Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back . . . and Ahead

This is what it looked like around here 2 days after Christmas!  And today the temps are to reach the mid 50's! 

The contrasts remind me of this past year!  Is it possible that we've reached the end of another year?  I remember when everyone was wondering what would happen when we reached the year 2000 and now that is 11 years behind us! 

Some of us might be quite sad today, thinking back on this past year and how we wish things could have been different - better.  How we could have been different - better. 

Others of us might be very happy today, glad the old year is ending and looking forward to the chance to start it all over and hopefully this time have it be better.

Either way -- depending on our moods and circumstances -- there is one thing that never changes and one thing we should be shouting from the roof tops --- God is good, God loves us with an unconditional love and He never changes!!!!!!

In January I started a reading program that would have me read through the Bible in a year.  It's one of those things that I had always meant to do -- and then just never did.  I guess I thought that since I spent 8 years in the Lutheran school with both religion and memory work as additional letter grades that I sort of "knew it all" -- even though I had never read the entire Book!  Amazing how ridiculous we can be in our thinking, isn't it!

This morning --- I did it!  I finished the entire plan and must say that I am quite pleased that God gave me the ability to stick with it!  I made the promise to myself that I would begin each day with reading His Word and doing so not only changed each day -- it changed my life!  The insights and revelations have been life changing! 

The very last verse that was on my reading plan this morning was this, "Praise the Lord."

How appropriate for the ending of one year and the beginning of another!  It says it all, it covers everything, it leaves nothing out and if we all really and truly think about our lives (good and bad) we will realize that it's the MOST important thing we can do to both end this year and start the new one!

From both Monty and I --- we praise and thank God for each and every one of you and want to both close this year and start the new one with His promise for all of us; "Jesus is coming for you, dear one.  This is a promise your heart can rest in fully as you watch, listen and serve.  The rooms are ready, the gate is open.  He can't wait to wrap us in His arms!"

Until next time . . . "Praise the Lord."                                Susan and Monty

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tough ending

Ending this year has proved to be tough for both of us -- physically.

I have been feeling bad since the day before Christmas with the past 3 days being the roughest.  I tried so desperately to help Monty not catch "it" but seems I have failed.  Even sleeping in the other bedroom hasn't spared him!

He missed work yesterday and although seemed a bit better last night today is a new day and . . . everything seems to have settled in his ear!  Home again.

Today I feel a bit better and feel like I might be on the mend.

Neither of us do "sick" very well and both of us at the same time????   Not fun!!!!

But . . . as they say . . . tomorrow is another day and with the help of prayer we WILL get through this crud and be back up and running on God's path soon!

Until next time . . . Michael managed to return the sheetrock himself, with the help of his family, and will be starting the priming!!!!!

Blessings to all.                                                 Susan and Monty

Oh yea --- only 2 more days and I will have read the entire Bible this past year!  I had a plan from our church and with His help -- I am almost there!  Amazing insights along the way and I can't wait to start all over on January 1 -- with a new reading plan!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sputtered to a stop

Yep --- I was headed south to Michael's to exchange his left over sheetrock for primer yesterday when plans took a change.

As I was traveling along the highway enjoying the peace and quiet and lost in my thoughts -- all of a sudden my truck started sputtering and spitting and feeling like it had no power.  Within seconds I realized I needed to get off the highway and out of the way of traffic.  I pulled over at the stop light just a few feet in front of me and by that time the truck had completely died and I coasted to a stop.  I tried to restart it but . . . nothing doing! 

My first call was to Michael to let him know I wouldn't make it there.  The next call was to Monty.  And the next call was to the towing company.  Just as I got off the phone with the towing company and knowing it would take them almost 30 minutes to get to me -- Michael called me back.  He asked me if I had 2 fuel tanks on my truck?  Yes.  He told me to flip the switch to the other tank and then try and start it.  Bingo!  Started right up!  He told me that the fuel pump on the other tank had gone out.  Wow!

So I quickly called the towing company back and cancelled my request.  Then I called Monty, who was already on his way to me, and told him I was headed to the closest gas station because my other tank was less than a quarter full.  When I got this truck one thing Monty had told me was to never let a tank get completely empty before changing to the other one.  Good advice!  Just in case of an emergency, he said.  Thank goodness I took his advice to heart!

