Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome California

Here they are, Indiana and California working away!

The top 4 photos are Indiana at Bruce and Linda's. You should see these guys finish sheetrock! They kept their talents hidden for a day! We are so blessed to have them as they are doing a professional job and finishing (taping and mudding) is not a talent many people have! The house is looking fantastic, changing by the hour and looking more and more like a home. They got the insulation done and were also addressing some electrical and plumbing issues. This team has many skills and we are putting them all to use! Linda was cooking their dinner for them this evening and they are sure to have a feast. Linda does catering when she isn't teaching at one of the local Christian schools and we know how she can cook! She is the one who made my birthday cake and I nearly overdosed on chocolate! She had turtle brownies waiting for this team when they first arrived on the job yesterday morning and when I asked about them this morning they were smiling when they said "those are all gone!" Just a small blessing the team is receiving back for all the blessings they bring to the family!

The California team started one of our new projects this morning. Meet Charles, Lynne and their 18 month old grandson, who they are raising. The photo of them is taken in their family room, notice the walls in the background! There isn't one single wall in the home that has complete sheetrock. The CA team is ready to also spread blessings and one of them was a new set of double windows for the front of the house! They also were busy with insulation and sheetrock, but only after doing some structural repairs. They have more than enough work to keep them busy for the week they are here! It was especially good for us to see Scott again! If you remember, he spent a month with us back in the spring and volunteered whenevery and wherever we needed him! We were also surprised to find that this team consists of 5 men and not the 4 planned. One gentleman decided at the very last minute to come along, even though he had to take a separate flight that got in a bit later than the others! That is the kind of surprise news we love to get -- MORE volunteers than we thought!!!!

I also want to update you on what is happening with Mike and Faye and their situation. Although getting them out of their house and into the FEMA trailer happened quickly, nothing from here on in will happen that quickly! We are now in the ever present paperwork realm of things but all is progressing forward with no steps backward. I have a meeting with a company tomorrow morning to start some of the process. He has already done the leg work on his end and seems to think the paper process won't be too long. We also spoke with Joe, from the WV team that just left and he is lining up some things on his end to possibly do a "speed build" sometime right after the first of the year! PLEASE keep him and his team in your prayers as they really!!!!! want to do this build. Pray that the Lord places all the steps in order for them and they are able to bring this thing to completion.

Speaking of prayers, please keep the IN Pastor's wife and family in your prayers. Her mother passed away this morning and she is traveling from northern IN to southern KY by herself. Even though her mother was elderly it is still a loss and they would appreciate your prayers for comfort and strength.

On another lighter note I need to say a very !!!! belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our "some guy named Dave" back home! He hit the BIG 50 a few days ago and I didn't mention this on the blog until I knew all of his surprises were unveiled! If you are reading this and know him you also know he received the gift he has always wanted --- a long haired daschund puppy --- which he appropriately named Java Bean (he is a coffee nut)!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PASTOR DAVE ---- WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Until tomorrow .... blessings to all of you and thanks for coming along with us on this mission of rebuilding lives and homes!!! Susan and Monty

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