Friday, May 30, 2008

One less source

Strange looking creature isn't it! They are some kind of mushroom that is growing like weeds down here. They are fun to watch as they change each day. Amazing things grow in swamps!

Today was the day of the week when cases go to the funding table. This is the weekly meeting where cases are presented and the funding is requested. As I have said before, getting all of the paperwork ready is quite a process and then putting it in the format required for funding is another process.

We did get some tough news yesterday -- one of the funding sources we used has run out of funds! That's always difficult to hear. It now makes it impossible for us to help those families that were renters at the time of the storm and purchased a home afterwards that had been damaged by the storm. Telling someone we cannot help them is one of the most difficult things we have to do. Our prayer is that some other source of funding will come through. One thing we have learned is that this disaster ministry is constantly changing. You couldn't write a book if you tried. Prayer! Prayer! Prayer! And of course we appreciate any and all prayers from all of you!

For now, we keep going forward. I came in to the office finding another list of people to call back. The calls keep coming and we will keep helping. We will tap every single resource we can, we will reach as far as we can, we will continue to help -- God WILL provide! He promised and I stand on those promises!

Over this weekend and count your blessings!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is one of the majestic elm trees that live here along the coast. They are massive beyond imagination and this is one of the most beautiful. The branches actually grow so long that they lay on the ground and re-root themselves! Most of them "lean" to one direction as a result of the winds of the storm. This year they are starting to look much better as the leaves are coming out fuller -- healing from the storm.

Today has been one of those days where deadlines loom overhead. One of our sources of funding will come to an end in 2 days so the push to get everything in is on! We won't be able to get everyone in as the calls continue but we will pray for another source to come up where we will be able to continue helping. There are other sources we use but this one has been a good one and will be missed terribly!

When we are applying for funding for our homeowners we also have numerous documents that must be lined up for the funding table. Sometimes we get the documents when we do the home visits but by the time they get to the funding table we need more recent documents. This puts the "ball" back into the homeowners' court. Today has had a couple of those homeowners running here and there but they got exactly what we needed so we can get exactly what they need! It can get a bit hectic but the smiles continue!

It's just a perfect example of how the relief efforts are in constant change! There have been efforts who thought they would write a "how to" book on what to do when rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes! NOT!! They very quickly decided it was impossible as the efforts change by the day and just when you think there is a set of rules you must think again and realize those rules changed! It's just one of the things that make this work so facinating! And such a blessing! All of us learning at the same time, all of us constantly learning and all of us constantly changing and smiling at the same time! Where can you find that in the secular world?!

Until next time . . . pray for funding sources to continue. Susan and Monty

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Birthday Fish

Yes, there was actually some time to sit back and fish over this weekend!

Wonders never cease!

And NO, there is not a photo of the one that I caught -- the one that got away!

As we headed out to fish at one of our homeowner's homes who has been telling us for weeks to come and fish -- I kept telling Monty that my "birthday fish" was on his way! He didn't really take me too seriously but I knew. Sure enough, after being there for awhile and catching a few fish I caught "the big one" in the literal sense!! A SHARK!!! Yes, a gray sand shark that was close to 3 feet long! And the funniest thing was that although Monty had my pole rigged with a double hook rig, I caught the thing with neither hook! I lassoed him!! Yes, he managed to get the entire line wrapped around his neck without a single hook in him. When my line finally broke due to the weight the pressure released and with a couple of flips out of the water he loosened the line and it fell off! It was an amazing catch and it was truly my birthday fish!

This morning I came to the office to find a beautiful peace lilly plant with birthday balloons attached and a card. Things like that sure do bring a smile when one is so far from home and cannot spend birthdays with family! Thanks to everyone who brought that smile to me!

We are back in the swing of things, trying to get all the paperwork and estimates and "ducks in a row" to get to the funding process at the end of this week. There is so much to be done before these cases can be taken to the funding process but hopefully I will have 3 ready to go. That will bring 3 more homes that much closer to being repaired and returning the families to "home."

With each one that is brought closer there are more than that waiting in the wings. And with those in waiting there are more phone calls that come in, more referrals and more people wondering who is going to help them? With everything we do the best we can to maintain our focus; "help the people."

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS The most recent comment posted here was from the homeowners Joseph and Kea. I spoke with her this morning and she came through her gall bladder surgery fine. They were approved for their funding which means the contractor will be scheduling their work as soon as the funding money reaches our hands. They are thrilled!!! They are thankful!!! They are ready!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Estimates and planning . . .

