Saturday, June 30, 2012

He's one hot painter!!!

Rob was at Michael's at 6am this morning!  And it takes him over 30 minutes to drive there!  And it's Saturday!! 

As you can see -- he came prepared to do some priming and painting -- outside!  With the temps yesterday breaking all records and absolutely not a single drop of rain and the humidity lower than we are used to --- he knew today would be a great drying day.

Rob won't stop due to heat.  When he has a job to do he's going to get it done!

Today was no different.  When I got there he told me it took nearly 3 hours to get the entire trailer taped off and ready.  The actual priming and painting took less than an hour each.

He gave Michael the choice of being taped inside until the entire job was done or staying outside.  Michael decided inside was best so he didn't get to see anything until it was all done!

He had a smile on his face as he checked out the results.  He admitted he thought it would be darker but when all that plastic and tape are removed and he sees the beautiful pale gray with white accents he will have an even bigger smile!

Rob did a great job and with John's help (he was in the area and called and came to help out) the cleanup process was a bit quicker than the setup was.

This puts us even closer to the big house blessing!!!!!!

Be sure and stay tuned!

Until next time . . . Lord, thank you for air conditioning!               Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super HOT Volunteers

Hartsville is back!!!!!  Tom, Ron and Arnold were here bright and early this morning ready to hang the sheetrock in the family room of Don's.  Finally --- putting back together instead of tearing out!

Rob stopped by to lend them his sheetrock lift.  That makes it soooo much easier to do ceilings as it lifts each piece up and allows you to guide it into place without the stress and strain of trying to hold it up on your own.  Much thanks, Rob.

Those 3 men work circles around a full size team --- and with the temps literally breaking all records it's even more amazing!  Our high today ---- 104 degrees!!!!!  That's the actual temperature, not the heat index!

They were doing a good job of taking water breaks and took some time at lunch to get into some air conditioning.

By late afternoon Pastor Randy, Kandi and Mark came by.  Mark was starting to tape and mud the sheetrock as fast as they were putting it up.

I spent most of the afternoon in Don's kitchen trying to clean up the extreme mess left by the raccoons -- all 3 of their "break-ins"!!!!!  Now that we have their entry boarded up they have decided to move on elsewhere so it was safe to go in and clean.  I didn't get it all but made a huge dent in it!

Don stopped by to thank the volunteers and told me the latest "varmit" story.  I kept thinking I was smelling something while in the kitchen but never could figure out exactly what it was.  Don told me that he "discovered" a dead (very dead) possum inside and underneath the shelves on the Lazy Susan cabinet in the corner of the kitchen!  When he reached in to get it out --- well --- you just don't want to know the rest of that story!!!!!

Anyway, he will now have to completely dismantle that cabinet to clean and remove . . .

Monty stopped by after finishing one of his jobs and took some time to visit and thus force an all important water break.

By the end of the day (my day) the team was still working and even planning on starting the new subflooring in the family room!  But by that time they had passed the heat of the day so . . .

We are so thankful to these men who take time from their own homes and families to come and be such tremendous blessings!!!  Looking forward to seeing them on their next trip.

And in closing --- this is definitely a new breed of bird at our feeder!!??  It was 8am one morning last week and we looked out our window -- which is less that 6 feet from this feeder -- and saw this deer really enjoying his breakfast!  He stayed there, watching us watch him, for quite a few minutes.  Then he took his nose and banged into the feeder with the red roof -- trying to knock seed from it.  Sorry Mr. Deer but it was empty and you arrived before my normal "feed and water the birds" time!!!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all of you!                         Susan and Monty

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Putting Life in Perspective

This weekend has been one where I feel God talking about putting things in perspective.  Alot of different things have happened so let me share a few and you see what you think . . .

First of all, Adam returned to work on Don's roof.  Adam works a full time job 5 days a week and still volunteered all last week before going to his paying job! (below photo)

Mark (above photo) also came to work at Don's on his day off!

These two men have true hearts of service and both are wondering why they are working alone?  Where are the rest of the volunteers?  I have the same question and have had that question for months now.  I continually answer that question with the line that "well, people have lives and on their days off have other things to do."  I am getting a bit tired of saying that as in my heart I feel I am making excuses for them. 

We all have the same 24 hours in our days.  As Pastor Dave said this morning --- priorities are those things we plan other things around.  I guess there are just too many people who don't put helping others as a priority!?  Just sayin' . . .