So I didn't make it to Michael's but I did make it to the gas station and home.  Thank you Michael -- my engine angel!  He didn't get his primer but that will hopefully happen later this week.

The other problem is that I am sick as a dog with a nasty sore throat and cold!  I didn't feel well on Saturday or Christmas day and tried to fight it . . . and am still fighting.  But yesterday went downhill fast and today is the same.  So with all the snow falling and the way I feel --- it's a day where I am staying home, resting (which is very difficult for me) and praying this won't last long and that the scratchy ears that Monty had when he went to work this morning will also be prayed away with all your prayers added to ours!

God sometimes changes our plans but one thing I have learned --- I'd much rather follow His plans than mine!  He knows what's best and even though we may not understand the whole thing -- it's all about trust!

Until next time . . . thanks for the prayers.                          Susan and Monty

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonderful Christmas

You can see by the looks on their faces that they loved Christmas!  Luke not only got enough Lego pieces to keep him building forever - when he opened the latest and greatest Wii game package I'm surprised you didn't hear his screams of joy out in California!  It was a great day spent with all my kids and kid in laws and grandkids!  I have no doubt Jesus was smiling as He looked down and saw everyone sharing a joy that could only come from Him!

From the left -- my son and daughter in law, my daughter and son in law, and my other daughter and her fiance'.  Where have the years gone?

Yesterday was spent at my parent's house also celebrating by eating and opening gifts and playing games and even more laughter boucing off the walls.  I guess no matter how old we are in years it's a special part of Christmas that lets all of us awaken the kid in us again! 

It is our prayer that all of you had some time to feel that special joy that comes from knowing the love God must have for each of us to send His own Son to save us!!!!!  Wow!!!  What a thought!

And today it's back to work for Monty and I am on my way to Michael's to pick up the sheetrock we had left over and exchange it for primer.  Michael himself can start that process and I even have a painting pole that will enable him to reach the ceilings!  He is so excited to see things coming along so well.  Next comes the painting, the flooring, the cabinet designs and then . . . oh how close it is . . . I know he can feel it!

And Don is still waiting on word from Monroe and the Amish.  As soon as we get these holidays behind us . . .

Until next time . . . God's special peace to you all.                          Susan and Monty

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessed Christmas

All of the Angel Tree deliveries are made and the gifts are under the trees.  At the home of the last visit I made -- the gifts I brought were the only gifts under the tree -- and Mom said no more would be added.  Thanks so much for all who participated in Angel Tree.  You made it possible for all those children to smile and think of their incarcarated parent on Christmas morning and know that even though they aren't there -- their parent loves them -- and so does Jesus!

Our gifts are now all purchased and wrapped.  Monty delivered the ones to his mother and step dad yesterday.

All (well, almost all) of my cooking and baking is done.  I have a couple of last minute touches to my salads tomorrow morning before we head off to my daughter's to have Christmas with all my kids and their spouses/fiances and grandchildren.  It's always so exciting to see the looks on everyone's face since we all toss our names in the hat and draw for gift buying.  We take time for each person to open theirs before the next person is allowed to do the same.  It makes it alot more fun and always brings back memories of Christmas "back then."

Tomorrow night Monty and I will be heading to church.  Our home church doesn't have a service so we have decided to go the local Catholic church -- and I know we'll need to arrive early as they will pack it full.  He has never been to a Catholic service and this church is the oldest and largest one here in town so we are really looking forward to their service.

Sunday morning we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus in our home church.  Pastor Dave says it will be a bit more traditional and litergical than we usually have -- but that's what Christmas is all about.  That's the way I grew up, singing the old familiar hymns and hearing the scriptures read from Luke 2 and just resting in that Spirit of Peace.

From there we will be spending the rest of the day with my family.  No doubt there will be way too much food, too many gifts and laughter loud enough to hear across the road.  To me, it's what "coming home for Christmas" is all about. 

It is our hope and prayer that all of you will be celebrating the birth of our Saviour, our Wonderful Counselor, our King of Kings and Lord of Lords in a way that will bring a smile to your face and peace and warmth to your heart.

Until next time . . . Merry Christmas to one and all.  With all our love,           Susan and Monty

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angel Tree

Each Christmas our church is a part of something awesome -- it's called Angel Tree.

