susan. You can see a photo of each home, of how the inside looks now. You can either see devastation or you can see the possiblities of rebuilding -- both are in there.
Each of these homeowners were blessed to be covered by insurance, both wind and water. Or you think they are blessed --- getting through the red tape of each is quite the process and that is where we come along side them, helping them as much as possible to make sense of everything and to be aware of the resources available to them, both now and later. We hope to be able to come along side each of them and rebuild. They use the funds they receive to purchase the materials and we bring in the volunteers to provide the free labor. This not only stretches the dollar for them but it can make it possible for them to have a home again! It's not an easy task. It takes alot of preparation. It takes the funding to be in place. It takes the volunteers to come. But we all know that God is the author of the book and we just need to be ready, to be aware and to follow what it is He is putting together. After meeting with them, talking and getting to know them, explaining the tentative plan, we always take the time to pray with them. It's the beginning of a long lasting relationship and what God called us to do! We are blessed to be a small part in His almighty plan.
Diane is on her way back from New Orleans, vans and trailers in tow. We pray for safe travel for all of them. They should arrive anytime now. Pastor Nathan has called upon some of the church members to stay around a short time on Sunday and help us unload all 3 vehicles and all 3 trailers into the warehouse! We thank them for the extra hands, feet and strong backs!!!
On a side note -- I mentioned prayers for my brother who was having surgery the other day --- as he was headed out the door to the hospital he received a call that it had been rescheduled until Monday due to another emergency!!!! We thank you for the prayers and know Monday will go smoothly and he'll be fine!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We broke a record?

Yes, last night we broke all state records with 3" of snowfall! I have to admit that sitting inside the trailer watching it fall in the park next door was quite beautiful.

I have experimented with this blog entry and can only hope I was successful -- the attached video is the result of sitting inside the trailer all evening watching the snow falling. I do hope it works and you are able to click on it and watch and listen to "Samson's Song."

A bit of background info on Samson -- he is a Chinese Crested Hairless -- with a yellow sweater on! Ordinarily they do not bark but due to Bitty's teaching he has a rather odd sounding voice and when Monty started howling to them both last night Samson jumped in with his own version of song. I managed to capture a bit of it and hope it brings a smile to your face! (It's amazing what one resorts to when one cannot get out or on the roads!)

We are currently awaiting the arrival of our gentlemen from Nevada. They will be here for the next couple of days, checking out the camp and the areas we are working in. This afternoon will be spent touring Galveston. Thank goodness the sun came out and the snow melted and all roads are now open and traffic flowing.

The snow moved on to New Orleans and I am anxious to hear from Diane to see how things are going there!

Until next time . . . enjoy the video . . . if it works I hope to do more.

Be blessed. Susan and Monty

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Winter" in Texas

Yes, Texas does have winter! We are finding out today!

Last night the winds started howling and blowing quite strong, the rain was pounding -- our camper trailer was rocking and rolling all through the night! It's at those times when you pray it was well built and will stay standing on its legs!

This morning we awoke to temps in the mid 30's and a community who has stayed home and waiting for the warmer temps to return! With the rain falling it makes the cold a "wet" cold and not easy to bundle up for! Funny how we all get used to our own weather!

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with our friends from Convoy of Hope, Paul and Nick. They came down from Springfield, Missouri to see our camp and offer their assistance. It's always nice to see them as Monty and I have worked with them over the past 3 years and when they stop in it's like family coming to visit!

They had a list of things they will be shipping to us next week, all things needed, either for the camp directly or the people in Galveston. They will also be sending any volunteer teams who contact them asking for a place to serve. They already have a team of 35 who are highly skilled and want to come in February. We are more than happy to welcome them and use their expertise!

After a meeting with our own director, Phil we started the process of diving into case management. I got busy copying all the forms needed and Diane and I worked on compiling the names of those we have already helped, making notations and preparing to call them and see where they are and how they are doing.

Monty set out on a mission of getting materials to hook up a 50 amp service for incoming RVers, not an easy task but an educational one. We have the water hook ups and electrical service but not for the 50 amp --- give him a day and we'll be all set.

Very early this morning Diane, Phil and Phil's son all headed back to New Orleans to continue dismantling that camp and deciding what to bring here and what to leave there with the church. I can't imagine how difficult that trip must have been, driving a 1 ton van and pulling an empty trailer behind in the strong winds and rain! "No news is good news" so I am sure they made it fine.

