Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wisconsin volunteers are on their way

Last night was pizza buffet with the grandkids and my granddaughter named herself "Cupface" with this trick!!!   Hysterical!

After pizza they asked if we could "go to a store" and chose Walmart since they don't go there very often.

Monty has a "tradition" of giving each of them a dollar each time he sees them.  He says this is the one memory he has of his own grandfather and would like the kids to remember him also.  He told them they could buy something while shopping.  Now what in the world they could get for a dollar?  So I handed each of them another five dollars and when they added it up to six dollars they were thrilled. 

But the thrill didn't last long when everything they found was way over their amount.  As they were looking at one toy I hesitatingly mentioned that they could combine their funds and buy something together!?  Remembering how my own kids would have reacted (not good) I didn't know how this idea would be received.  Surprisingly they decided this was a good idea -- when I explained to Liv that she could give her 5 dollar bill to Luke but would get to keep the 1 dollar!  She was all for that and so we quickly headed to checkout.  Upon checkout Luke realized some change would be coming back and agreed that since Liv had done the "best sister move ever" that he should respond by giving her the change.  The look on her face was priceless as she counted and realized she had 33 cents!!!!! 

Evenings like those are beyond words as one day they will grow up and we won't be fun anymore and by then six dollars may not buy a pack of gum!!!!  But for now ---- thank you Jesus!

As I write this today I am awaiting the arrival of our first team of volunteers coming down from Wisconsin.  This team works solely with Habitat for Humanity and chooses a location within driving distance every summer.  They called and asked if our church would be willing to house them and of course-- yes-- was the answer.  So I will be headed over there in a couple of hours to get them settled in and orientated.  The local Habitat rep will also be there doing her part.  It's a great -- and the first -- opportunity our church has to house volunteers.  Should be a great week and we are so thankful for their hearts of service!

While waiting for them --- today Monty had a big surprise for me -- we went target shooting.  It's the one and only thing I have found in my 59 years on this earth that makes all the noises and planning and "stuff" that is constantly running around in my brain come to a stop  ---- and I love it!  But this afternoon he had another surprise --- a new rifle for me!   A BIG one!!!!!  One that I was determined to not be afraid of (the kickback) and did rather well the first time!

Take a good look at my right shoulder --- was using everything I had to create enough padding!  This thing is a 30-06 (or 30 caliber) rifle ----- an American one!!!!!   The bullets are as big as one of my fingers and what a way to get your kicks on a Saturday afternoon!!!!!!!!!
If you will also check out my left let you will see the "Rifleman" tattoo ---- something I worked hard to achieve and brings some rather interesting looks and comments by folks! 
Until next time . . . bang bang --- from more than our local fireworks popping off now and then!    :)
Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is power-washing spiritual?

This is a question I have asked myself while doing many "regular" things in life.

Today, with the temps high and humidity equally as high, it was a great day to power wash.  What better way to stay cool (or atleast I do since I always manage to soak myself).

One of my neighbors had stopped by the house last week wanting "just the north side" of his house power washed.  We all know how the north side of our homes can seem to change to the color green so easily.   He said he knew the whole house needed it but he just couldn't afford it right now.

No problem.  We set this afternoon and I loaded up the power washer, hose, gas can and sunglasses and was ready to go.

As I was power washing I felt God right near by.  It just seemed symbolic of His washing away our sins.  How quickly we can turn "green" with sin covering us -- and we don't even realize just how green we are until He cleanses us.  And how easily He does that cleaning. 

With the power washer I just aim and the power of that water just peels away all the dirt and green and grime and gunk.

God does the same thing with us.  We were all "super washed" at our baptism but God keeps washing us over and over again since our flesh is determined to get us dirty by all sorts of means.

When I finished and stood back and looked at how nice and clean his house was -- made me think about how amazing clean the "streets of gold" in heaven will look --- far beyond anything we can even imagine in our sinful lives!

So . . . for me . . . power washing is VERY spiritual and I love it that God comes along with me every single time --- and how He LOVES to see each of us all cleaned up.

Until next time . . . look for God in those "regular" things in your life.  You'll be surprised to find He's right there -- all we have to do is look!                                            Susan and Monty

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remembering . . . and putting it to use

All the years Monty and I spent in the field --- and of all the things we were involved in ---- all the education God gave us --- and now I get to put some of it to use right here at home!

As you know, I travel to the city just to the south of us each Tuesday morning for Bible Study.  Pastor Martie has been such an amazing influence and strength in my life -- not only through the Bible study but in a personal way.

