Sunday, October 15, 2006

Goodbye Diane

There she is -- our "parking lot princess". On her way back home to northern Wisconsin! Notice her companion, the teddy bear, in the passenger seat! Atleast she isn't traveling alone!! :)

She spent last evening and all of this morning getting everything ready to go. The little car was packed full but she got everything in. The teddy bear was a gift given to her this morning from Anita and family in the Spanish Village.

The three of us went to lunch after church and she was on her way. We each had a gift for the other and we laughed as once again, we were all thinking the same things. The gifts were evidence of it!

We have grown so close, the three of us, over the past months and it will be difficult to not see her smiling face at devotions in the morning. She won't be here to help lead a part of the team in their work project. She won't be here when we reunite for dinner tomorrow evening. She will be missed, not only by Monty and I but by the families whose lives she so deeply touched while she was here. Faye shed enough tears for all of us this morning.

We know Diane will be back. God needs her back with her family and new grandson for awhile. God always has perfect timing and He has a wonderful plan for her life. The blessed part of it all is that Diane will hear His voice and obediently follow His plan. We thank God for bringing the three of us together, for bonding each with the other, for allowing us to share with each other our calling to serve. God go with you Diane, we will miss you! You know we love you and will be praying for you!

Very late !!!! tonight we will be welcoming the rest of our team from West Virginia. They are expected to arrive around 2 -3 AM. I know they will be tired but also will be ready to go tomorrow morning. We pray for their safe travel and for a good nights rest.

Until tomorrow ... God speed .... Susan and Monty

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