On our Christmas tree are little pieces of paper in the shape of angels.  Each has the name of a child who has a parent incarcerated.  Members pull a name/names from the tree and provide gifts for them.  There are suggestions and sizes on the papers to give them guidance.  After all the gifts are purchased and brought to church where they can be wrapped, our church hosts a big party for the kids.  That party was this Sunday.  It's always such fun for the kids and brings a piece of their parents to their heart. 

For those who are unable to make the party -- I get to be the big red sleigh (with wheels) and deliver their gifts to their homes.

Yesterday was one of my delivery days.  God never ceases to amaze me at how He works and how He cares!

My first stop was way, way, way, way out in the boonies!  I thought I would never get there and when I did . . . the grandmother had warned me about the drive way but no warning could prepare me for that driveway!!!!  She lived back off the road and the holes in that drive would bury a small VW!  I may have a big truck but it's not 4 wheel drive so there was no way I could attempt it.  I packed the bag over my shoulder and the other one on the other arm and headed off for a "jaunt" up (yes, up hill) the driveway.  She met me at the porch and would not allow me to come inside -- she was too embarrassed at how things looked!  But all she could do was thank me, bless me and praise Jesus!!!  She is the grandmother raising 3 kids while her daughter is incarcerated!!  What an angel she is!

As I left there and headed to my next stop I just couldn't get her off my mind.  God wasn't done with me or her yet -- I just didn't know that.

I arrived at the next stop and this was also a grandmother raising 2 children!  Made me appreciate my own children a bit more, that's for sure!  And to thank God for keeping them on the right path, not only as they grew up - but now also!

My first grandmother had called me a bit earlier asking if there might be any "left over things" from the party for a friend of hers.  She explained the situation to me -- another heart wrencher -- and that this little 3 year old boy wasn't going to have anything under his tree for Christmas!  Now I don't know about you -- but in my book that's just wrong!  We didn't have "left overs" but as always - God stepped in and now this little boy will have some cool toys, an outfit of clothes and a pair of pajamas to open on Christmas morning! 

And this morning -- all my Bible studies for the day talked about was helping the poor, giving to those who need to see His love in action, being and doing what God called us to do!  I love how He confirms each thing He asks us to do!

So . . . I am challenging EACH ONE of you to find someone who isn't as fortunate as you this Christmas!  You won't have to look far and they won't be hard to find!  Then . . . pray about what God would have you do to make that situation a bit better -- atleast for this Christmas!  And after He has told you ---- DO IT!!!!!  Be the angel in someone else's life -- be the hands and feet of Jesus and instead of telling someone about His love --- show them!!!!!!!

Blessed to be a blessing!!!!!

I am looking forward to my next delivery tomorrow!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . "embrace the upside-down virtues of My kingdom and lift up those who have little.  Though they have little, they are loved much.  Love them as you love yourself.  In extneding unexpected kindness and mercy to those who cannot help themselves, you will find that My mercy overflows to you, overwhelming you with goodness and grace."

"Lord, your mercy overwhelms me -- help me to share it lavishly with those who have little."

Susan and Monty

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coming closer and closer

A "roof top" Merry Christmas from John!!!!!

An update on Michael:   Rob went out yesterday along with Pastor Jan and the first tape coat is on the ceilings and the walls.  The walls could be ready for primer by the end of the week or the first of next week!  Go Pastor!!!!!

We ended up with 7 pieces of sheetrock left over so as soon as the weather allows (and I have men to help lift and load) I will head to Michael's and get those back to Lowes so I can turn that refund money into money for the primer.

Priming is a job Michael can do alot of on his own.  He can even take a long painting pole and reach the ceilings!  He wants to be more involved and we are coming into alot of areas where he can work day and night if he wants to! 

With Christmas being this weekend and New Years next . . . we may not have alot of volunteers but that's the way it should be.  This is the time of year for family and Michael should be focused on that also.

But let these holidays get past us . . . and look out here we come . . . getting closer and closer to "home" in a new sense of the word!!!!

For Jack in Jersey and his friend who would like to do the kitchen --- we will be ready as soon as the walls are painted and the flooring is installed.  We want to put the cabinets on top of the flooring so you will be next in line ---- get ready!!!!

For the rest of you --- please remember to keep this project --- and Don's in your prayers.  Most likely it will also be after the holidays before Monroe and his team of Amish can get started on Don's.  We appreciate your prayers and ask that you keep them coming!!!!!

Have a wonderful week and remember the real reason for this season!  Without Jesus where would we be?  I, for one, don't want to even think about that answer!!!