I have started the phone calls, the "long" phone calls, checking to see how homeowners are doing, where they are with their recovery and listening to their stories. It takes quite a bit of time for each one but it's where we must start. It seems a couple of them have received their FEMA or insurance funds and have a contractor on board. Then there are those who are stuck in "no mans land" waiting and waiting and wondering and wondering and hoping and hoping for some kind of help. Two of them were nearly in tears when I called, said they had been trying to reach us for quite some time!

The next step in the process is making a home visit. Both Monty and I go, no one should ever make a home visit alone. He is an extra set of eyes and ears and can assess the structure of the home and damage while I am getting info from the homeowner. It also takes quite a bit of time but we come out with priceless information and hopefully are one step closer to getting them some help.

I also just received a phone call from 2 gentlemen who are flying in from Nevada tomorrow. They are also coming to see the area, to see the camp, to get an idea what to expect when they send a team in January. We will be taking them on a tour of the Galveston area and letting the city speak for itself.

This is one of those times of year when I have to make myself realize its a holiday season. I see those who are suffering so much, those who are hurting, those who are taking baby steps forward into progress and those who themselves don't even realize its the holidays! Disasters don't stop for the holidays on the calendars but sometimes they can bring a small sense of "normal" into our world --- if we take the time to look! I thank God for that --- for always being here for us --- for sending His Son to keep us focused on what is really important!

I pray all of you are keeping your focus on the Son at this time of year and all through the year!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty
PS A side note prayer request, my youngest brother, John, is having surgery today and could really use some extra healing prayers! Thank you! Love you Johnny!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Case management begins

When a homeowner returns to find their home looking like this --- where do they begin? To whom do they turn for help? How can they make sense of anything, understand anything, know what to do?

The answer to all is ---- case management! Without case management there is no long term recovery.

Many of you already know that this is the area I have been very active in. Today got the ball rolling for me even more. I attended a training session taught by the Lutheran Disaster Response. I have been through the ones taught by the United Methodist Church and this was the opportunity to hear from the other expert in the "business." Both of these organizations are leaders in their fields and much can be learned from both. It is my opinion that every single case manager should go through atleast one of these trainings.

FEMA also had some time to speak with us. They are always a wonderful source of information and we are very blessed to have 3 representatives here who really do have a heart for the people and want to do all they can to help us help them.

A couple statistics that you might find interesting --- throughout the state of Texas there have been 750,000 applications for FEMA assistance. In the county of Galveston there have been 75,000. And the deadline is this coming Monday with no extension in site at this time. There is also another statistic that says 10% of the applicants will fall into the "unmet needs" category, meaning they will not have sufficient funds to bring their homes to completion! Do the math and you will soon realize that this is a big job! Ike was a big storm but got lost in the media due to our economy problems, the presidential and vice presidential etcs and therefore missed the media coverage. If it's not in the media it's not on peoples minds and the ones who suffer and those already suffering!

Another statistic, of those who have already received the maximum dollar amount anyone can receive from FEMA ($28,800), over 500 of them are not eligible for the SBA loans that follow! Again --- do the math! Could you rebuild your home with that amount of money? NOT! But --- could you rebuild with that amount if all you had to do was purchase the materials and people came in and offered free labor? You bet! This is where the case management is critical! We must reach the people as soon as possible to offer this to them and help them use their funds wisely. Many times that amount of money is more than any of them (or us) have ever seen at one time! We come along side them, we advise them, we walk them through the process, we gain their trust and allow God to come in and do His mighty work!

We are beginning. Now comes the phone calls to the people, making the appointments to do the interviews, to introduce ourselves, to listen, to empathize, to just love them and meet them where they are at! Please pray for us as we begin this process, an in depth process that lasts as long as . . .

Tomorrow we will be welcoming our friends from Convoy of Hope as they make the trip to see our camp and send volunteer teams to us. They will come as they always do --- with a truck load of supplies! Blessings!!!!!!

