Friday, October 30, 2009

And they're all gone - for now

It's amazing that today is already Friday!
Last night the "winds of change" blew through with a vengence and dropped massive amounts of rain with winds in excess of 50 mph but all were up and on the jobs this morning. All except our PDA team from Pennsylvania who had to head home yesterday. You can see them in the above photo. We were blessed to have them here and so were the homeowners who received the results of their love and service.
Today all 4 homes continued transforming. Iowa finished the gutting and cleaning of David's kitchen and family room. This team is the "queen of clean" -- just what David needed. They found canned food in his cabinets that had expired in 1995 -- the results of living alone and being 98 years old! David had surgery on his leg to remove the blood clots, was dismissed and went to stay with his son for some healing time. The team was awesome and David is thrilled with the changes already and the rebuilding hasn't even started.
The other half of Iowa continued working in Logan and Jayne's house. Her bedroom walls are now complete, the bath flooring and vanities are in and the kitchen cabinets are installed. Next week we will continue with further gutting of the other half of the home and start rebuilding it. We will also be reinstalling the insulation underneath the mobile home and putting the protective plastic over it all.
The work continued on both Hsilda and Robert's homes. Robert is nearly all painted and most of the trim work is in. The team purchased a nice bath cabinet to replace the old rather delapidated one that was in there. Lights are hanging, ceiling fans are in and smoke detectors are installed. Hsilda's new archway is nearly all finished and ready for priming and painting. Next week we will be framing in closets in the bedrooms and continuing the inside work while also finishing their deck and railing.
We also have some wonderful news --- the power company came and turned on the power!!!!! Our prayers are answered!!!! Next week we will install the ceramic tile in the last room, add the trim and be doing a House Blessing toward the end of the week! They are so excited and I feel like it's my own home that is ready!!!! Thank you Lord!!!
A quick stop to Martha and Steven was also on todays schedule. We needed to let them know a team will be coming in next week to start refinishing their wooden walls and ceilings. Martha was thrilled and sent us out with an amazing hug of thankfulness!
We've had one of the busiest weeks in a long time and it's been one of the most productive also. Next weeks schedule is even busier -- 40 some volunteers divided into 7 teams working in 7 different homes! If I don't be careful I am certain I will meet myself coming and going between all of them!
Our sincere thanks to all the teams from this week! It is especially difficult for Monty and I to say goodbye to our Iowa family! They treated us to dinner last night and it felt so good to laugh and be loved! We will miss them more than they know but also know that they will be back. We are working on getting Mike to return to build and install some cabinets in Art's house in a couple of weeks!!!!
Thanks to all of you who keep us in your prayers. Those prayers keep us standing upright and going forward.
If you need some specifics to pray for -- our camper trailer has sprung a couple three leaks and when Monty looked at the roof this evening it isn't good news! Repairing these roofs is more than difficult so we will need to make a trip to the local RV shop and get some further info. In the meantime we could use some extended time without rain!
We hope all of you have a great weekend and will rejoin us next week when God will once again be sending blessings out throughout the community of San Leon!
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cranking on all cylinders