The home on the left is Ms Annie's and the one on the right is William and Marie's that we just visited yesterday.

Ms Annie: we made a return trip yesterday. We have a team of volunteers coming for 2 weeks in July, each week with nearly 200 people! Ms Dee, who is the master mind behind this huge effort came for a visit and is willing to take on not only the house but also the land and existing home that must be sorted through before demolition! It was amazing to watch the bond begin with Ms Dee and Ms Annie. Ms Annie and her mother have both been very honest in telling us that they have completely given up on receiving any help. They both are battling depression and had no idea where to turn. I am thankful for FEMA for bringing their situation to our attention. By the end of the visit Ms Annie was still in a bit of unbelief -- but a different kind of unbelief. She can't believe that so many people will be coming to just help in any way they can -- with no agenda and expecting absolutely nothing in return! And when we told her that SHE would be the boss of the entire time, that nothing would be done without her consent -- the smile popped out along with true laughter. It made me wonder how long it had been since she had done either!?

We are very excited about this team coming and plan on them also taking on the rebuilding of Mr Douglas's home. With that many people coming with the skills they have -- miracles will be everywhere for those 2 weeks!

Someone asked me the other day why I didn't talk about the volunteers as much any more. The reason -- they aren't here!!!! There are only a couple of relief efforts still having any volunteers come. Why?? Because unless you live here directly on the coast you have no idea of what still needs to be done. Most think that because it's nearing the 3 year mark that all is well and life goes on. Life does go on but all is NOT well! We do the best with what we can and are soooo thankful to those who continue to come! God will continue to move mountains and continue to calm seas and continue to reach the lost here on the coast with those of us who are still here and who are committed to doing whatever He asks of us to get the job done!

Meet Mr William and Ms Marie and their home on the right. They are both native American Indians complete with an original teepee in their front yard. William works full time and Marie puts my "girl power" in construction to a whole new dimension! This woman has nearly single handedly rebuilt this home! She has done structural repairs and is currently working on the electric! It was amazing to visit with them and see her drive, her determination, her faith -- in action! She used to teach school and still gathers the neighboring children when they look like they have nothing to do and teaches them. They weren't asking for labor, just material so they could continue working on things themselves. When we told them we felt this would not be a problem for us to supply she had a look of unbelief on her face! And I know that each and every piece of documentation that I need to apply for funding will be supplied by her within days! She is also one of the most organized women I have seen (present company excluded) :)

Like I said, we continue to reach out to the lost, we continue to find the super-lost and we continue to do what God has called us to do. No volunteers? We'll still keep going! God promises to always supply and He doesn't go back on His promises!

We pray all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. For us it will be nice as we might be able to watch the Indy 500 race on TV for the first time! At home it is always blacked out from TV coverage but we are far enough away we might catch a glimpse between the 2 church picnics planned (and my birthday!!!!!)

Blessings to all until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back safely and home visits continue

Yes, after another long drive I made it back to MS safe and sound. Thanks to all of you who were praying me down the roads! It was really good to be with my family for about a week and also really good to get back "home."

We jumped right back into the "saddle" so to speak.

I do have the great news that we received the funding approval for Jackie's new roof and for Joseph and Kea's rebuild! They were so thrilled when I called and gave them the news yesterday! The next step is ordering the materials and the contractor getting them on his schedule! We are also pleased with the short turn-around time! The idea is to get them on the list and off that list as soon as possible! Sometimes it works!

Yesterday we visited with Mr Andrew. He had to abandon his home after the storm because the damage was so severe. He and his wife are renting an apartment in another city now and would like to see what can be done with the home. After making our visit we all came to the same conclusion -- it cannot be salvaged! There is just too much structural damage. Now comes the decision of building a new one or possibly purchasing a mobile home. They are fine with either choice so it's up to us to see about financing issues on our end. Mr Andrew is a newlywed, his first wife passed away and he cared for his father in law before, during and after the storm until he had to be placed in the nursing home. Speedy will most likely NOT describe this story but we will get there!

From there we went to Ms Lorine's house. She is a single grandmother who is raising 3 grandchildren and should retain full custody of them soon. She has absolutely no income, her children help pay her bills. She has had some work done but has more and so we will step in and get her home completed. She has a heart as big as Texas but a bank account the size of an empty matchbox!

