Friday, October 20, 2006

One of God's warriors has a new kitchen

Here you have the story of one of God's special warriors with her brand new kitchen! Today was the final "push", the final day of what was a wonderful week! Joe and his crew pulled no punches, left no stone unturned, worked until way after dark and the result was the entire team of West Virginia, with Margaret, in her kitchen with her breaking into a prayer that broke every single one of us in the circle! The last photo is of Joe with Margaret, a couple who grew to love each other and became true family this week!

We always tell the teams that even though they are coming to bless the residents here, there will be a special blessing just for each of them here. We encourage them to not get so busy that they miss it. This team GOT IT and will be taking it home with them to last forever! Today Donna got it! Donna has worked with Joe at Margaret's all week. She and her husband are on their way to Florida and wanted to stop in and help for the week. Donna spent alot of time with Margaret -- she is now able to understand every word Margaret says!!! Not an easy task, believe me! Donna was the only one who was able to get Margaret to understand how her new installed Lazy Susan worked! No amount of explaining by any of the rest of us worked. When Donna brought her into the kitchen and actually showed her, she got it!! It was amazing and something only Donna could do!! A true calling from the Lord!

There were some of this team who had not gotten to meet Margaret yet. Bob is one of them. He is also the one sitting next to her, her arm resting on his leg, and the bond they developed within a few minutes will also last each of them a lifetime!

Today was one of those days where words cannot relay all of the blessings that flowed faster than a raging river. Best as I try, I just cannot find a way to convey the real story. It's also one of those days that we all pray for, one of those days that bring Monty and I to tears -- tears of thankfulness that we are the privilaged ones who get to be here, to stay here and to be working this effort for the Lord! Yes, we are exhausted, but only physically. Mentally we will have a difficult time "shutting off" the day, the week for that fact! But we are the blessed ones to have our family grow each and every week with both the volunteers and the homeowners. Thank you Vineyard Church and Convoy of Hope for making this blessing possible for us! YOU are angels and warriors for our Lord!

Not to slight the other two homeowners where the team worked this week. We were not in Bruce and Linda's today but we will be returning Monday morning with a new group of people ready to spread the blessings. Today their son was going to finish his "project", their electrical! Not a small task but one he wanted to do himself and we don't want to be the ones to rob him of his special blessing in helping his parents get their home rebuilt!

The team did work in Dane's today. When they got done the place was immaculate! Not a small feat on a construction site, let alone one that is "high and lifted up". They were hanging sheetrock, finishing sheetrock, cleaning trash that filled a small trailer, shopvacing the entire place and just plain spreading blessings all over the place! Dane will now be able to get some things done over the weekend and actually be able to walk in the house at the same time!

Monty and I want to thank this awesome team from West Virginia and it is our hope that they will return shortly. We know they have mentioned wanting to come back and that is the highest compliment anyone can pay! They are exhausted, a bit bruised and probably worked harder in these past 5 days than they have in who knows how long. But they leave with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that the homes they rebuilt they rebuilt for the Lord! They will be leaving us very early tomorrow morning and we will miss them! Please keep them in your prayers, for safe travel, for rest when they return home and most of all that the blessings they received here will shine forth from them as a ray of sun, too bright to look directly at but yet life supporting!!

We thank all of you for what you are doing to make this rebuilding of lives possible! Without you it would not work!!! May God bless you for your servant hearts!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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