Blessings and love until next time . . .                           Susan and Monty

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Wrap Day

Today is the day where our Vineyard Church sets up a large (huge) station at our local mall and wraps gifts for absolutely FREE!  It's enough to make the best of folks smile and dance!!!!!

Yes, you read right --- free!  We don't even take donations!  It's our time to give back, in a very small way, for all God has blessed us with.

But . . . as usual . . . someone leaked the news to satan and he was at the door and waiting for Susie even before she arrived to get set up this morning!

We always have the same set up -- 8 tables and a couple of chairs.  Upon arrival this morning there were 4 tables!  Supposedly there has been a "change in policy" but no one informed us of this change so Susie has 9 workers lined up in 2 hour shifts from 8 am this morning through 10pm tonight -- with 8 wrapping stations!   And only 4 tables!

To top it all off --- Pastor Dave (her dad) is down sick and not able to be there at all! 

So . . . some kind folks headed back to church to bring 4 of our own tables (which the mall may or may not agree with once they come and take a look and make sure it's not too crowded) and the wrapping is underway.

My thoughts ----- there must be some extra special, over the top, blessings lined up for today or satan would be focussing his nastiness elsewhere! 

My other thought --- satan --- you lose!!!!!!  I've read the end of the Book and sorry but you'll just not spoil this day or the plans the Lord has so you might as well pack up your bag of nasty tricks and GET AWAY from all of us!!!!! 

And oh yea ---- get your sickly hands off Pastor Dave as well!!!  He is a man of God and you will NOT stop his annointing!!!!

Until next time . . . bring the gifts and come expecting a blessing!!!!!              Susan and Monty

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Closed In

Yep --- Michael's sheetrocking is done!!!!!  No more seeing through walls.  The view you have here is as you step inside the front door and look to your left.  Where the green board is -- that's the kitchen area.  The refrigerator will set just left of the white bumpout area.  In the corner will be a small counter top.  To the left of that corner will be the stove, a small cabinet and then the sink area with a bar extending out around 8 feet from the wall.  The bar will extend from the area where the green board and the white board meet.  You can also catch a glimpse of the small hallway that leads to the master bedroom and master bathroom.

It's so exciting to see all the walls and ceilings in place!  We've all waited a long time for this but to Michael it's seemed even longer!

Pastor Jan will begin the taping and mudding process tomorrow and as soon as he is done we can start priming! 

Each day we get closer and closer!  Each day God brings more and more blessings.  Today I received an email from someone out of state who wants to send Michael a special gift and needed his address.  Miracle after miracle -- God providing what we need right when we need it!

So be sure and stay tuned . . . as Monroe still works on scheduling the Amish to come and work on Don's and we move forward with Michael's --- God moving at His perfect timing!

Until next time . . . Blessings and love to all.                        Susan and Monty

Monday, December 12, 2011

Homeland Security

Happy Monday to all.

This morning Homeland Security paid a visit to Don's house.  This is good news!

FEMA wasn't given enough information for them to substantiate coming into the area after the tornadoes and Don doesn't qualify for an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan since he lost his job after the tornadoes, his only hope of any funding was the grant from the state of Indiana.  Today, with the visit of the inspector we were told that he does qualify and will be getting the loan!  Even though it's only $5,000 that will take us a long way in the rebuilding!!!!  What great news!  It may take 8 weeks to get here but that's okay.  Catholic Charities can help out in the meantime and as soon as we get word from Monroe that the Amish are scheduled we will be ready to start!

I also talked with our own Pastor Dave and he assured me the Amish are more than welcome to stay at our church -- and they are going to furnish all the coffee they can drink!  I am not a coffee drinker but from what I hear -- they have the best ever!!!! 

And the YMCA will make their showers available for them to shower at the end of their work days so we are ready and waiting. 

It's times like this that the holidays just sort of get in my way -- not complaining -- just saying how it is when we're in the field and focused on rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes!

It's a good Monday!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for the great news!  We put our plans and our days and our ways in Your hands and pray everything we think, do and say will bring glory to You!

Until next time . . .                     Susan and Monty

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rockin' Saturday

The man is a machine when it comes to hanging sheetrock!  John is a contractor who is used to working jobs that he bids out -- he gives the client a price and no matter how long it takes to do the work - it's the same price.  So when it comes to working --- time is money --- and he has no time to waste!  With the help of Rob's lift they were able to put up the 12 foot pieces of ceiling sheetrock with ease. 