Until next time . . . Be blessed! Susan and Monty

PS Happy belated birthday to Monty's sister, Shelley! You are in our prayers!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Midnight return

Yes, we made it back to Texas around midnight last night. Quite the long drive too! We made the return trip pulling yet another shower trailer! This one is smaller than the first one but quite awkward to pull --- built on top of a flatbed trailer which puts it rather tall -- but Monty did an excellent job of driving and we all made it safe and sound! Praise the Lord!
When we arrived in New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon we were just in time to make a run to the airport and pick up John, a gentleman from Colorado who has made numerous trips to the camp and knows his way around town quite well. He will be there for the next 2 weeks doing what he can to help dismantle the camp and bring things over here.
On Thursday Monty and I headed out for Wally's house. Mercy Response has built him a new home and I spent the day trimming out everything, base around the floors, casing around the doors and some window trim. It felt good to get back to "hands-on" work and especially trim work as that is what I really enjoy. Monty was busy helping both me and anyone else who needed a hand in whatever they were doing.
Diane and John headed to Mable's house to do electrical and numerous "punch list" jobs. They got everything done, and then some. John did return for half of Friday to clean up trash.
Diane went with us on a return trip to Wally's to finish the trim and do some fire caulking in the lower garage level.
We were complete with everything by early afternoon and headed back to camp to pack up and hitch up the shower trailer. Hitching up took some time as rear lights on the trailer needed replaced and it needed strapped down to the trailer it is sitting on.
Our main prayer for yesterday was that the high winds calm down before we headed out on the interstate. The night before the temps took a real nose dive leaving us with wind chills in the mid 20s ---- not something New Orleans is used to! Our prayers were answered and the winds were nearly non existant by the time we were on the road. Even though Monty couldn't drive over 60 mph and the trip was nearly 8 and 1/2 hours, we are home safe and sound.
Today we loaded up more vitamin water and headed back to Galveston for another outreach. As we expected, within 15 minutes of our arrival our water was gone! One gentleman came just to help hand it out, putting it in pick up truck beds and the back of SUVs for parents and local workers. We hope to do another run or two next week.
From there we headed to what is called "the Strand" in Galveston. There was a special "Dickenson on the Strand" weekend planned and although we had no idea what is consisted of we needed some recreation and thought we would sample the local culture. It was amazing -- people all dressed in Dickenson era clothing just walking the streets, certain reinactments of that era and plenty of foods. The photos you see were taken at the parade -- quite the event and we all agreed it was great to see the community involved in something that took their minds off the devastation -- even if just for the day! Something "normal" -- priceless!
As I said and you can see by this -- we are constantly busy -- and things going on in all directions! We are praying that the volunteers are busy back home scheduling their trips to come here and help out. The new year is just around the corner and people will be planning their time off and mission trips. PLEASE consider coming to Galveston and lending a hand! No special skills are needed -- we can teach you and we have the tools to do so! I hold fast to the one and only guarantee that I have given out since day one --- volunteering in a disaster zone WILL change your life!
When you attend your home church (or any other church) tomorrow remember to thank God for all your blessings and remember those who are suffering loss and devastation at this time of year. Just because it notes a holiday on the calendar doesn't mean that everyone is celebrating!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trailer transformation

I had hoped to show you more photos but once again -- blogger has a mind of its own and isn't cooperating!

For the past 2 days this is what we have been doing -- revamping the shower trailer! It went from beige with a nasty orange "trim" to a wonderful chocolate brown, no trim but a newly rubberized roof in bright white. Awesome and quite a job!

Yesterday was a bit more of a challenge as we were painting and the winds were blowing the ladder with wheels down the parking lot! We were bundled up underneath our painting clothes and neither Diane or I could get warm last night, sort of chilled to the bone.

Today was much better, sunshine and light breezes. We started with helping Monty coat the roof. He spent the morning walking across the top of the trailer, balancing on the 2 inch roof trusses and praying to not miss one and step clear through the roof and land on the floor. Diane and I worked the sides and edges. We will need to apply another coat and possibly a third but even now it looks great. Diane even got busy and painted the steps leading to both the mens and womens sides!

By early afternoon I was on my way to the Long Term Recovery meeting. It was only the 2nd one since they have formed a group and it's in the usual mass confusion of the beginning. Everyone wanting to help and no one having money to work with. Relationships are in the beginning stages and on Monday I will once again be attending case management training meetings. It takes some time to get these Long Term Recovery committees headed on a productive path but once they do . . . results!

I also received a phone call from Pilar this morning -- she received an offer on her duplex and plans to sell it, no matter how low the offer. She really doesn't have much of a choice as she is ready to loose her own home due to lack of mortgage payments and has no other means of income. It's really the best thing for her but I do wish she could've gotten a better offer. God will provide and she places all of her trust in Him!

Tomorrow all 3 of us will be heading into New Orleans to load up and bring back many of their tools and such and bring them to our camp. We also might be lending a hand to help complete their last 2 homes for the homeowners. We hope to be back in a couple two or three days and until then we will be "off-line."

Be sure and stay tuned, so many things going on and all right before the holiday!!!!!

Until then . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty