Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ups and downs

Wednesday has been knicknamed "hump day" and Monty and I traveled over a few of those humps today. As you can see, one of them the blogger being unavailable again last night so this entry is being entered way earlier than any of you would be up!!!! I don't sleep well if I can't blog before I go to bed!! :)

The top two photos are of the CA team working away at Charles and Lynne's house. Welcoming Scott was a priority!! We picked up a few sheets of outside siding for them and they were planning on even doing some roofing on the ridge vent when we left them in the afternoon. There are no limits as to what a team can get into when they get on the jobs and this team is ready and willing to do whatever is needed, and more! Charles had been able to get the back portion of his roof reshingled before his heart attacks and thought the front part was in pretty good shape. He kept saying he would get to it "later". Later became yesterday because when the team got the ceilings torn out you could see daylight through them, thus it became evident that the "later" was now! Off they went, headed to Lowes, and would be repairing the roof so the work they did inside wouldn't be all for nothing. They are coming along fine with the insulation and sheetrock and two rooms are really starting to come together.

As you can see in the bottom two photos, the IN team rode in with style! The motor home is beautiful and when they opened what we thought was a rather large tool trailer, out popped the two bikes! They are on their way to a bike show when they leave here so they really came prepared! They also continued with insulation and sheetrock at Bruce and Linda's home. It never ceases to amaze me how God always sends just the people we need at just the time we need them. As I said, we have not one -- but three -- sheetrock finishers in this team and they are doing a fantastic job! It won't be long and they will be ready for primer and paint in some rooms!! Bruce and Linda are in shock and awe at the pace that their home is coming together! All these months they have been trying to do what they can and all it takes is a few extra hands and hearts of service and love and ta-da, a real home is coming together!

Monty and I spent the morning in meetings. The first one was a financial one regarding Mike and Faye. We are in the planning stages, looking at many different options, trying to get them into a home. ECD Hope is an organization that is going to be instrumental in our planning. The meeting went very well, Monty and I both learned alot and we feel things will go smoothly. I took quite a bit of paperwork to Mike and Faye and when they have it all completed they will call me and this ECD Hope representative volunteered to drive back and pick it up in order to expedite the process! God bless this organization, they are doing some wonderful things to help out people all along the coast.

You might also remember that our Ford truck has been in the shop all week getting the transmission problems taken care of. It was finally done yesterday evening! There were a few glitches along the way but we were told it was all put back together and would be the awesome work truck it is supposed to be. We picked it up and headed to Pascagoula to make yet another trip to Lowes. I was amazed at how much smoother the engine ran and all seemed to be right with the world, until we pulled into the parking lot! There was a light "thud" and all of the sudden we had NO gears, none!!! So .... thanks to our friend Joe, we called AAA and they towed the truck, and us, back to Gautier, in front of the repair shop once again! One of those "humps" I was talking about! (you might want to pray for the truck but at this point it might be a better idea to pray for the repairman!! :) )

Our other morning meeting was with our Convoy leaders. We always enjoy when they come for a visit! They brought us more Tshirts and it gave us the opportunity to share some of the things that have been happening here. They are always on the road and having a morning to visit with them is always special for us. I do want to remind all of you that the DVD to encourage volunteers, and to tell a short story of the relief effort, is FREE for anyone who would like one! It only lasts 4 minutes but they are VERY powerful minutes! If you would like one sent to you, at NO CHARGE, please email our Convoy leaders at the following address and they will be happy to send you one. If, after viewing it, you are interested in sending a team or coming with a team, please email that same address and they will get you everything you need. The address is:

Today is a new day! It will be a blessed day! It is the Lord's Day! "Rejoice and be glad in it."

Until this evening ..... Susan and Monty

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