Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flooring, flooring, flooring

There you have it, the final results of 2 days of installing flooring. Salvador will hopefully be very happy with the outcome. It is carpeting, installed with no padding, just a staple gun and tada!!! instant flooring! His floors were in such bad shape that no tile or wood flooring could be done. Diane and I figured this was the only option. We also learned that the occupation of carpet installer is not something we would like to do full time! :) We were working with rolls that were 12' in length and they are more than heavy! But we did it = GIRL POWER!!!

Monty was busy working with the transmission problems on our truck. We have had these problems for a very long time and it is now necessary to get something done. Please pray that the cost will not be off the charts and that the end result will be a truck that will shift into ALL gears, including reverse!

We are "bracing" ourselves tonight and tomorrow --- a COLD front is approaching and making big news down here. The "cold" temps are to dip into the 70's in the daytime!!! We have to smile when we realize that those temps ARE cold for down here! We will show our "northerness" when we are still in shorts and tshirts and they have coats on! :) I am so excited and feel so blessed to be able to be this far south for the winter!

I don't know if you remember the 98 year old lady, Margaret, who we introduced to you a few months back. We will be starting work in her home next week. There are master electricians coming in our West Virginia team and we plan to put them to work! Margaret has waited a very long time for a new kitchen and with God's help, and West Virginia, we will get started on Monday. I spoke with her grandson this afternoon and he said she is more than ready and has been asking when we would be back! Stay tuned as this is one spiritual lady who has been on this earth a very long time and who has no intention of leaving this earth until AFTER she reaches her goal of 100 years! Her 99th birthday is next month! God bless her!!!!

Tomorrow we will be looking at another home where the woman is in need of some help. She is a single mother with 3 children trying her best to keep her family and home going. I'll let you know tomorrow how the visit goes.

Until then ..... Susan and Monty

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