Our third visit was unable to meet with us and will reschedule as soon as possible. She is a single mother of 5 children!

Today we headed up north where tornados hit and met with Ms Annie and her 89 year old mother, Virginia. They lived next door to each other and have done so for the past 50 years! Ms Virginia's home has been condemed and Ms Annie has used each dime to get hers rebuilt for the both of them. We will come in and get it done!! What amazing women, what amazing strength and determination! Examples for all of us!

I have meeting after meeting scheduled for this afternoon! And Monty is out getting materials lined up!!

Like I said, "back in the saddle" and the horse is running at full gallop!! And we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ministry in Indiana

As I sit in my house seeing the clock approach midnight I have so many things running through my mind that sleep might be far off.

As you know, I am back in Indiana for this week. This evening I made the hour trip from my parents home to ours and will only be here a couple of days before heading back south. So many things happened during my time at my parents -- so much ministry that I would have never dreamed of.

What would you do if faced with the following:

While talking with an elderly woman she asks you these questions:

1. I'm afraid that when I get to heaven and God asks me what good I have done while on earth I might not get in as I haven't done anything?

2. A friend of mine said that when we get to heaven we will only have a head and our bodies will be invisible, is that true?

3. I'm afraid my family members already in heaven won't recognize me since I am so old?

4. Why have all my family members already died and I am still here?

5. I was told that God can't hear our prayers unless we pray out loud?

What would you say? How would you answer those questions? Could you answer them? Would you laugh and think "this person needs to get some new friends!" Or would you laugh and just toss it off as nonsense? What if this person was really reaching out for answers because she knew she probably wouldn't live much longer and the only thing she had to do each day was sit in her wheelchair and think about all these things?

This was my situation this afternoon! I had already heard that she was asking questions and seemed to be searching for answers. When I went to visit I waited patiently for her to open the door and when she did I knew I would dig deeper and see just what she thought and pray God would give me the answers she needed. As always, He never fails me!

Not good enough? If that was what got us to heaven it would be a pretty empty place!

Only have a head? The Bible states that we will be made anew, completely!

Not recognize her? The Bible also says that we will know our own! God is all about relationships!

Why still here? God is still preparing her place in heaven and He still has a purpose for her here on earth!

Can God hear me? Again the Bible says that God knows our inner most thoughts even before we do!

I know she has a better understanding now. She had a sense of peace, a wide - eyed look kind of like a light bulb had been lit. No doubt she had some different thoughts for the rest of today. And when she prays tonight she has a better sense of the true power of prayer, that prayer can change lives and that she certainly has a purpose here -- the job of praying alone will keep her thinking all through the days and nights!

We should all watch what we say to others! We never know the impact we are having on others!

Ministry is everywhere -- not just "out there" somewhere; it can be in our own back yard, in our own living room, where we least expect it but where it has the most impact!

Keep your eyes and ears open and watch and listen and speak when God calls you to do so. Don't be afraid that you won't have the "right" words -- God promises to give them to us if we will just be obedient and speak! Do so and watch the blessings come back to you a hundred fold. See if you aren't also the one with a new sense of peace!

This blog is dedicated to my 95 year old grandmother! Bless you for the opportunity to feel closer to you than I have ever felt in my life!!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


What a difference a day makes! In more ways than one!

I made the trip home in record time, not by speeding but by learning that using the cruise control really does work and it does end up saving time. The traffic was smooth, only a bit of backup around Birmingham. Thanks for all the prayers as those are what got me through.

Back "at the camp" Monty was having his own issues with being left alone with 2 dogs and a truck that is less than dependable! After traveling to the office and taking care of some work things he stopped for an errand. When he returned to his truck he had ZERO brakes, both lines blown because of being rusted through! He spent the next couple of hours underneath trying to get the lines off but no luck. He ended up calling a tow truck and having it hauled to a local dealership. This left him with a broken truck and no back up transportation! God had His hand in the whole episode as one of the local church members happen to see him stranded, told the Pastor and he came with the church van! Now Monty has wheels to get to and fro while the truck is being repaired. Now comes the topic of the repairs --- we are praying for another hand of God in this one!!! We thought the price of diesel was high??!!

On with the day -- my mother is doing great and I will be seeing my grandmother tomorrow. I also was able to attend the funeral home to give my condolances to my former boss of 5 years. His mother passed away and it was such a blessing to me to be able to see he and his family again!