Today I started being able to give some of that back to her  -- and her church.

They are having a guest evangelist from Kenneth Copeland Ministries come for a 3 day visit in mid July.  On that Saturday they wanted to have a community outreach day.  They've never done anything like this and since Monty and I have been involved with many, many of these I told her I would love to help out in any way I could.

She told me on Sunday that I was an answer to her prayers and she was going to pretty much put the whole thing in my lap!  Yes!!!!!  I was so excited and thankful!

So today we met after Bible Study (for hours) and so many amazing things came from our meeting!  We are going ahead -- full steam -- and Pastor Martie's only responsibility is to "mingle" and watch and soak in all the blessings that God will be pouring out that day!

They've never experienced a community outreach so I told her they both need to buckle up and hang on as Jesus is about to take them on quite the ride!!!!

 In the meantime --- I get to feel that re-energizing feeling of the joy of my salvation and feel life pour through me  --- a wonderful feeling I am so thankful for.

We all would appreciate your prayers over this entire visit, outreach and everyone involved!

Until next time . . . God is so good!!!!!                                         Susan and Monty

Monday, June 24, 2013

Grandma's Champs

Yes, I did take pics of the championship game, just didn't get the downloaded onto the computer till now so here goes . . .

Liv came with her sign to cheer on her big brother.

Full time Dad and part time coach -- for both Luke and Liv's teams kept Tyler more than busy.  He also does private hitting lessons (in his spare time?)

This says it all -- champions!!!!!   A trophy for each hand = one very happy boy!

Guess we all should be getting ready for next season!!!

Until next time . . . good job both Luke and Liv!                                             Susan and Monty

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Award Winning

This past week has been a busy one and adding to it were the championship baseball games that my grandson, Luke, was in.  Seemed each time one was scheduled it was rained out causing one delay after another.

But the team won their first 2 games and were ready for the final on Thursday night.  Luke's mother, my daughter, was more nervous than Luke.  She spent her lunch time making posters and getting pom poms for all of us.

It was hot and sunny and the kids faces were bright red but they didn't feel that heat.  They hit and scored and hit and scored some more and won that game!

Afterwards they were given 2 trophies, one for the tournament and one for having the best team record for the season.

By the end of the night Luke broke out in tears as he wanted the season to keep going, same team, same friends, all summer long!

I thank God for the joy that comes from those kind of evenings!

Until next time . . . great job Luke!                                                Susan and Monty

Monday, June 17, 2013

C . . .R . . .A . . .S. . .H . . .

It was a good Father's Day -- got to spend it with my dad and the rest of the family. 

Monty stayed home resting from working 6 days and trying to get rid of more hives (just what he wanted for his Father's Day).

On my way home from my parents' house I was traveling along nicely, in the left lane of one of our one way streets when the small white car next to me decided to make a left turn --- from the right lane!

Big 3/4 ton truck WINS!!!!!!   The little white car no longer has a driver's side mirror, the driver's door no longer opens and all the glass from the window in the door is now inside the car -- all over the driver!  He wasn't hurt and I am also fine.

I left a trail of skid marks about 30 feet long -- trying to avoid him crashing into me -- but it didn't work.  The impact landed my truck in the intersection of the street!  Everything inside my truck went flying -- but me --- thanks to seat belts!

So now I have the fun of getting the estimate and scheduling the repairs.  Since he hit the front tire on my passenger side I have to make sure the collision repair puts it up on a lift to check underneath.

Praise God neither of us was hurt and metal and glass and rubber can be fixed and/or replaced.  But seriously --- you just cannot make a left turn from the right lane of a one way street!!!!!!

Until next time . . . THIS is why I drive a big, really big truck!              Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 13, 2013


First of all, thanks for the prayers as Monty is finally showing some improvement!  No further breakouts and seems the over the counter combination of meds is working!  Praise the Lord!!!!!

I am so very excited to announce that we actually have a team of 10 volunteers coming the week of July 15th --- to work on Don's house and hopefully nearly complete the rebuilding of his back 2 (now boarded off) bedrooms!!!!

The pastor contacted me a couple of months ago (referred by another pastor friend) and wanted to see if we had anything going.  I explained about Don's situation and they were going to finalize dates and let me know.  With everything else going on elsewhere I didn't hold out a lot of hope!

But God . . .

He contacted me the other day and they are definitely coming here to work!  The entire week!!!!!!

Don is more than thrilled and Monty and I are over the top!