And then my children have been having to deal with the death of their grandmother.  She passed away at 4:20am this morning.  As much as she loved a good party I know there was a joyous one in heaven early this morning.  But . . . the loss is still felt here on earth and the tears still flow and the hearts still hurt.

And yesterday as I was up on the roof with Adam at Don's Monty called me.  Our neighbor, who just lost her husband of over 60 years last fall found out (with no warning) that she has end stage cancer in her pancreas, kidneys, both lungs and a blood clot in one lung!  Her only living child, a son, is a pastor who lives 2 hours from here and he has literally camped out in her hospital room.  She will begin chemo tomorrow and fight with all she has.  Her granddaughter is getting married next April and her goal is to live long enough to be able to go to the wedding!

This morning I was able to spend a couple of minutes and show a short video about the rebuilding project in Maui.  As I watched that video again God touched my heart in a new and different way.  Monty and I have always said that in disaster relief we are "rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes" but in this case we (and you) have the opportunity to actually save lives!  The lives of the next generation!   We have a responsibility to do so!  That realization changed me on the inside.

So . . . here I am on a Sunday evening "pondering" so many different things.

What am I learning?  One main theme just rings in my heart. 

Life is short.  Life is precious.  Life is a gift from God.  Life is meant to share with others.  Life is meant to encourage others, to build them up and to bring them to the true life in Jesus.

NOTHING else matters!

We may not have the latest cell phone or newest computer or biggest big screen television.  Our jobs may just plain suck.  The lack of rain may be stressing us to the max.  Our bill box may be overflowing and our paychecks may be less than enough. 

BUT . . . God loves us with a love beyond our imagination and as long as we have life --- life in Him and as long as we truly trust Him --- not just saying we do but really doing so --- we won't stress over "not having" or "what ifs". 

If we all take a look backwards we will realize just how many times God has been there for us, has helped us out of things we lost hope in and for --- and yet we still don't trust!?

My childrens' grandma now knows the joy!  My neighbor will probably know it sooner than some of us. 

And yet we don't reach out and help others.  We stew, we fret, we worry . . . and not one of those things will change anything!

You really want to help make a change?  You really want do make things better?  Do you really????

Then stop complaining and start thanking God for all we DO have, for all He has done for us and start praising Him and start reaching out to others instead of always thinking of ourselves!

Harsh?  Maybe.  Truth?  You bet!  (It's even scriptural)    !!!!!!

Tomorrow is Monday.  A new day.  A new start.  A new chance.  Let's agree to try it again!!!!

Until next time . . . Lord --- thank you for life!!!!!                      Susan and Monty

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Friday filled with divine appointments

The first day Adam started taking down the shed.  High and lifted up!

Yesterday -- working down under!

And at the end of this morning --- nothing but a pile of debris and the hole where the shed used to stand! 

We didn't even need to haul anything away.  Last evening a gentleman stopped by Rodger and Victoria's and told them he would be happy to come and sort through the entire pile and remove the nails and salvage anything and everything he could.  They were thrilled and so were we. 

What we did salvage?  I don't even know how many (but alot) of 2x6's that are 11 feet long!  Why?  They give us the joists for the deck on the back of Michael's!!!!

So . . . we loaded them onto the trailer Adam brought with him today and headed south to Michael's.  John was with us today since we thought we were the ones who would need to sort the pile so he hopped into Adam's truck also and away we went.

When we got to Michael's he was boxing things up in his old trailer to store them in his shed.  Some women from his church showed up and before you know it even Shep stopped by.  He is the gentleman who has said he would do the sealcoat and priming and painting of Michael's trailer!  It was a regular divine party going on!  Pastor Martie got all Spirit filled and was preaching the good news from the doorway of Michael's trailer while the men unloaded the wood!!!!! 

Adam and John got so excited they were packing the heavy boxes to and from and Adam even made one of my "wild" dreams come true by agreeing to build Buddy (Michael's big black lab) a new dog house!!!!!  And he wants to come back and build the deck and ramp after Shep gets the rest done!

From there we headed back north and needed to drop off Adam's dad's trailer at their farm.  There we got a short tour and saw the llamas and the new baby one and John and I decided if we lived there we would never leave!

We stopped and grabbed a quick burger and ate while traveling to Don's.  Adam said he would like to work tomorrow and since his work schedule next week has him off work at 2:30pm he can work the rest of the afternoon and into the evening (remember that he drives 90 minutes one way to get home)!!!!!!! 

As we pulled up to Don's he was there --- cleaning up the raccoon's mess in his kitchen.  So Don and Adam got to meet each other -- another divine appointment.  I took Adam on a tour of the house and we talked about the priorities in the rebuilding process.  When Adam said he didn't have a roofing nail gun it was Monty to the rescue answering my text and will bring both the nailer, nails and a compressor to Don's in the morning.  Adam was excited about making some real progress at Don's and I was once again in the presence of one of God's angels!!!  No doubt!!!

So we now have Shep taking over the exterior of Michael's and Adam taking over at Don's . . . until we need to reorganize once again!  I feel "at home" with having volunteers at more than one place at a time.   It's awesome!

Be sure and stay tuned as things are happening and miracles are already in place!  I can't wait to be a part of them!!!

Until next time . . . Lord, thank you for this day and Your hand of blessings!       Susan and Monty

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thinking Paradise? Think Again . . .

As Adam continued taking apart Rodger and Victoria's tornado damaged shed and stacking and sorting and saving he gave me a call to say he would be done today.  We will meet tomorrow morning to decide what we can use here and what to take where.  This man has been a one man team and accomplished so much in just a few days!  And when he gets done working at their house he goes to his actual job from 3pm to 11pm!!!!!!!  What a servant's heart.

It's Tuesday which means Bible study and today that included our 2nd meeting on the mission work needing done in Maui.  We met at Jimmie's BBQ place once again and love that we have so much room to use and are surrounded by the presence of the Lord at the same time!

Today was especially productive as I got to "meet" Linda over the phone for the first time.  Alton and Linda are the couple who have been counseling troubled teens for over 6 years in nothing but rented office space and are following the call God has placed on their lives to open this in patient facility where they can help so many.

Seems we all are having the same response when we bring up this mission trip.  People think of Maui and get a funny look on their face and then add a rather funny smile along with a laugh and say, "sure, a mission trip to paradise!  Who wouldn't want to do that?"  (even though they don't mention going themselves)

Today we got some cold, hard facts that I need to share with you and ask that you share with those in your circles of influence. 

The Hawaiian island of Maui is only 729 square miles in size.  For those of us in central/southern Indiana that's the size of the cities of Bloomington, Nashville, Bedford and Seymour combined! 

The population is aproximately 120,000 people.

In 2005 there were 8,261 arrests of teens.

There are aproximately 2,873 runaways each year (with nowhere to run - but still trying).

If you do the math that means that right about 10% of the entire population is troubled teens.

The drug use is rampant -- mainly methamphetamine.

Last year alone Alton and Linda held parent training classes, counseling seeions, distributed food to the needy at schools and in families and held drug prevention programs ---- all in rented office space!

Just think what they can do in a facility that can house over 13 teens and 5 full time staff members?

So . . . are you still thinking Paradise?  For over 10% of the total population it's more like a living hell.

This facility, House of New Life, needs to be up and running by September 1st of this year!  The estimate for materials alone is nearly $50,000. 

We desperately need YOUR help!  EVERYONE has something they can do to help.

Maybe you can schedule a trip with some of your church family, some of your neighbors or even some of your coworkers.

Maybe you can host some fund raisers to help with the cost of materials.

Maybe you can financially help someone who is able to go.

Maybe you can tell others about this project and let them share it in their circles of influence.

EVERYONE can pray!

Please take this to prayer and see where God leads you to help.  And when He reveals to you how to help --- please be obedient and help!

Teens are our future (like it or not) and if we don't help them when they need help --- we have no right to complain about what our future brings!!!   Just sayin' . . .

Thank you for following this blog and thank you for whatever it is you decide to do.

If you can help financially --- see where to send your donations in our bio listed here.  Just send a separate note with your donation marked "MAUI" and it will get there --- I promise!

If you would like to help Monty and I personally with this trip -- do the same thing only mark your separate note "SCALES".

God has miracles in store --- ones we can't begin to imagine -- so be sure and get involved and stay tuned.

Until next time . . .                                             Susan and Monty

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's coming down

Monday . . . my phone was ringing off the hook rather early.

Adam returned to continue the "unbuilding" of Rodger and Victoria's shed.  He made amazing progress on Saturday working alone.  Today he brought one of his brothers and his nephew.  Adam has no problem with heights so he headed up high to dismantle the rafters and keep them in tact for future reuse somewhere else.  Laddy took the ground level and the job of moving and stacking.

At age 8, the nephew took the bucket approach and with the games on his dad's phone he was happy.  When I left he was in his own little world and smiling -- perfect!

Adam's work ethic and heart to help others sets an example for all of us.  He works construction on a local Indiana University project from 3:00pm to 11:00pm daily.  In his mind this gives him from 9:00am to nearly 2:00 pm to do volunteer work!  And he lives 90 minutes from here so add in 3 hours drive time daily --- you do the math!  God has taken hold of his heart and he just loves doing for others!  Like I said in an earlier blog --- a true angel!!!!

I wasn't able to get back to take pictures at the end of their work time due to an eye doctor appointment.  I hate to even tell it but it's the first appointment and checkup I've had in over 10 years!!!!!  And yes, my eyes had changed majorly.  Anxious to get my new glasses next week and see the changes! 

Hope all of you had a great Father's Day!  We got to spend the day with my family and it was alot of fun!  One of my brothers has a house on a lake and Monty got to do some fishing -- and even caught quite a few!!!! 

Until next time . . . have you helped someone in need lately????               Susan and Monty

Friday, June 15, 2012

I think I met an angel today

This morning I met with Adam who is interested in doing volunteer work.

I am sure he's an angel!

Not only is he going to tear down the shed for Rodger and Victoria starting tomorrow, he's actually anxious to do more work!

He will get started in the morning, plans on working alone for a bit to get a good plan going and then call in others to help.

He will be stacking like materials with the goal of re-using them.

Our goal is to be able to have enough materials to build a back deck and ramp in the back of Michael's --- complete with an amazing roof!

Like I said --- I know I met an angel this morning!!!!

Also tomorrow Mark will be heading up a team to do some more cleanup of Don's yard and possibly get some cleanup done on the inside as well.  It will depend on how many volunteers show up for the work day. 

And the interest in doing a mission trip in Maui is spreading so . . .

Blessings to all of you for a wonderful weekend and remember to thank your Father -- no matter what kind of father he's been to you --- he's still your father and don't forget about our Almighty Father in heaven!!!!!

Until next time . . . thank you Lord -- this is a great angel you sent us!!!      Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Day with my Mom

Ready . . . Aim . . . Load . . .Breathe In . . . Breathe Out . . . Fire!

Today I got to do something that I should do alot more often.  Spend the day with my mom! 

One of my most vivid memories of being a little girl was going with my mom and my grandma shopping.  We would go to downtown Indianapolis and look in the windows at Blocks and Ayres and have such fun.  Sometimes we would even buy something.  But the fun was in the 3 of us going and spending the day together.

Today my mom and I spent the day at one of the local outlet malls, looking and occasionally buying something.  But we made a deal with ourselves that unless it was a deal of all deals we would not buy and we stuck to that deal -- and got a few really good ones!

But again, just getting to spend the day together laughing and talking was the best!

Mom --- why in the world don't we do these kind of things more often!!!!!??????

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with Adam -- my new construction volunteer who is interested in tearing down the shed for us.  I am really anxious to meet him and get to talk with him and pray this will be another divine appointment.

Please join me in those prayers and let's see what God has in store!

Until next time . . . love to all.                                                   Susan and Monty

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Answered Prayers all around

First of all --- the doctors at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis have ruled OUT cancer in Lily!!!!!!  There are no words to describe the relief the family is feeling!

They will continue to do testing to try and pinpoint exactly what is going on but in the meantime the family has been moved OFF the cancer floor of the hospital!

Many thanks for all the prayers and let's keep them going until Lily has whipped this whole thing!

Another answer to prayer came to me this afternoon.  A gentleman that had been referred to me called to say that he is a construction worker currently working on an Indiana University construction project here in town and would like to do some volunteer work on the side!  Music to my ears!

Then he asked the silly question, "do you have any projects that I might be able to help with?"  Is he kidding!!!!!  Do I ever!!!!

As I explained the numerous things in process he asked me which was priority and could he help on more than one????  Is this guy some angel in disguise!!??

Long conversation short -- he will be going to check out the shed that needs torn down -- just to see what tools he needs and how large of a trailer he needs to bring (like I said, angel??) before starting the tear down.

From there I plan on relocating him to Michael's where he can seal coat the roof and prime and paint the exterior and he's even interested in continuing and building the back deck and ramp!!!

And if he's still willing and able --- on to Don's he will go!!!!!!

I am still in shock --- and thanking Jesus for answering my prayers --- big time!!!!

And when I mentioned Maui ---- I think I felt the smile on his face clear through the phone!

Time will tell but for now I choose to sit back and say a few prayers of thanks and dream of what just might be!

Until next time . . . God is oh so good ---- ALL the time!                        Susan and Monty

PS   This was taken at the shooting range this past Saturday.  I'm the one 3rd from the right in case you don't recognize me!!!!  What a great day it was!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are you serious??????

First of all -- an urgent prayer request!

Our own Pastor Dave's 2 year old granddaughter is in Riley Hospital for Children with something going on in her chest area.  It could be extremely serious and testing is being done as I write this so please cover Lily and her entire family with prayers for complete healing and a full recovery!!!!  God is the God of healing and we are holding Him to that promise!!

And now on to today . . . one of those divine appointment days that truly blows my hair back!

How would you like to go on a mission trip to Hawaii?  Yes, I am serious!

After my weekly Bible study this morning I had lunch with Sus and Bev.  The last time we did that was when we decided God could rebuild the mobile home for Michael so when the 3 of us get together . . .

This afternoon was another of those days!  Sus and her husband used to live in Maui and made some wonderful connections there which they maintain today.  One of those is with a couple who have been running a program very similar to Teen Challenge.  If you are not familiar with that  -- it's a live in rehabilitation program for mainly teens.  Their Biblical based program has a success rate in the 90% plus range.  Monty and I got very familiar with this program and some of those who lead them while we were in the Gulf Coast. 

This couple in Maui has been operating with only office space thus no live in arrangements could be made with their clients.  That has now changed.  A miracle happened and they were able to purchase a facility -- but that facility has been vacant for many years and in need of numerous repairs. 

This is where YOU come in!!!!!  We need volunteers to go over and help with the rebuilding process.  The housing will be taken care of along with transportation to and from the local airport, which is the city of Kahului. 

If you would like to see and read more info on this program and Alton and Linda please go to their website at

This facility will allow them to house up to  kids and  full time staff.  Both Alton and Linda are trained Christian counselors with years of experience.  The building itself has sustained water damage in quite a few areas.  It is a  story building.  Alton and Linda have never rebuilt anything and are feeling more than overwhelmed.  With everything from electrical to plumbing to carpentry work to be done --- we need all the volunteers we can get!

They are also trying to raise funding to purchase the materials to get the rebuilding done.

I would ask that you check out the website, take this to prayer, ask me questions if you have them and then let me know where God would have you help out.

They are scheduled to open on September 1st of this year so volunteers are needed now through August.

So . . . this is your chance . . . if you've ever wanted to go to Hawaii . . . this is the time!

As I said, if you have questions please leave a comment here or if you have my phone just give me a call.

This is an incredible project that really will allow Alton and Linda to change/save the lives of soooo many!!!!!

Until next time . . . prayers for Lily and prayers as to how you can help with this project!
Blessings and thanks to all of you.                                     Susan and Monty

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Liv

4 years ago today our granddaughter was born.

I remember the day for more than that.  We had just arrived back home the night before.  We were still working in Mississippi following hurricane Katrina and were going to take a 3 week break.

The problem?  Just a couple of days before our leaving the floods hit my hometown of Columbus.  I remember my mom calling me and telling me how water was where water had never been before and how the hospital itself was flooded and on and on and on.

So . . . we did make it to the hospital the day Liv was born and the very next day -- and all the days for the next 3 weeks -- we were in Columbus trying to help.

It ended up we relocated there and stayed for another 4 months setting up their long term recovery team and helping getting folks back home. 

In September of that year hurricane Ike hit Texas and by October we were relocated there. 

2008 was a year of alot of relocating for us.  It was the year God gave us the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world.

As we watched her open her gifts last night and saw the joy in her face with each one and the added joy of cake and ice cream --- it made me realize just how blessed we really are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Priceless!!!

This past weekend was spent at the shooting range where I did spend the entire day Saturday shooting the AR15 ---- with a huge bang in each shot!  It was awesome and I learned so much.  Now it's time to take what I learned and do ALOT of practicing!

Sunday I went back to my 1022 rifle and also had alot of fun!

It was hot --- it was super hot --- and I have numerous shell burns on my left arm and the back of my neck from the shells of my neighbor's gun flying up and hitting me --- but it was all worth it!!!!

Today --- a bit on the tired side but enjoying remembering . . .

Happy Birthday Liv!!!!  Enjoy your day!!!!   We love you bunches!!!!!!!

Until next time . . .                             Susan and Monty

Friday, June 08, 2012

Mystery Predators?

Yesterday my mother and my aunt came to visit.  We had a nice lunch (thanks Aunt Miriam) and headed to show them Don's house and his progress.  By the way --- he got a job!!!!!!!  How awesome and what an answer to prayers!!!!

Anyway, as soon as we entered the house I noticed things were "out of sorts" --- alot!  Seems the raccoons had managed to move the board from the floor (we had cut a hole in the damaged subfloor to check the floor joists to make sure they were structurally sound and had covered and nailed the board over the hole) and made their way into the kitchen and every trash can in the house.  Everything !!!  and I mean everything was torn open, thrown around, smashed on the floor and made to look like the tornado struck the inside of his house!!!!!

They had even opened one of the drawers and pulled a box of nails out and dumped them on the floor.  They had wrestled with the jar of peanut butter but were unsuccessful in opening it. 

The only thing that kept going through my mind was how amazing it would have been to have had a security camera hooked up enabling us to watch their antics!!

Don wasn't all that upset and said he would be over today to clean it up.

And then John called ---- John who is always willing and able to help in any way possible. 

I asked him if he would clean up  Don's place and he was happy to do so.  I met him there this morning and he got it all cleaned up, removed any and all food and even bleached the counter tops!  And with the board securely fastened down I hope we have no more "visitors" in the house!!!!

Later this morning I headed back to Susie's to finish the painting of her 2 story storage shed.  It really looked nice when it was done and the color matches her home to perfection thanks to Lowes doing a color match.  It was quite a bit warmer today but the breeze was saving grace and by early afternoon it was all done.  It was nice to be able to visit with her for a bit after but then I had to be on my way to get the rest of my to-do list completed.

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be doing another Appleseed Rifle Shoot weekend.  If you remember, the last time I actually made Rifleman.  This time I am going to attempt to do it again -- only this time with an AR15 (aka M16).  Monty did a huge trade of a couple of weapons he had had for a really long time to get the AR15 and I am really anxious to see how I can do with this.  It has more "kick" than the 1022 rifle and should make for another exciting weekend.  Hot -- really hot -- but alot of fun!

We will also be celebrating our granddaughter's 4th birthday on Sunday with cake and ice cream.  Where have the years gone?  They are both growing up so fast!  Too fast!

And we will also be waiting to hear from our Hartsville team to see if this is the week they are returning to finish Don's roof.  We are also ready to start inside --- as soon as we find the bee nest that is buried inside the porch roof which opens into his master bedroom!  That should be interesting!!!!

We hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Why not do something for someone else this weekend and make their weekend even better -- as well as your own.

Until next time . . . God's blessings.                                             Susan and Monty

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


My friend, Susie, reminded me today that I hadn't posted a blog in a few days.

Where in the world do the days go?

Sunday we had a graduation luncheon to attend and actually got a bit of rest in the afternoon.

Monday . . . every which way.  The day ended with a COAD board meeting where we discussed the agenda for the upcoming meeting at the end of this month.  It is our goal to invite new members who will gain an understanding as to what COAD is and how they can be a part . . . not only in times of disasters but now.  Alot of discussion and alot of progress.  Now let's hope we can relay that in the next meeting.

Today . . . Monty has been skirting another trailer and I worked all day at Susie's with prepping her storage shed for painting tomorrow.  I had already powerwashed it and today was scraping and caulking.  The weather is absolutely perfect and is supposed to stay the same for tomorrow so it's alot of fun for me to be out and working.  And I love to paint so . . .

This evening I am headed to my grandson's baseball game and then taking both grandkids to dinner at Bob Evans because on Tuesday evenings the kids eat free.  And free is always good!!!  Luke may need 2 kids meals though as his appetite has grown along with his height and after playing a baseball game he is sure to be hungry!  Liv on the other hand will order silver dollar pancakes and we'll be lucky if she eats a couple of them!  Kids!!!!     :)

The work at Don's is on a bit of a hold.  He and his brother are working away on a few projects while the Hartsville team takes a break and the local Baptist church has vacation Bible school this week.

Michael is awaiting the newly reordered counter top and a couple of volunteers to come and rake the large rocks from his back yard.

So . . . every which way we go . . . as usual.

We hope you all are well and remember to love one another . . . no matter what . . . as it's the main commandment given from God!!!!   And besides --- it sure feels good to be loved!

Until next time . . .                                    Susan and Monty

Saturday, June 02, 2012

He even has an iron in that truck!!!

It's been awhile, we had to wait for the counter tops. 

Today was the day Rob returned.  He spent the entire day working on the counter tops and sink install.  I made 4 trips for supplies and as I was leaving for the day he was heading back for yet one more plumbing piece!  In the above picture you can see the real legs that are used for support along with the temporary ones still underneath.

It took a really fine saw blade to cut the tops to the proper length.  The pieces that were cut off will become fish cleaning tables for Michael!  The nicest ones around, no doubt.

Michael was working on getting the kitchen sink put together and helping Rob with the tops.

As you know, this entire mobile home has been created just for Michael and his needs.  This is the area where most people would put a small kitchen table and a couple of chairs.  We gave him some much needed cabinet space.  We only put a couple of drawer cabinets near the sink keeping the area as free as possible for him to wheel his wheelchair around easily.  This area is along the wall and complete with more counter top space.  Rob was able to specially design the area.  See the picture below for more details.

This is before the top is put on.  You can see the small cabinet set back a bit.  This gives even more storage while allowing extra space for Michael to get from the kitchen to the hallway.  Rob and his creativity at work!

When getting creative it sometimes takes special tools.  Michael and I were just laughing that Rob has literally everything in his truck when he walked in with an iron -- yes -- the kind we all "used" to use in ironing clothes!!!  Why????  Because when you put end caps on the ends of counter tops you use an iron.  They are preglued and with the touch of a hot iron they are attached and done.  Only Rob would carry an iron in his truck!!!!!!   Michael and I enjoyed a laugh out of it while Rob just kept on working.

One piece of counter top that we ordered is the wrong size so I will be returning it and reordering next week.  Other than that --- things are moving along nicely and with any hope at all and some good weather we just might get the seal coat on the roof this week?  One can always hope.

In the meantime -- Michael remains faithful that the extra dollars will come in to make it possible for us to finish the inside, purchase appliances and build the back deck and ramp.  He has been faithful from the get-go and has a peace about him that is contagious. 

It's always fun to see the progress and today it was BIG progress --- thanks to Rob and his faithfulness!!!!

Until next time . . . maybe I better add an iron to my toolbox!                   Susan and Monty

Treeeeee --- mendous Friday

The call we all had been waiting for came yesterday morning -- the tree removal team was on their way!  Their plan was to stay for as long as it took to take down the 4 remaining trees at Don's.  The weather was perfect - for them.  Cloudy skies, a light drizzle now and then and a high temperature of 59!  For June 1.

The Southern Baptists know how to take down trees --- huge trees!  They brought their boom truck and loaded on their trailer was the grapple.  In the above photo they already have 2 of the 4 gone!

As soon as we knew the team was on their way the call was made to Shannon, who works with Monty, to get his trailer to the site.  He heats with wood and even runs their water heater off wood so he was more than willing to have the men load as much as possible onto his trailer.  John stopped by and got put to work going with Shannon to unload and come back and reload.  Before the end of the day Shannon and John had taken 3 huge (and I mean huge) loads of wood to his house.  Now all he needs to do is cut it into usable pieces and he is set for quite some time.

The local Bloomington Baptist church provided a wonderful lunch for the crew.  We brought out a few chairs onto Don's front porch and they were able to sit and take a break and enjoy some food and fellowship.  Thanks to the cooking crew at the church for going all out!

George really knew how to use the grapple!  He literally wrangled the remaining tree debris to the back of Don's property -- which is already a tree line -- and piled them up for anyone who wants to to come and start cutting and removing.

By the end of a very long day the team was worn out and yet blessed.  You can see by all the smiles that God had shined on them -- and the property -- all day long!  Mark (far left) was thrilled that the rains had made it possible for him to be there all day.  When it rains he can't work so what better way to spend the day than blessing someone else! 

And the results ---- the house just seems to have popped up out of the ground!  Before it was almost covered with trees and now - as Don put it, "I have my drive way back, and alot more!"

And now -- I promised Don that we HAVE to make it really pretty since it shows up so nicely and everyone driving by will see! 

Everyone will see that what they said couldn't be done --- God is doing and WILL do!!!!!!

Until next time . . . today I'm off to Michael's . . . so stay tuned!                    Susan and Monty