I also was able to see 2 of my children this evening, along with my grandson! He will be 3 in a few days and is quickly loosing the "babyness" and looking like a toddler! Where does the time go?

As I traveled yesterday I had alot of time to think about how God always has things under control in all circumstances! Never ceases to amaze me!

Think about all the "happen-stances" in your life and see if God didn't have things always under control?!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks for the toilets!!!!

Did you smile when you read the title? So did we when the phone rang this morning and our "Lowes Angel" called to say she had 20 brand new toilets to donate to us! Sometimes when they change styles or vendors they rid their shelves of the "old." She has called us before with odds and ends and we have always been able to take those odds and ends and bless others who look at them as gold. These toilets will be the same! It's amazing the things we take for granted and how ones perception of value changes under certain circumstances!

We send our deepest thanks to Kim for always thinking of us, always taking that minute to call and for always having things ready to be picked up and used as blessings!

Monty and I got part of them unloaded in our storage facility and will get the rest asap.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Ours was quiet and spent in church most of the day. We went to our regular one in the morning and our other regular one in the afternoon. What better way to spend the day!

I want to let you know that I will be off and on with the blog over the next few days. I will be traveling home to be with my mother and grandmother, both of which have some health issues going on. I also will be attending the funeral of my ex-boss's mother who passed away last evening. And it will allow me to see my own daughter before the delivery of her 2nd baby next month. Monty will be staying here, carrying on as usual. I am so blessed to have a husband who realizes that I need to be with my mother and encourages me to do so. I will be driving so I appreciate your prayers to "pray me home" and back again late in the weekend.

I am sure you have seen and heard about former President and Mrs Jimmy Carter being on the coast this week. I think Good Morning America is covering some of the activity. They are right here in Pascagoula today and I hope to drive the few blocks later today and try and catch a glimpse of them working on homes. We are so thankful for their life long participation with Habitat for Humanity and for helping bring the awareness level to everyone north of the coast. It is our prayer that people will see the truth of how far things still have to reach the "done" category. I heard someone saying yesterday that we are about 5 years from everything being rebuilt! And the new hurricane season begins in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and as I said, I will do the best I can to keep you updated with things going on. Pray for Monty as he stays here -- in the 10 years we have been married we've only spent 1 night apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also please pray for all of those suffering from the earthquake in China, the cyclone overseas and all those who continue to be devastated by the never ending tornados throughout our country!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Friday, May 09, 2008

Creative Survival at its best

There is absolutely no way I can show you Mr Robert's home! I thought I had seen everything until our home visit today!
Please take the time to click on each one and look closely -- this home survived the storm!
Mr Robert has lived in this home since 1973. It was moved from across the street and he started adding the second story. He got his building permit --- and still has it! He informed us that as long as continued "building" on the home the permit was good! He took them literally and that is what has kept him going all these years.
Mr Robert is 80 years "young" and this house is what has kept him so! The blue tarp you see is his roof. Yes, it's flat as a pancake and held on top of the home with bundles of old newspapers and sandbags. He did tell us that the last big rainstorm we had left him with 5 inches of water inside! He said he's fixed the tarp since then!
The outside is indeed made of treated plywood -- and he does NOT want it painted! Look closely and you will see the set of steps he has "created" going up to the top of the roof where he plans on building a deck!
He lives directly on the water, on a little inlet. The black circle you see is some piping that washed ashore from the shipyard. Mr Robert does not waste anything!! He used it to wrap around his garden. With the black color is attracts heat, and this is where he gets his hot water. He brings it inside the home with a hose and syphens is back outside when he is done washing clothes or bathing. No, I am not kidding!
He electricity comes from the pole out back and everything runs from extension cords inside. There isn't any plumbing, insulation or sheetrock. The floors are true hardwood, no interior doors, plenty of windows and imagination and creativity like I have NEVER seen before!
How in the world he does what he does is beyond me! He can't be 80 pounds soaking wet but this home is his life!
When we asked him about tearing down this one and building a new one he said he would not live in a new home! BUT --- he would take the lumber from the old one torn down, build a boat and live on it! He was not kidding! And he is completely sane! I think maybe more so than the rest of us.
The Bible tells us to "be content in whatever circumstances" and he is the perfect example of this!
He had a copy machine that he had gotten at a second hand store, which made getting his paperwork helpful. When he realized we were there to help he didn't mind me going through some of his files to help him locate documents. He said he would love to have a computer -- if someone would run it for him!
He has 4 step children but no much help. There is one nephew who comes around and helps him putter with things. He said he's had alot of people want to purchase the property but he's not selling! I don't blame him!
The city is trying to get him safe, sanitary and secure! We are going to step in and see what we can do to get him there. We simply cannot!!! tear this house down, he lives for it and it keeps him living! We will do what we can to get a good roof on top, electricity and plumbing done and let him continue with his dreams of what he's going to do inside!
Mr Robert stole not only my heart, but Monty's as well! We both would have loved to have spent the entire day with him -- a man of history and wisdom that can't be found much anymore!
I did have to laugh -- Monty asked him "Mr Robert, what is it that you want?" His answer, "a good woman with a dollar in her pocket!"
Monty and I have decided that if another hurricane comes this way we are going to Mr Robert's house, go upstairs and watch it blow through!
It's people like Mr Robert that God places in our lives to let us know we ARE exactly where He wants us to be, doing exactly what He has called us to do!
Be sure and stay tuned for . . . the rest of the story!!! It will be a blessing to all of us!!
"To the world you may be one person -- but to one person you may be the world" Author unknown.
May we all use Mr Robert as an example of being content!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Balancing Act