Robert's deck is going up (the job being run by one of the women -- yea!!), his doors and nearly all installed, the painting inside is transforming the entire house and the trim is following right behind it all. Robert even surprised the team with home made tamales for lunch! Quite the hit they were!
Hsilda's now has a new opening in her home that has doubled the size of her dining room - complete with the arch! The new bedroom is looking good and her light fixtures are also going in.
Logan and Jayne's sheetrock is finished and priming and painting are beginning. After a trip to Lowes the window and door casing, the floor trim and the chair railing are all inside ready for whoever and whenever.
David's ceilings are now down, along with all the nasty blown in insulation. The team was all decked out in long sleeves today to try and avoid the itching that comes with the job. They are also working on the counter tops and cabinets and ready to start transforming them tomorrow.
Material was flying, everyone knowing what needs to be done and getting the hang of how to do it -- a typical Wednesday in the life of a one week volunteer team. Some members have just arrived and some were leaving at the end of today. It's a constant revolving door of amazing hearts of service.
The miracle of seeing hearts and lives changed -- in both the homeowners and the volunteers. I know God is smiling!
Two more days to go and who knows what God has in store?!
Until next time . . . be blessed and be a blessing! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Some got good rest last night, others worked a bit late - but they all returned raring to go this morning!
Our day started with devotions in the park with our Iowa team. We were both surprised and pleased when they told us one of the things they enjoyed the most were our early morning devotions! We aim to please and what better way to start the day! Even if we were huddled on the side of the restroom building to stay out of the wind! Yes, the temps took a dive but by afternoon the sun was out and all were very happy to be working in the south!
Iowa headed off to Logan and Jayne's and David's. Both dug in right away as Tuesdays are the day where everyone knows what to expect and is ready to do what needs to be done to get the job done. With David being in Texas City we headed there first - after a stop at Lowes, of course! This part of the team were busy cleaning and regrouting his kitchen counters that are made of ceramic tiles. They were also sanding the cabinets in preparation for restaining them. The biggest job ahead of them was to begin tearing out the ceilings - knowing there was blown in insulation behind them -- the absolute worst kind. With masks on their faces and plastic up to barricade other rooms from the dust they started in. It's a messy job beyond description but they were hard at it. We did find out that David was headed to the hospital to be admitted for the care of blood clots in his leg. He wasn't ready to go as he was thoroughly enjoying visiting with all the volunteers and knew things would happen with him gone. Monty prayed with him before we left and we hope he'll only be gone a couple of days. You might want to pray for him also -- remember that he's 98 years "young."
Our PDA teams from both TX and PA were also off and running. They returned to Hsilda's home where they were finishing the new bedroom, opening up a new wall to expand the dining area and working on some electrical that went with opening that wall. They sort of looked like organized ants -- everywhere doing everything!
The rest of the team went back to Robert's where they were painting walls, also working on electrical with the replacing of plugs and switches, installing doors and trim. The two women you see in the above photo were the "women of the day." They have spent the past 2 days inside 1 bathroom trying to get it clean. They mastered the shower and tub and thought the vanity counter top was going to be replaced with a new one. I broke the news that we were going to use the existing one and they started in cleaning what appeared to be the impossible. When we returned in the afternoon is was amazing -- looked like a new one! As I said -- our "Women of the Day" for sure. They promised me they would be working in another room tomorrow! :)
Robert left work to come by and see how everything is going and was so blown away that he was speechless! He looked this way and he looked that way and was amazed! He was nearly in tears when he returned to work as he wanted to stay and help but was having his own busy day and had to go back to work! His case manager also stopped by today and was equally pleased and in awe at the changes.
Our HVAC (heating and air) gentleman also came by both Robert's and Hsilda's today to give us an estimate. Al has done a couple of other homes for us and always does a remarkable job for a more than reasonable price so we are hoping for the same with both of these. This is a job that cannot be done with volunteers, it's just too extensive. We are so thankful to Al as he understands what we are doing and why and also shares our hearts.
Our day also ended at Lowes getting the last few things in preparation for all teams tomorrow. Sometimes when we go in there with 4 families or more - trying to keep all things straight can be quite the juggling job. We now have counter tops and a kitchen sink coming to Robert's on Friday in preparation for another team to install. Friday will be the last day for these teams and God will supply just who we need just when we need them so we wait and know in faith that His timing is always perfect!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing to someone else! Susan and Monty

Monday, October 26, 2009

Surprise and Wet Monday

You can see by the photos we have quite the number of volunteers this week! And early this morning we received the phone call saying we had one more team than we had planned on!!! It's those kind of calls that could send one over the edge unless you have run as many teams as we have over the years. :) Just send them on with the others and we'll take it from there.
The Presbytarians came with 2 teams, one from here in Texas and one from Pennsylvania. We just combined them into one and it worked great.
Our other team is our family team from Iowa. It's always great to see them and they came in with enough enthusiasm for all of us and then some! Their chant while in the huddle was just great!
The rains came pouring while we were in orientation this morning and didn't stop the entire day! The water, the mud, more water and more mud -- our clothing is soaked but we had a great time.
We have started 4 new homes this week. What a start!
The PDA team is working on both Hsilda and Robert's houses. They are framing in a bedroom, sheetrocking, painting and anything in between.
Iowa is working on Jayne and Logan's and also David, our 98 year old. They are also sheetrocking, cleaning, gutting and yes, you can see Jimmy in one photo holding on to the pipe that got behind the sheetrock they were gutting and broke. Water outside and water inside! No problem -- a trip to Lowes and it was all fixed.
That trip to Lowes ended up in about 3 trips ( I think) as the day continued on way past 6pm this evening. Preparing for tomorrow - and we are now ready! Iowa was still working at 6pm but some were a bit tired around the edges! :)
All the homeowners are so excited that their "number" finally came up and they are getting help. With both teams totalling near 35 we are spread out enough to make an impact and get some good things done!
Be sure and stay tuned as it will be more than busy this week and I can see God smiling -- through the rain clouds of course!!
Until next time . . . be blessed to bless someone else! Susan and Monty

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Saturday

It was an amazing day - a Saturday - and I was just too whooped to get a blog done last night! My apologies to the teams who worked so hard all day!
Our newest team was all here come Saturday morning so we started with our usual orientation at the park. From there we headed them all to Jayne and Logan's where they started on yard cleanup. It was quite the challenge but they came prepared and with a little help from Jayne's mower and weed eater they were hard at work in no time. They cleared trees, shrubs, very tall grass and all the etcs that have been out in the yard since the storm. Logan is attached to oxygen all the time and unable to get out and do anything. Jayne does her best to keep working and they were both thrilled to see the team and the results at the end of the day! This team thought they weren't "skilled" and yet God took them and they did miracles!
Our electricians continued their work on Martha and Steven's. There have been quite a few "challenges" with the wiring but they were determined to get it safe enough to leave for the next electricians -- and they did just that. Martha was looking forward to standing in her shower with HOT water for the first time in 13 months!
Judy's team finished the gutting of Ms Verlis, complete with the removal of their shed and all it's flooded contents! I had no idea they would actually get it all done but they rose to the challenge and it was awesome. They even had a prayer blessing ceremony at the end and some of the kids in the family that had been there helping stayed for the prayers. Judy has already scheduled a return trip in January and we are so thankful! It was tough to say goodbye.
We also had Lowes delivery trucks coming and going throughout the day. Our team at Jayne's ended their day by going by Hsilda's house and taking all her materials inside where they would be safe and dry and ready for the team coming tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow will have us starting 4 new homes, all in different stages of rebuilding. It will be a great week and we are so thrilled to know that one of the two teams we have is our "family" team from Iowa! Tomorrow mornings orientation will be like a family reunion.
I also have some more than miraculous results from my Mother and her "one woman bake sale" she held at her church this morning. The Pastors and all my parents' friends jumped on board with baking, making bulletin inserts and posters for the occasion. My mother was determined to raise some funding for Steven and Martha after she read about them. And when my mother sets her mind to something . . . and God steps in with her . . . amazing miracles happen! That is exactly what happened this morning and we are so thankful to her and the entire church for stepping up and making some miracles happen for Steven and Martha. Be sure and stay tuned to see the results and see God's hand in the mix. THANKS MOM!!!!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye Marilyn - Hello Barrett

Did someone change the calendar and not let me know? I'm certain today was a Monday and not a Friday! Mondays are the days where we run and run and run and the phone continually rings -- I guess it can be the same on Fridays!
Marilyn's team worked and worked to get things wrapped up at Mariano and Maria's. The electrical inspector did a "drive by" and passed us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord and thank you for the miracle! Now all they need to do is make another phone call for them to connect 2 wires and it's time to move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doors are all installed and nearly all of them painted. The family will finish the ones needing a second coat of paint. The backer board is down in Yami's room awaiting the ceramic tile that the family will also install. The room is painted and the girls themselves got in last night and made some beautiful stripes on the walls! Now that they have learned to paint -- lookout!
We did bid a sad farewell to Marilyn's team this afternoon. We are so thankful to them for all the hard work they put in and for making a life long impact on quite a few families! It would be nice to see them return sometime soon. Marilyn says she might come back for the house blessing on Mariano and Maria's and that might just be this coming week?
Meanwhile we had a new team arriving, or part of them. We were tied up at Lowes with part of Judy's team so the new team, Barrett's team, headed on to Hank and Cherie's to wrap up a couple of things. The rest of this team will arrive tonight and they will be working hard come tomorrow. They also helped us unload sheetrock into Logan and Jayne's house in preparation for our incoming team from Iowa who will work in their home next week.
And then there was Judy's team who came in yesterday and were still working on the gutting of Ms Verlis's home. You can see by the photos that is was quite the job and they are doing an amazing job! This isn't a small home and this is far from an easy job. They are working as a team, they are communicating and following instructions and it's awesome to see not only the lives of the volunteers touched by this but also the family. You can see one of the boys with the women. Rebuilding this home will be very far from easy but . . . with God nothing is impossible and we will follow His direction and timing. In the meantime the team will continue working tomorrow and should have not only the house finished but also the falling down building behind the house that holds so many family possessions that must all now go into the dumpster!
You can also see a couple of wonderful photos of Martha! She and Steven were totally surprised today when the team of master electricians showed up to start the rewiring of their home AND to install a water heater! They haven't had hot water in 13 months! Steven had tears streaming from his face as the team entered their home and started going to work! God has directly told us to step out in faith with this home and all we can do is say "yes Sir" - with a smile on our face!
Monty and I also got some materials ready for Mr David's house. The Iowa team will be divided into 2 teams and part of them will go to Mr David's to demo the ceilings and floors in a couple of rooms and then move on to refinishing his kitchen cabinets and regrouting his tile counter tops. Never a dull minute!
The temps are near 70 -- the sun is shining and the humidity is low -- and the teams are working miracles! Lives are being changed near and far and we are so blessed to watch it all happen and see God's almightly hand in each step!
Until next time . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost a washout!

When the weather alert radio siren goes off around 5am it can make the start of the day quite "interesting" to say the least!
The remains of hurricane Rick came through all during the night last night and into the mid morning today. He came in with a vengence! Some areas got over 5 inches of rain and we had streets flooded and quite the mess.
Marilyn's team had to deal with water coming into the church so their morning consisted of mopping and sopping and laundry!
By noon it had blown through and now some record low temps are forecast for the next few nights with a high tomorrow of 65 -- yes -- a high!! I am soooooo ready!!!!!!
At 12:30 our next team arrived and had also had quite the experience driving through all the morning rains just to get here! There are 24 of them and they have quite the task ahead of them! They are gutting Ms Verlis's home -- and will be there for the next couple of days! This family has been "living" in this home and I have no idea how they have done it! They will remain living there as we gut it and start the rebuilding process. Pray for them!
The team started in and within 2 hours called to say the 30 yard dumpster would be full by the end of the day. I promised that it would be removed and an empty one delivered tomorrow morning.
Marilyn's team made it back to Mariano and Maria's after lunch and started in with the challenge of cutting interior doors to fit and getting them hung. They now have the hang of it and are doing great. The rest of the team is touching up painting and really making it look awesome. The back bedroom is now primed and will be painted tomorrow. Yami is really excited as that is her room and the last to get done!
Monty and I made yet another trip to Lowes to finalize the purchasing of materials for the incoming teams next week. We have to build a small deck with steps at Robert's as now you step inside the home using an upside down bucket! Not the safest in the world!
Tomorrow morning we will be welcoming our 3rd incoming team for the week. And we will be using some of the skilled electricians from todays incoming team to work in a home south of here and in Martha's to start rewiring. It will be a day where team members are all over the place at all different times but it will be an awesome day! Keeping up with them will be a fun challenge!
Make sure you stay tuned.
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Susan and Monty

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving Forward

Yesterday and today have seemingly run together, without end! Amazing progress!

We had our weekly UMCOR meeting yesterday and from there headed to Lowes and to check on the teams still at Archie and Nina's, Art's, Hank and Cherie's and Mariano and Maria's. Yes, it's quite the job to keep up with all of them!

The women finished painting at Archie and Nina's and the team finished the flooring at Art's. Like I said -- just try and keep up with them!

The deck railing is complete at Mariano and Maria's and they surprised us all by planting some plants around the deck making it look like home and beautiful! The team is painting inside, finishing sheetrock, finishing plumbing -- you name it and they are doing a bit of it.

Hank and Cherie's trailer is now completely skirted and beautiful!

Today was up and out early. We have a team of Presbytarian's coming in Monday and the leader decided to fly in and see things for himself to better prepare the team. We knew the 2 homes they would be working in -- both new additions to our ever growing list. Ken was very pleased to be able to visit the homes and know what tasks will be ahead of them. Homeowners Hisdla and her family and Robert and his family are thrilled to know the end is now in sight! Be sure and stay tuned for more on both families next week.

As Ken left to check out their camp in Texas City we were off to check and see how the teams were. Today they were at Mariano's and only a couple at Hank and Cherie's. With rains and winds predicted for today and tomorrow some of the exterior work at Hank and Cherie's was put on hold. They are hanging doors at Mariano's, touching up painting, working with sheetrock in closets and preparing for Mariano to do the texture on the bedroom walls tonight so they can prime tomorrow. Monty and I brought in the ceramic tile for that bedroom and we will see how far they get over the next couple of days. The end is in sight and we all smiled at that thought after the team left and Monty and I were sitting with the entire family on their new deck!

Another trip to Lowes will bring 2 deliveries of a multitude of materials to both Robert's and Hisdla's on Saturday. We will use the team to help get things unloaded and taken inside the homes to be ready for Monday.

Tomorrow we will be welcoming another team for the week. They will be with us through Saturday. We hope the weather will straighten up as this team will be tackling quite a large gutting job in Hitchcock!

I want to send an extremely special thank you to a very special person -- Steve! He is a best friend to our Pastor Dave at home and has been keeping both Monty and I covered with prayer over the past couple of weeks. We want to say thank you for the prayers and for the covering! What you have done is life - saving and we are so very grateful!!! God bless you!

Also a thank you to my Mom who is planning her "One woman bake sale" at their church this coming Sunday to try and raise funding for the rebuilding of Steven and Martha's home! You GO MOM and thanks to Cindy and Amilea for pitching in and helping! Miles apart brought together by nothing but love!!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

Monday, October 19, 2009

Marilyn's team comes ready to go

They arrived early for orientation and pulling 2 tool trailers! Ready to work and numbering somewhere around 22 at last count!
Experienced is an understatement. Many of them have already made 10 trips to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and have already been to Galveston. This is their first trip to San Leon and we are thrilled to have them with us! Each homeowner feels the same.
After a brief description of each homeowner and home they divided themselves into 4 teams and off we went.
One team headed to Art's to start his flooring. Art chose a product that only Home Depot carries. It looks like hardwood but is vinyl and yet installs similar to hardwood. The team dug in and scraped and scrubbed the floors before lining up and getting going on the actual flooring. Once they got going they really got going!
Another team went off to Hank and Cherie's to work on skirting their trailer. Skirting isn't an easy task but Monty did plenty of it growing up and you can see by the photo that there was a short session of "skirting 101." They got the hang of it and were off and running by this afternoon. Hank and Cherie have quite a punch list of things needing accomplished so this crew will be quite busy.
Yet another team were going back to Archie and Nina's to continue the work done last week. With all the walls primed all they needed to do was start the painting. Nina had chosen her color over the weekend and with 10' ceilings the extension poles were getting quite the work out. Archie is quite content this week as all of this team are women so Nina is enjoying the companionship along with working right along side them.
Our last group followed us to Mariano and Maria's. They had the task of adding the railing to the deck flooring. We are copying the pattern FEMA uses for railings as it is up to code and much more cost effective, not to mention it looks great. You can see for yourself in the photo. They managed to finish the railings and have just a couple of hand rails to get to tomorrow. From there the team will be working a lengthy punch list and just maybe . . . do you think . . . we might get done? Maria is calling the power company to request it be turned back on and we all are holding our breath for that. One can always hope anyway, right?
Monty has been quite busy himself all afternoon with helping our RV park manager get some new tenants settled in. They arrived late yesterday with a new camper and have never camped before -- ever! They were more than confused but Monty came to the rescue and not only parked and set their trailer -- he is back today trying to make some repairs on it. This couple will be quite the blessing for this area as their ministry is to prepare taxes for homeowners for free! Yes, free! I can't wait to take them around the area and introduce them. And yes -- that time will be upon us before any of us are ready! (Didn't we just get done with that?)
As you can see -- we are going in all directions but all directions are going forward. The weather is absolutely perfect --although we are awaiting the backlash of hurricane Rick off the west coast. Rain is on its way!
Until next time . . . be blessed to be a blessing! Susan and Monty

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas times 2 = WOW!

They came, they saw and they made a difference in a big way!
Our returning team from yesterday, from Corpus Christi, and our incoming team from Houston both met us at the park bright and early this morning ready to go.
Our first event of service landed right in our laps at the park. They were beginning a handicapped bicycle ride around the city and we helped them unload their bikes from the back of trucks. What a great way to start the day. I saw them riding through the city all day.
From there the Corpus team headed to Martha and Steven's to do yard work and fence demo. They started in and you can see the before and after photos above. The fence came down along with dead trees and plants and trash was piled and grass was cut and transformation was awesome! Martha and Steven were still in amazement when we stopped by after the team left! It's amazing how something like cleaning ones yard can make one feel so much better! God at work!
Lunch was very special for the team also. Martha's neighbor is Hai. In fact, they borrowed Hai's mower to mow Martha's lawn. Hai made wonton soup for the entire team and they all enjoyed sitting around her house marveling at how beautiful it is and how much they appreciated Hai's lunch! It was a great way for Hai to give back. And a couple of the team took out some tree stumps at her house and did some weed trimming also.
I said the team left -- but not stopped working. From there they headed to Mariano's to remove a very large and "in the way" tree stump! Didn't take any time at all and it was gone!
And then they all packed up and went to Walter's where the Houston team had been working all day. Houston had been cleaning up Walter's back slab area and touched up the trim on the exterior of his house. They were already finished when Corpus arrived. Corpus once again fired up the chain saws and went to work. Front yard, back yard, side yard -- they got it all. And you can see by the photos Walter loved the fact that the women on the team were paying some special attention to him! :) He might be 92 but he loves the women and they love him!
The day was coming to an end much too quickly but not before Corpus asked Monty and I to join them in communion at Walter's. We all gathered around a small plastic outdoor table that had seen better days quite some time ago. The Pastor brought the area, the table and the first communion all together for all of us gathered in a circle on Walter's front yard in a way I have never experienced. It was the most powerful communion I have ever received!
The entire day was awesome -- an amazing end to an amazing week. All 3 teams this week came with hearts of service and yet knew that ministry comes long before the hands on work. Lives have been changed forever -- from Archie's structure becoming a home to Ms Carol's house ready for rebuilding to Martha being able to sit out in her yard and not feel embarrassed or overwhelmed to Walter now having a bunch of dead trees gone ---- it was all God in action through those who just made themselves available! No "special" talents other than those that God instilled each person with to go and do His work!
I heard something on the radio today that really hit home ----"impossible isn't a word -- it's just a reason not to try!" I like that! It's that step of faith, that believing it can and will be done in God's perfect timing. As I told some team members today - I get to see miracles each and every day -- and it's the greatest blessing of all!
Until next time . . . "with God nothing is impossible!" Susan and Monty

Friday, October 16, 2009

From shell to house

They started on Monday morning with nothing more than a shell. Today they finished with a house. Even Archie called it a house today! The walls are framed in and covered with sheetrock, that sheetrock is finished and now primed. The painting will begin on Monday. And there were only 5 of them! Amazing what God can accomplish with some willing hearts and able hands.
This morning we welcomed a new team. They are here for today and tomorrow, all 16 of them. We did our orientation at the homeowners place since it was closer for the team. Ms Carol will be getting her kitchen, bedroom and bathroom completely rebuilt but they all had to be gutted first. The team not only did the gutting but they helped pack and load all Ms Carol's belongings and take them to her storage unit. They also got out in her garage storage area and organized it so now Ms Carol can now find what she is looking for. Ms Carol will be spending the next weeks at her daughters house and it seems all her children will be congregating there to get some of Mom's great home cooking!
We also visited with Mr David this afternoon. His home will also be getting a kitchen, family room and bathroom make over. As we talked with him and made sure we communicated with his niece all information I realized Mr David wasn't as young as I thought. When I asked him how old he was and he said 98 !!!! I was shocked! He really laughed when I said I thought he was around 80!!! He couldn't remember when his wife died but thought it was about 13 - 14 years ago. He said he missed her so much but wouldn't want her to know how he missed her! I look forward to sending a team to start the gutting. We will also be refinishing his kitchen cabinets as he wants to keep them. Should be an amazing experience for the volunteers and for Mr David. We will start the process a week from this Monday.
From there it was off to Lowes to help Art get his appliances, which he found marked down! A team will begin laying his flooring on Monday.
And once again the day has come to an end. The cool -- yes, cool !!! breezes are blowing inside the trailer. It's amazing to be able to have the windows and door open! We even broke down and removed the foil insulation in some of the windows! A really big day for us!!!!!
Tomorrow morning we will welcome yet another local team coming to spend the day being the hands and feet and heart of God. Be sure and stay tuned.
Until then . . . be blessed and bless someone else! Speaking of which --- a HUGE thank you to Rob at home --- he came and fixed our hot water heater. Now our daughter can have hot water! Rob -- we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! THANKS!!!
Susan and Monty