Please keep this team in your prayers, for safe travel and for God to work through them in ways we can't imagine or dream of!!!!!

But for today . . . I have a camp field trip with the school bus . . . taking 45 kids to the local pool for a couple of hours!    Fun!  Fun!

Blessings and thanks . . . until next time . . . God is oh so good!                    Susan and Monty

Monday, June 10, 2013

NOW . . . it begins

This is the start of my 3rd week of "vacation" from driving the bus.

The first 2 weeks were --- putting it plainly --- terrible!

Now --- starting with week 3 --- my real vacation begins! 

I did go in this morning and was able to get one field trip for this week.  Taking some camp kids to a local pool for a couple of hours on Thursday.   Every Monday we can go in and see if there are any trips we'd like to take.  Every couple of hours will help since we don't get paid for the time off and cannot collect unemployment.

Anyway -- now starts my time to work in my yard, to get ready for our subdivision garage sale, to work in my neighbor lady's yard, to help my neighbor lady even more . . . and to spend time with my grandkids taking them out to the lunch spot of their choice once a week.

Before I know it the calendar will have turned a couple of pages and it will be August 6th and I will be doing my practice bus route to start the following day!

In the meantime --- I pray we have wonderful, not too hot, weather and that God will somehow re-energize me and fill me back up as my gauge is nearing empty!

I would also ask for prayers for Monty as he has been having a really difficult time the past week.  Seems he has Lyme Disease from an imbedded tick and has an allergy to something unknown that brought about one of the worst cases of hives ever!  In 3 days he had 3 steroid injections and still isn't completely clear!  On Saturday morning he was having difficulty breathing with all the swelling everywhere, including inside his mouth.  He may need to see an allergist to determine the cause?  Just remember him in your prayers as he doesn't get the summer off work and in his job it seems he's always got himself in "yuck" --- sewer lines, etc!

Until next time . . . thanks to all of you for your constant love and support and prayers!
Susan and Monty

Another . . . our little Chihuahua, Bitty, has gone deaf.  It happened suddenly so she will be going to the vet today to see if that's normal or if something else is the problem.  She would also appreciate a couple of prayers!!!!!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Safety, safety, safety

Spent the first of 3 days up in Indianapolis attending mandatory school bus safety classes.

What a long day!  Me -- sitting still for 8 hours, along with an hour drive each way is a bit "challenging" to put it mildly.

But this first day was educational and not as boring as I had heard about.

Tomorrow we are to focus on discipline --- which should be quite interesting!

On another note, Monty found out today that he most likely has Lyme disease.  We had to remove 2 deer ticks from him a few weeks ago and the past couple of days he's been broken out in this red and very itchy rash with swelling and a headache.  This morning he was really broken out and with such joint pain that he went straight to his doctor.  She diagnosed it and gave him a steroid shot for the rash (which was also Hives) and then put him on some really potent antibiotic.  He has to take it for a full 28 days and that should take care of it.  He felt better after the first pill so let' hope and pray it works 100%. 

I almost have a phobia of ticks and now I think it's not almost!

Hope all of you are doing well.  The stress around here has lessened and I pray that continues.

Until next time . . . watch yourself for ticks --- and school buses!!!                   Susan and Monty
A beautiful pink rose from my Mom's flower garden!  I bet these are all over heaven!!!!

Monday, June 03, 2013


No, I don't have some dreadful disease and am not dying.   :)    Just hanging on like this bumble bee on my mom's flowers!

Just maybe dying a little inside from the stress but . . . hey . . . even if I can't feel God right now I know He's right here and that is life!

Just keep praying.

Love and blessings to all.                                                    Susan and Monty

Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's what's called Faith

As I opened my eyes this morning and heard the rain pouring down, my mind was already working overtime.

Where does one go when one's world comes crashing in?

What does one do when one would give the world to feel the physical arms of God wrapped around one?

What does one do when God feels so very far away?

How does one shut out all the "what ifs" that run rampant through ones mind?

How does one deal with pain that goes deeper than ones own soul?

Where does one turn when ones world has been shaken to the core?

"One" must not rely on ones emotions, feelings or thoughts.  "One" must rely on, stand firm on and depend on the promises of God. 

He IS there, feelings or not.

He DOES love, thoughts or not.

He DOES save, what ifs or not.

THIS is what one does.  It's not the easy route, but it's His route. 

Until next time . . . may "ones" road get a few more of the "potholes" filled up.

Blessings to all.                                                            Susan and Monty