We have started the ball in motion on Douglas's home. Gathering all of the information to put together our estimate isn't easy but we are getting there. Try it yourself -- think about every single item it would take to build your home; lumber, nails, insulation, sheetrock -- every single thing. There are also some structural changes and repairs that must be done to bring the home to safe, sanitary and secure.

We did meet with the contractor who is giving us an estimate on the elecrical, HVAC and plumbing. That type of work must be done by a licensed and local contractor.

The contractor is getting us our estimate to level Tony and Linda's home. Even though it used to be nearly 3' off the ground and has fallen to ground level in some places, we will be just getting it as level as possible without raising it. We don't want to get into the flood zones and their new levels!

James and Tammy are getting their final pieces of paperwork for me. I already have an estimate for their new roof and the electrical is coming.

The estimate for the leveling of James and Jessica's is also on its way. It will be a bit more "challenging" than the one for Tony and Linda.

The roof estimate for Jackie and Trudy is here and we are getting ready to move on that and get them dried in.

The construction portion for Joseph and Kea is also in. We are awaiting the electrical portion to put the entire package together.

Monty and I have 3 more home visits scheduled for tomorrow and they are also piling up for next week! The calls continue to come in.

The most recent being the one this morning from Ms Marie. She is a single mother of 2 children, one with autism. She is recently divorced and suffered 3 strokes due to the beatings she received from her ex. The roof of the home has fallen to the floor in one of the kids bedrooms so she has closed it off. We have our home visit with her set for early next week! Sounds like a "rush" doesn't it!

I have been so pleased at how prompt the homeowners are with gathering the paperwork we need from them in order to proceed forward with getting them help. What isn't pleasing is the desperation in their voices, the tears that stream down their faces while on the phone telling me their stories and the hopelessness in their hearts! BUT . . . most of that seems to change as we talk, as we tell them that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and that it is NOT an oncoming train!

Last night we were blessed to attend the state's district meeting for the Assembly churches and the service was so uplifting and spoke directly to Monty and I. The word from the Pastor at the end was "there is someone out there who is feeling defeated, feeling like they are being forced to give up --- do not allow the devil to lie to you, God is calling you to continue moving forward in the calling He has given you." Sounds like he was speaking directly to Monty and I and it was so good to be ministered back to. We are returning tonight for their last service!

I would also like to ask for prayers for my 95 year old grandmother who is not well. She has, once again, caught a bad chest cold and according to her she is "tired of being tired" and would welcome prayers from all of you! Thank you!!!!!

Until next time . . . God's blessings to all of you! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting Ready

Yes, the level of preparation is picking up!

Starting next week Habitat for Humanity will be doing blitz builds and the guests of honor will be Former President Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter!! Guess how much "hoopla" is going on?! And even though we aren't Habitat, everyone is involved!

Along with that we are continuing home visits, taking phone calls and today will be doing an estimate for an entire rebuild for Mr Douglas in Moss Point. His home is gutted, a block home and about 700 square feet and with the incoming teams of skilled volunteers mid July his home will be rebuilt! Getting the estimates for jobs like this take some real time and detail. When we go for funding for our clients we need to make sure everything is correct because there isn't any "going back" for funds!

