Sunday, January 31, 2010

Celebrating Richard

Our MN team continued working all through Saturday -- even with the temps taking quite a dive -- it's still warm for them!
Mae Ruth's deck team only went inside long enough for her home made coffee and then they were back at rebuilding. Another load of lumber was to arrive today (yes, deliveries on Sundays) so they can start the railing tomorrow.
Logan and their cat enjoyed watching their team get just the right stain color match for their chair railing and base trim. It wasn't easy but the team armed themselves with plenty of samples and came up with just the right color. It's really looking good.
Allan and Rosemary and son Matt once again had a roaring fire in the fireplace so it was tough to have any temperature sympathy for this team even though they have been literally on their knees the entire time. The flooring looks great and they should be ready for grout and sealing come tomorrow.
The end of the day took Monty and I to Pastor Bob's church for the memorial service for Richard. It was good to meet he and Peggy's 2 sons. It was a nice service and Peggy and family were treated to a full feast of foods afterwards where they could visit with friends and remember Richard. I have no doubt he was watching the whole thing with a huge smile!
Tomorrow we once again start the week with orientation and go full steam ahead. There will be jobs to check, jobs to prepare, materials to be ordered and materials to be relocated. Upcoming teams will be called to check in with -- how many are coming and what kind of skills can we prepare for?
And of course --- preparation for Super Bowl Sunday --- let's go COLTS!!!!! Yes, we know we are in the midst of Saints fans but hey --- GO COLTS!!!!!
Until next time . . . be a blessing and be blessed! Susan and Monty

Friday, January 29, 2010

Calm before the storm

It's very, very early on Friday morning. Living in a camper during a high winds and impending storms makes for light sleeping. Blogging early is a great way to start the day anyway!

Yesterday I awoke to yet another flat tire, yes, on my ones that are only 3 days old! Seems when they put on the new ones they failed to change the plug -- so a stop to the local tire shop took care of that -- on all 4 tires.

From there it was off to meet Alan, my construction supervisor. He was taking some time from his extra busy schedule to go and visit with our current volunteers and see some of the homes we have been working on.

Our first stop was to Rosaland's where we saw the improvements going on inside. Many of the damaged studs are now replaced and it's nearly ready for the roofer to come in, hopefully next week. We also managed to make some plans for her kitchen with the addition of a closet for her washer and dryer. Both had been located in the 2 rooms that completely blew off the back of her home and she doesn't want to rebuild them so the kitchen became the best place for an added laundry facility. Alan was very pleased with the hurricane bracing that's also been done.

Next took us to Teresa's to see how the Amish are doing. The newly rebuilt room was getting shingled and Alan even had to question if this was the same house I sent him photos of in the beginning! We are still keeping the leader, Monroe, in our prayers as he remains home in Illinois with his family at this sad time.

Coming back to San Leon had us drive by Richard and Peggy's ramp for Alan to see how awesome it is. Monty and I will be attending his memorial service tomorrow evening.

Then it was a stop at Janey and Logan's to see how well the team is doing with the walls and trim. It was enjoyable to visit with them and hear how they are enjoying the warmer weather here and see photos they brought of the snow in Minnesota! Brrr!! But beautiful.

From there it was a quick drive by at Allan and Rosemary's and then Mel and Billie's. I will need to pick up some more tile cement for Allan's this morning and the team at Mel and Billie's nearly have the back "buttoned up." Monty brought them the remaining siding and they were doing very well, also anticipating these storms and making sure it was closed up well.

Our last stop was our deck rebuild at Mae Ruth's. We decided to make some railing changes and I will be making that switch today also. She was extremely pleased with the progress and although the men assured us they would be working today -- even if it was raining -- I think the lightning might have them thinking again!

By the time we made all the rounds it was dinner time! Amazing how quickly the day goes by checking that many jobs! It was good for all the teams and homeowners to meet Alan and I know he also enjoyed meeting all of them.

And yes -- a trip to Lowes is first on our list for today -- some things will need to be wrapped tightly in heavy plastic to protect them through the rains but we always manage to get it done. Our Presbyterian teams are only working half the day as they need to prepare for their leaving tomorrow. They have tools to organize and a camp to clean!!

We are so very grateful to all the teams for all the work they have been doing this week. Some of these jobs are quite difficult and take some real calculating in order to get them done and all have risen to the occasion and mastered their task! God listened when we prayed for wisdom at the end of our orientation! God always comes through!!!

Until next time . . . be a blessing today! Susan and Monty

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MN loves the sunshine

Our team from Minnesota arrived bright and early this morning for orientation and already decided this is the kind of weather they were looking for! When they left home it was zero!!!!
They are divided in 3 teams; 1 working at laying ceramic tile flooring at Allan and Rosemary's, another priming and painting at Logan and Janey's and the third are rebuilding a very storm damaged deck and stairs for a new client, Mae Ruth. All have already settled into what needs to be done on each job and are praying for this weather to continue into early next week as that is when they will head back north.
Our Amish are working away at Teresa's although Monroe had to head back to Illinois due to a death in his family. He plans on being back on the job over the weekend. In the meantime they are working away on the construction of her new roof and electric and many other things at the same time. The women even got in on some of the warm weather helping Teresa do some yard cleanup today. The boys in the above photos got a real kick out of the idea that their pictures would be out on the blog today! And yes, I did ask permission and they were thrilled to say yes -- as long as they didn't have to pose! :)
Our Presbyterian's are still at Mel and Billie's installing new studs and insulation on the back portion of the house. The others are also installing new studs at Rosaland's in preparation for the roofer to come and do his work. When I stopped by they were all enjoying lunch together in the back yard (photo) and also soaking up some sunshine.
So if you've done the math you realize that by mid week we now have 6 jobs running. Both Monty and I were on the roads all day as they are not all in San Leon now. We are traveling to Santa Fe and Texas City also. It's one way to learn the back roads between jobs!
And here we are at the end of the day and Monty took off to Lowes with one of our neighbors here in the RV park -- trying to help him do some repairs on his trailer! He's always out in the neighborhood helping someone with something. All those years he spent working with his family in the mobile home business weren't a waste -- God was planning and preparing him each day to help others with what he had learned. And help he does!! :)
Until next time . . . could your neighbor use a helping hand? Susan and Monty

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breaking down walls

As I went from house to house today to check on teams there seemed to be a common happening -- walls coming down!
Rosaland's bathroom is where the tree came through the roof and the walls are rotten from all the months of moisture and are coming down.
Mel and Billie's walls on the back side of their home are coming down.
Teresa's walls are coming down on over half of her home.
And yet -- God spoke to me about those walls.
We have the Presbyterian's working on 2 homes, the Amish on another with Methodist on deck for tomorrow. All those "denominations" -- some would call them walls. And yet all are working together -- no walls between them -- just a heart of service!
If only we could take this practice into all the world -- no more walls?
Think about it -- I don't think there were any walls in the Garden of Eden????
Until next time . . . do you have a wall that needs to come down? Susan and Monty

Monday, January 25, 2010

One Body Once Again

8:00am we all gathered in the Baptist church, Methodist with Presbyterian with Amish. It was a sight to behold and one that had to have God smiling!
Our Amish brought the homeowner they are working with for the next few weeks, Teresa. She is their driver and we were happy to have her join us for our orientation. As we finished with prayer they all headed to Lowes to get their materials all lined up for delivery and then to the job where they are moving Teresa to one side of the house while they demo and rebuild the other side. Then they will move her to the new side and rebuild the last half. They have a really big job ahead of them but they were ready to go. The younger boys were teasing as we talked of my truck being in the shop they told about their "truck" that was one horse power - with 4 legs!!
Our PDA team was divided into two teams; one to Mel and Billie and one to Rosaland's. At Mel and Billie's they are working on some demo work of their own on the back of the house. You can see by the photos that they made great progress. At Rosaland's you can see the floor of the bathroom removed and preparation for new stud walls to be built.
Once again a week where we join forces, all with the same hearts -- to just help the people in any way we can.
Tomorrow more materials will be ordered and picked up and with the sun shining and the temps absolutely perfect it will be another day of blessings coming from every angle.
And I am happy to say my truck is now repaired; new back tires, new brakes with rotors and the "shakey" front end no longer shakes! But ouch -- the cost of repairs! But . . . we all do what we need to do to keep our vehicles running! And running it will be once again -- I average over 100 miles a day most days!!!!
Blessings to all of you and be sure and stay tuned this week as we have another team arriving Wednesday!
Until next time . . . be a blessing! Susan and Monty

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What an ending . . . leading to a beginning

Once again time got away from me!

Thursday night we were honored to have dinner at the PDA camp with the teams that would be leaving the next day. It was a double blessing as they invited the homeowners that they had been working with and presented them with a gift! The laughter and smiles filled the room and carried out into the parking lot and back home with all of us! Thanks PDA and thanks Ben!!!! What an amazing gift of hospitality you have!

Even though those teams were supposed to be leaving on Friday a couple of them went back to their homeowners to wrap up some loose ends. Ted sent me an amazing weekly report on Rosaland's that will be priceless to the next incoming team starting tomorrow. The relationship he made with our professional engineer will be a blessing throughout the building of her home and we are so thankful to him for that and for all the work he and his team did!

They also returned to Logan and Janey to clean up and prepare for their next incoming team this Wednesday. It looks great and Logan is doing so much better!

We were busy with our UMCOR team still installing the HVAC system for Robert and doing some touch up work on his back steps and deck. All that needs done is the system fired up and tested through and our local HVAC gentleman will take care of that and Robert can officially move home!!

Dan's UMCOR team was also still working on Mel and Billie's house. By the end of the day they had the front complete -- new door in and old door gone, new windows in and old ones gone, siding on, trim on and ready for the next incoming team tomorrow. They pushed it to the end and accomplished their goal and we are thrilled at their progress in just 5 days! What a team!

Another incredible week filled with blessings, love and things that I know I've already stored away in my mind and am forgetting to tell you!

Tomorrow starts a new week -- PDA, UMCOR and Amish teams will fill our week, our homeowners and our lives! We are so thankful for all who have come, for all who continue to come and for all who make it possible for all to come!

One last update -- the memorial service for Richard will be held on Saturday, January 30th at 5:00pm at Pastor Bob's church. We hope to celebrate his life and know he will be smiling down on all of us from his special place in heaven! Please continue to pray for Peggy as this is difficult for her.

Until next time . . . bless someone and ask them to pass it on. Susan and Monty

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunshine returns

The rains left, the fog faded away and the sunshine broke through bringing the temps to near 80 -- something the teams from up north are really enjoying!
Rosaland has the largest hurricane straps all installed and the house leveled. The team also learned a very easy way to make friends with the dogs -- donuts!!!
Janey and Logan have their interior doors all back in and trim nearly done.
Allan and Rosemary's women sure did get the hang of installing ceramic tile! It's perfection!
Mel and Billie have the siding up on the front of the house and the side door that they wanted to disappear is doing just that.
Our heating and air team have Robert's unit nearly complete. One more trip to Houston for one more part and they will call it done! They even went inside and installed his washer and dryer and are working on a couple of other things to tighten things up and get him moved home!
Brian and Carol are getting new windows, framing and their electric that took the electricians up into the attic area.
For our team of Presybterians today was their last work day. They have invited us to camp this evening for dinner and we are excited to join them and have the opportunity to thank them for all of their hard work and amazing blessings.
Our UMCOR team will work through tomorrow and then also be heading back north -- into some not nearly so nice weather! I've tried to keep them but . . .
For those of you who have been wondering, the funeral arrangements for Richard are not set yet and I will let you know when they are in place. We, and the family, thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this both joyous and sad time.
Until next time . . . bless someone and be blessed. Susan and Monty

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God Welcomes Richard home

Very early this morning God opened the doors of heaven wide open and welcomed Richard home! The celebration has begun and he is finally able to breathe freely and move without pain! We will miss him and we pray for Peggy as she is understandably upset but she knows he is safe and with our Lord! The funeral arrangements are pending.
Also very early this morning we had our weekly UMCOR meeting where we welcomed back Sam and Ethel. They have done alot of volunteer work helping organize teams and we are thrilled to have them back. I also had the chance to meet Rocky who is managing the south side of Houston with teams rebuilding. The family continues to grow! How awesome!
From there it was off to gather materials and take to our team at Rosaland's. They are working closely with the engineer and the roofer was also planning on meeting with them to get some interior framing questions resolved. We were also surprised by the birth of even more new puppies -- 4 at last count. And they are safe and sound and dry -- right underneath the house where the team is working. After encountering a quite protective mama they decided to work in another area of the house! Good plan!
Mel and Billie's continues to change shape by the day. The front has alot done and by tomorrow should be complete. All that will remain is putting back their front porch area. A few of the women on the team did a side job today with helping Carol get her walls painted which also has her nearly ready to move home!
The ceramic tile flooring was underway at Allan and Rosemary's after taking the needed time to get it all layed out properly. Allan was feeding them lunch and they were enjoying it very much when I stopped in. Spoiling the teams again!
Janey's and Logan's also continues to change shape and get them closer to being done.
The team of HVAC men got all the details in order to start the installation of Robert's system tomorrow. They have teamed up with our HVAC installer and all will work together to get the job done! More of that togetherness again! Fantastic!
Brian and Carol's team were busy getting needed materials and installing those materials. I saw them both times I was in Lowes!
I managed to get a material list and get the materials ordered to start a new job with next Wednesdays incoming team. Gail has an older mobile home and there are ceiling repairs needed, new vinyl tile to be installed, a water heater closet rebuilt, a shower to be installed and a toilet to be set along with a new front and back door. She was worried that she wouldn't see Monty and I again -- thought we were already in Haiti! I assured her we were still here and she need not worry about us going there!
The skies did what they could to drop rain off and on all day. It didn't seem to bother any of the teams, even the ones working outside! At Rosaland's they are having to crawl underneath the house and I think they are enjoying the mud!! Remember the saying about boys and mud? :)
I continue to marvel at how the teams "melt" together. Most know each other from church but haven't worked side by side, let alone in these conditions. Yet they are filled with love and respect for each other, laugh all day long and return to do the same thing each morning! I love it when God touches hearts!
Until next time . . . we love you Richard and we will miss you!!!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Day 2 brought alot of progress! The weather is perfect and those from up north are really enjoying it.
Rosaland's is getting leveled, hurricane anchors installed clear through the flooring, around the joists and into the ground, while siding is also being removed in preparation for new siding when the time comes.
Janey and Logan ended up with an amazing sheetrock finisher and they are nearly done and ready to start on some of the paneling and trim. Logan is doing better and seems to enjoy the progress being done.
Allan and Rosemary are far enough along that the sheetrock dust is gone and Rosemary could even come and visit with the volunteers. She was telling her story when I stopped in to see all of them. This team will finish up the painting tomorrow and possibly start on the ceramic tile flooring.
Ms Dora now has all of her nasty carpeting out of her trailer and the vinyl tiles are looking really good. Shouldn't be too long before she's back home also.
Mel and Billie are soon to see a brand new front on their home. The new window is in and it's nearly ready for the siding. The front porch will also be rebuilt brand new. It took the purchase of a sump pump to get the standing water out from under the house but it's also nearly gone. They have a goal of getting the entire front and porch done before the end of their week so we'll see how they do -- I have full confidence they'll make it!
The HVAC team is busy troubleshooting problems in numerous homes and trying to locate a system to install at Robert's so we can get that completed and get him and his family home.
Brian and Carol's team informed me today that they are scheduled to be here for the next few weeks and want to "adopt" Brian and Carol's home and work on it over these next weeks!! A dream come true for them, the homeowner and for us! God always provides just who we need it when we need them!
And Monty even made some time to get our tool trailer cleaned out and semi-organized; as much as a tool trailer can be organized when it's being used on a daily basis! Making time to do such a thing isn't all that easy but he made it today and now we're ready!!!!
As I went from job to job today there was something that stood out at each home -- the look on the faces of the homeowners. Rosaland was smiling from ear to ear even with the "deconstruction" of her home going on. Janey and Logan were also smiling as they stood together watching. Rosemary couldn't stop smiling and thanking and smiling some more. Mel and Billie are doing the same even though everything familiar to them is changing it's changing for the better. Brian was a different man -- talkative and thankful and also smiling in disbelief.
That !!!!! is the reason we are here! That !!!! is the reason the volunteers come and return. That !!!! is the reason I know God is smiling and sending more blessings than we can possibly imagine!!!!
Until next time . . . help someone else and experience the blessing. Susan and Monty

Week of 61

They just kept coming in Pastor Bob's church for our orientation -- the final count totalling 61 volunteers!

Sorry for no photos but it just didn't happen yesterday -- our day was a full 15 hours and I couldn't think when we got home. It was an awesome day!

One of our PDA (Presbyterian) teams is divided between Janey and Logan's, Allan and Rosemary's and Rosaland's. Rosaland's is the most challenging as they are jacking up the house to level it, replacing some foundation and then bringing it back down. It took most all day just getting a plan and materials together but they are quite an amazing team. Janey's and Allan's teams worked magnificently well being led by the homeowners and it's a good thing as I only was able to check on them via phone calls. I just met myself coming and going too many times.

Our one day team from the area came and got Robert's yard all cleaned up which will make the city of Kemah a bit happier with him. They loaded all the trash on our dump trailer and went with Monty to Mel and Billie's dumpster to unload it. Great job team!

Our two day PDA team pulled up carpeting and are laying vinyl flooring in Dora's home. They also assured me they were fine and I hope to get to see them and thank them before the end of this day.

Our UMCOR team that flew in from Maryland are working with Monty on Mel and Billie's home. They have the front exposed and are ready to install the newly framed window. They also have an electrician who is starting that task and after a visit by my supervisor (and friend) Alan, it's all lined out and he's ready to really make an impact. Monty also met himself coming and going in getting both tools and materials lined up for the team. When a team flys in they come with nearly zero tools -- which is expected -- so our tool trailer gets put to use. There is standing water under their home so today will also involve using the pump and removing it and seeing what we need to do to stop that from happening. Another big day!

Another part of that team is being led by an HVAC contractor who spent his day running from a church in Houston that needed some work to a couple of homeowners who have air/heat problems to getting materials to start the installation process at Robert's. We are so very blessed to have this expertise here and have him quite the line up of work for the week!

Our final UMCOR team is working at a new home (new on our list). Brian and Carol have some materials and have their own funding to get what is needed (she cashed in her retirement!!!!) so they just needed hands as they are both unable to do the work due to medical problems. This team took Brian to Lowes and the truck was loaded down to the max. They also have their plan and their materials and they brought their own tool trailer so they are ready to rock and roll.

And it's only Tuesday morning -- early Tuesday morning!! I am headed back to Lowes for lumber, Monty is headed to Mel and Billie's and then back here to work on 2 trailers and then back to Mel and Billie's --- get the picture?

It's awesome to have so many folks from all over the nation, from different churches yet all with the same heart -- just wanting to serve! The weather is to be in the 70s and I know God is happy with what He sees in His servants! Pray for these teams this week -- pray for them each week! They are amazing and we are so thankful for each one.

I will try and do better in getting photos today!!! Pray for me, pray for Monty!!!

Until next time . . . God doesn't call the equipped -- He equips those He calls!!!!
Susan and Monty

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It just became personal

We all sit and watch the horrific scenes on TV; a country in ruins, Haiti in unimaginable pain and loss!

Today it became personal!

Rev. Dr. Sam Dixon, head of the humanitarian relief agency of The United Methodist Church, died before he could be rescued from the rubble of a hotle destroyed by the earthquake.
He was the executive officer of UMCOR and was part of a group of mission and relief specialists trapped by the collapse of the hotel. Other persons in the group of five, including two more from the General board of Global Ministries, were rescued and were back in the US by yesterday morning. The group was pinned down for more than 55 hours.
Rev Dixon was reportedly alive in the hotel ruins on the morning of January 15.

The President of UMCOR said that Dixon "was an extremely gifted minister of the gospel. He lived his life following the commandments of Jesus to feed the hungry, care for the sick and love the least of these - all over the world. Jesus is holding him dear and we are in prayer for his family."

Rev Dixon had been here and toured the devastation in Galveston shortly after the storm and had continued to follow the efforts here.

It just became personal -- and it hurts!

Many have already asked us if we are going to Haiti. When we made this commitment we made it to the United States -- and yes -- it tugs on our hearts! We are not going -- BUT -- we will pray, and pray hard -- for everyone there and everyone here. We ALL can do something! This will take many, many years to rebuild, not just the buildings -- the lives!

Do SOMETHING!!!! Even if it's small --- DO SOMETHING!!!

PRAY -- and remember the second of two commandments Jesus said, "love your neighbor as you love yourself." Haiti may be a long way from us in mileage -- but -- they are our neighbor!!!

Personal hurts -- prayer helps!!!

Until next time . . . pray! Susan and Monty

Friday, January 15, 2010


See for yourself the before and after photos of Mel and Billie's house. It's one side and it's not painted but it is sided and the windows are even trimmed! Amazing -- especially when the weather made the ground into mud about 4 inches deep in some places and today the winds blew in excess of 30 mph and the rains came with it! What a team -- what a team effort!
Allan and Rosemary now have all their walls and ceilings taped, mudded, sanded and textured ready for the priming to start tomorrow! They mastered the texture using rollers -- quite the feat! Another amazing team effort.
Martha and Steven are getting heat -- just a few more feet of wire and a couple of connections and it will be warm. They have the flooring completed in the laundry room and the gift of a bedroom suite from her sister is in place and beautiful. So nice to see their bed up off the floor! Martha was beaming with joy!
Logan and Janey's walls are coming together very nicely and that team will continue tomorrow! Monty stopped by and showed them a "hot" patch that had their eyes bugged out with amazement and joy!
Rosaland's house is now cleared of all her things and she is finally happy knowing that nothing will get wet or stolen. The team cleared away the last few nails from the walls, removed a wall she wanted taken out and did a great job in walking her through the entire process. I saw them even repairing some of her furniture! Her home is now ready for the incoming team next week to start on the foundation and leveling and installing hurricane strapping!
The Las Vegas men finished up additional flooring and things at Ralph and Laura's and were complete by noon. They moved themselves to Hsilda's and also finished there. Her kitchen is beyond belief -- the new 12 foot counter top/bar area all done and she and her husband are still smiling! He will work on a few more small things as their Pastor completes the ceramic tile in the bathroom and then we will be scheduling a house blessing for sure. The same thing will be coming soon for Ralph and Laura.
House blessings are coming -- many of them -- it might be hard to keep up.
House blessings came from all over the place this week -- so many families touched, so many families that were strangers at the beginning of the week -- God adding family for all of us!
What an awesome God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . get in on the joy -- bless someone! Susan and Monty

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Laughter and Tears

I don't know how to capture the true essence of the past 2 days! Sometimes the words even evade me -- believe it or not.
The team at Richard's went above and beyond with not only the ramp but a planted flower in the front and their name and this year carved into the ramp itself. You can see the team photo above. This afternoon they went to the hospital to visit and had their computer with all the photos of the deck construction and what a blessing that was to he and Peggy and the family. The very sad part of this story is that Richard and family received word that he has between 2 and 4 weeks before he goes to meet Jesus! Sad in one way and joyous in another. Please pray for this family!
Mel and Billie laughed all afternoon because as the construction is being done the entire world could see into their bedroom! The walls had to be opened and thankfully the rains held off until today so the team got it all buttoned up with brand new windows, insulation and housewrap before starting the actual siding this afternoon. The progress is awesome to watch and the team also laughs their way through the day!
Allan and Rosemary's team were starting the texture process on their home. The walls are as smooth as can be and this task will test their creativity. I have no doubt they will master the task and might just want to texture their own home when they return!
This afternoon we welcomed back our team from Roundrock, Texas. They were here in the summer and were very pleased to be able to work without sweating through everything. They are working in 3 homes; back at Martha and Steven's working on electric and flooring and trim, at Logan and Janey's hanging sheetrock and finishing it, and then helping Rosaland move her belongings out of her home and into her storage container. Once again it's always great for Monty and I to have returning teams come and work with us.
As I said, over the past 2 days the laughter has reached the point of making my stomach muscles cramp -- the joy of the Lord is an amazing thing that sometimes can't be put into words. And then the tears when thinking of Richard and what his family is going through. How is it possible to deal with both extreme emotions? By leaning on and fully depending on God and His perfect timing. We think of it as the last thing and yet it is to be the first thing, the first thought!
We all need to be praying and doing what we can for the people in Haiti. The magnitude of this disaster is beyond my imagination. We ALL can do something! And if we all do something it will turn into LIFE giving!
Until next time . . . bless someone and feel God's joy! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jose' and Blanca are complete!

Yes, Jose' and Blanca now have a completed handicapped ramp, safe set of stairs and a deck and stairs on the back of their mobile home. Jose' could not get the smile off his face and insisted I come inside and spend some time with Blanca who is now bedridden. Her English is a bit broken but her thanks came through loud and clear. She invited me to come back and visit with them anytime and they wanted to send out their thanks to all the teams who combined their hearts with their hands and created a miracle for them! Great job teams!
Mel and Billie have the siding off of one side and the other side is started. The new windows are starting to go in on one side and the framing has been repaired and hurricane strapped. The team who finished Jose' and Blanca's moved to Mel and Billie's so there are plenty of hands to pitch in. It's already transforming and those new windows will really make a difference.
Richard and Peggy's team have the ramp completed and were working on the railing late in the afternoon. They plan on making a visit to the hospital tonight as last night Richard was not doing well. They are taking a prayer shawl to gift he and Peggy with and I told them to be prepared for tears -- not just Richard's but some of their own!
Allan and Rosemary's team were thrilled that he made lunch for them today before leaving to get some of his teeth pulled. They are still white with sheetrock mud dust but smiling all the more as they see their progress and enjoy the company of not only Allan, but of their own team.
The Las Vegas team continues to keep my sides hurting from laughter! And by the photo of Chuck in his famous yellow shorts you get a small vision of what I'm talking about! They are amazing and the joy is more than contagious! They are setting kitchen cabinets in Ralph and Laura's and finishing the flooring at the same time. They are nearly finishing with the flooring at Hsilda's and also coming right along with the base trim. I wish I could spend the entire day just sitting back out of sight and listening to their laughter and fun!
Martha and Steven were thrilled when I stopped by to let them know Judy's team will be returning this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to finish their electric and all the other odds and ends! Not to mention the gift of the washer and dryer that will be delivered Friday!!!
Another amazing day -- and it's only Tuesday!! They already seem like family!!
Until next time . . . bless someone and feel the love! Susan and Monty