The tail gate of John's truck says it all!  And to save you the time of looking up that scripture, "Seek the Kingdon of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need."  Amen to that!  He's doing just that with Michael's rebuild.

It's always such a blessing to have a father and son team come and volunteer.  Keith and Jonathon are amazing.  Most teens would have more than a little trouble learning and then taking correction from their fathers.  Not this team.  I have so enjoyed watching Jonathon grow up.  I remember the first time he and his dad came to Mississippi for a week.  Jonathon was only 11 years old and not at all impressed with any of the work needing done.  The second day he started out by traveling with Monty and I.  After feeding him a good breakfast and stopping back by the job his dad and the team were working on (gutting a house) he managed to get into the swing of it and as most boys are -- he found it fun to do some demolition work!  He is learning so much by listening to his dad and I see his heart grow and change and want to reach out and help others!  What an example both of them are for the rest of the world!

Schel, who provided and installed the brand new heating and air system, came back to help out again today.  And for the first time --- he wasn't underneath the trailer!  He actually got to come inside where it was warm and helped hang sheetrock!  In this picture you can see the yellow lift that helps get the sheetrock to the ceilings.  Micheal is underneath cranking it up as they direct.  No one is allowed to just sit back and watch -- even if you are in a wheelchair!!   :)

Monty and John were the only ones who couldn't enjoy the new heating system.  They were working outside, on top of the trailer, rebuilding the new vent for that system.  Each was dressed for the occasion and got alot of hard work done.  The old vent had to come out and the new one installed and sealed properly.  Alot of scraping old "goo" and putting on new "goo."  They got it done and I guarantee there won't be leaks around that vent!

It was a great day -- a day that had Michael smiling from ear to ear -- a day he had waiting for since we started this project.  And once again -- the dollar amount that had been donated just this week was the exact dollar amount we needed to do the job!  Chaulk it up to yet another miracle in a long line of them already -- and I know there are many more to come!

To those men who came out on this really cold day and spread warmth that can't be measured with the thermometer -- God bless you for your hearts of service and your obedience to follow them!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve!!!!                        Susan and Monty

Friday, December 09, 2011

Still waiting . . . and Michael prepares . . .

Michael's will be transformed tomorrow --- sheetrock will be going up quickly!  We've got some pros on the schedule and it will be awesome!

Don and I are still waiting to hear an arrival date of Monroe and his team of Amish experts.  Could be as early as this Monday and then it could be next week.

Holidays make scheduling difficult but . . . God's perfect timing!

Hang on to your seats for further developments and please continue to cover all of these projects and the volunteers in your prayers!

Until next time . . . blessed to be a blessing!                          Susan and Monty

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Delay on one end, forward on another

Late on Saturday I received a phone call from Monroe telling me one of their warehouses in Illinois caught fire and he was on his way to assess the damage.

Yesterday I heard from him again - major damage!  This means he will not be able to get here this week so Don's is delayed until next week.  With all the rain over the past couple of days I imagine Don is nearly floating in his family room and hopefully the weather will cooperate for a couple of days late next week and we can get the Amish here and a new roof -- and then start inside!  Please keep this entire situation and all the people involved in your prayers.

As for Michael's -- we have rounded the bend!!!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!  The heat is working and on and there is sheetrock inside and today Michael and a couple of his family plan on starting to hang the ceilings!  It's the bend we've been waiting for.  Now the closing up can begin, it starts to look more and more like a house and the excitement builds!  This Saturday we will be hanging sheetrock all over the place -- thanks to enough funding that just came to us today at Bible study!!  God is providing exactly what we need right when we need it -- nothing ahead of time.  All the more reason we are standing on pure faith every step of the way!  And it's awesome!  The smile on Michael's face this morning was priceless and was evidence of the true joy of the Lord!

I am also in the process of putting together our Christmas newsletter.  If you are not already on our mailing list and would like to be -- please leave a comment with your address (I will not publish personal information that comes as a comment -- all comments come to me first -- I have the choice to publish or not -- and I will be happy to send you one.

Until next time . . . what are you standing in faith and believing for?                Susan and Monty

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The day he's waited for . . . arrived today!

Yes, today was the day!  Michael has been waiting for sheetrock since day one and today I loaded up my truck with ceiling sheetrock!  You can see by the smile on his face that it was a day worth waiting for!  With Rob's lift the job will be much smoother and easier!

Today was another work day and thankfully we had quite the team of volunteers!  John, Keith and his son Jonathon and Rob from Vineyard and Schel and Sus from Stonegate all made it a day of work and laughter and love!

The first task was to make use of the younger men and their younger and stronger backs -- so they were given the task of digging the trench to bring the wiring from the trailer to the permanent power pole.  It was quite a lengthy distance but they started in and followed the line Rob had painted on the ground and worked their way through buried bricks and a sidewalk that was in the way!  Oh the power of youth!
In the beginning . . .

Digging down 24 inches for a distance of approximately 130 feet takes strength.  Doing it without getting paid takes a servant heart!  There were alot of those helping today!

That roll of wire isn't lightweight or easy to handle.  Keith and Rob got it all unrolled and then ran through the conduit and then into the ground!  Quite the process -- quite the love of Jesus being planted -- literally!

This is why I needed a full size truck bed!  That sheetrock is 12 feet long and packs some pretty heavy weight when stacked!  No problem for Big Red!

Getting it unloaded is another job!  They are packed with 2 sheets together.  We pulled the tape off that holds them together and even then it's tough work!  Once again the youth and their strong backs were put to the test -- and they passed with flying colors!

I have always been one to "preach" that women are very able to do construction!  Sus took that message to heart and learned to use both a staple gun and a slap staple gun today!  The real evidence of a servant heart?  She just had back surgery a couple of months ago!  This woman is such a dear friend to me and a source of strength that is indescribable!!  A priceless treasure, a true gift to me from God!  Thank you Lord and thank you Sus!

No, it's not a ground hog or a mole or even a wild boar that's been rutting through the mud! It's Sus's husband, Schel.  He spent his entire time underneath the trailer wrapping up the final details on the heating and air system he installed a couple of weeks ago and then took it a step further and finished up the vapor barrier underneath!  Now it's been very rainy here the past few days so he knew to wear his yellow "duck suit" but after today -- that duck suit was going to have to be sent to the trash!  What a trooper!  He may be a quiet man -- but he's a mighty man of God!

It's been a great work day!  I know God was smiling and most likely laughing out loud with the rest of us who were "working."  Somehow the word "work" just isn't fitting when a group of volunteers get together to bless someone!!!

An update on Monroe, who is trying to organize his Amish team to come here and rebuild Don's home.  One of their warehouses caught fire and has major damage so Monroe is headed to see how bad things are.  Please hold them all up in prayers.  And some extra prayers for his brother who is hospitalized with a severe and life threatening infection in his leg!  More details will follow as they get to me!

Blessings and thanks to all.

Until next time . . . bless someone else and feel the love for yourself!              Susan and Monty

Friday, December 02, 2011

Looking both ways


Monroe called me yesterday and he is rallying the Amish troops.  He hopes to bring them next weekend, Friday and Saturday.  He will be calling me to come and pick him up (Amish don't drive) one day early next week to come back and take a very detailed look at Don's and put together his final plan of action so I can have materials on the ground and ready to go -- the right materials!  A couple of options are in the making to have Don be able to stay out of the house to enable the volunteers to work freely and at a pace they are used to.

Michael's work day is again tomorrow and I know we'll be running wiring to the main power pole and hopefully tying up the last of the electrical to be ready to sheetrock the ceilings.  The ceiling insulation only needs a couple more spots checked and it's ready.  I know Michael is more than ready and join me in prayers for volunteers to come out and enjoy the sunny day!

Today I am headed to help my mother cater a dinner for the VIPs of the Methodist church.  She never ceases to amaze me at how she can nearly single handedly pull together these big dinners!  She asked me months ago to help so off I go.  Should be so much fun!!

Monty is doing well with the stitches out.  His finger did "drop" a large piece of dead area last night but hopefully the rest will continue to heal.  It's tough when so much of his work requires his hands to be wet.  Between working in water and working with wood -- both cause extreme dryness of the skin so he will do the best he can to keep healing ointment on them -- pray for him!!!  Guys and ointment just don't seem to go together!!    :)

So . . . by looking both ways -- and in all directions things are coming together and moving forward.  In all we do we pray for God to be glorified and His people blessed through our help!

Until next time . . . love to all.                                          Susan and Monty