The estimates for our other home visits are going well. We are also reaching out with some financial counseling for those who might need it along with reaching to schooling for a couple's children. When we case manage homeowners it's an entire package. It's not just financial -- it reaches beyond where anyone might imagine but the goal and mission are the same --- "Help the people."

I was talking with another case manager from another organization yesterday and we were talking about the emotions involved with this work. We agreed that unless you have a heart for this type of ministry you better either stay home or get a job in the secular world! For those of us who do have the heart for it -- what an amazing "job" we are blessed to do! One of my homeowners yesterday asked if we were "angels" and even though I tried to tell him we weren't I don't think I convinced him! :)

As hectic as some days can be, as overwhelmed as we might get -- God always blesses us and that is priceless!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Friday, May 02, 2008

A dream becomes reality

You might need to click on each photo to get the full effect.
The left one is the "huge" turtle Monty found crossing the street the other morning. He was on his way from one bayou to the other until he was rudely interrupted by humans who stopped to take photos! He was one of what we from Indiana call "alligator turtles" meaning that you don't want to get any body part near his mouth!
A gentleman stopped and, with gloves, picked him up and put him in the safety of the tall grass. He made the comment that some might have seen a great pot of soup in him but he was on his way to work and had no time. The sound that this critter made when he snapped his jaws together in disgust at the thought of being helped by a human could have snapped through the most muscular leg or hand or arm or head!
I must admit that I waited for the helpful man and Monty to leave the area before I trecked into the tall grass to get the photo! :)
The other photo has quite the story! I would like for you to click on it to make it larger and then take a really good look at the vase on the picnic table as that is the theme of this next story.
When Monty and I first stepped foot on Ms Ollie's property we had to walk through weeds as high as our knees. Only the broken slab remained from her original home. As we were walking Monty reached down and started digging something out of the ground. It was that vase on the picnic table. We took it home, cleaned it up and there it sat. We had no idea where it came from but thought we would give it to Ms Ollie for her new home, as a remembrance.
This morning I stopped by to give her the vase. She was leaving the driveway to take her son to a hospital therapy appointment. I walked up with the vase behind my back and just started asked the usual questions of how she has been doing. She said she was fine, loving the house yet had been having dreams of her deceased mother and hadn't been able to get her out of her mind. She said that when the storm came and destroyed all her belongings it also took the one thing she had that had been her mothers.
As I reached around to show her this vase she broke into tears and told me that THAT was what she had from her mother! It had always set on her mother's kitchen table and after she passed away had always set on Ms Ollie's kitchen table! She couldn't believe we found it, without even a crack or chip on it, and that God had spoken to her through her dreams and now with this vase!
It honestly gave me the "Holy Spirit goose bumps" as I realized that God had not only spoken to her but also to me -- telling me once again that we ARE following His will by being here!
As she drove out of the drive I pray her eyes cleared enough for her to see the road!
You never know when God is going to not only show you a miracle---let alone have you be a small part of that miracle!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Help is on the way!!!!!

Yes, these are photos of Tony and Linda's house that needs leveled to stop the sinking process. From the outward appearance things look pretty good but when you look at the foundation closely you see the problems.

We had our weekly meeting this morning and welcomed another case manager, Josh. He comes with plenty of experience and will be a great addition to the team. For Monty, it's great to have another male on the team!

We continue to move forward with everyone on our list.

For James and Tammy; the electrician and roofer will be getting estimates to me by next week.

For Douglas; I am working with a volunteer team coming in and hopefully they will do his complete rebuild.

For Tony and Linda; I have contacted a house leveling contractor and am waiting on a bid from them.

For Larry; Josh will be his case manager and things are also moving forward.

For Mary; Josh will also be her case manager and an electrician will be getting an estimate next week.

For Joseph and Kea; 2 estimates will be to me next week and we are working extra hard for them since they are living in a gutted home and have the handicap and health issues that need addressed asap.

For James and Jessica; an estimate for their foundation leveling also will come next week.

And this isn't even scratching the surface but it is a listing of those with whom Monty and I have made home visits with recently. There are many, many more who are being case managed and closer and closer to having a real home again. It's an on-going process and one that takes all our hearts, minds and anything else we have to make happen successfully.

For Monty and I; it's such a blessing to be working with people of like hearts --- just do what it takes to help the people!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty