Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As per Cheryl's request ---- can you find the "extra child" ????? Priceless and what a way to end our evening -- filled with even more joy!!!! We love you all!!!

My Promise Calendar verse for today is; "Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear" from Isaiah 65:24 and I had no idea just how appropriate it would be! God works like that with me and probably has with you too.

Monty left for work a few seconds before I headed off to my Bible Study. I hadn't even gotten out of the subdivision when he called and said I needed to stop at the gas station at the end of our street -- he'd had an accident!

Sure enough -- a double! He had our 12 ft tool trailer behind him and when he stopped for a cup of coffee and put the truck into park and left it running (it's better for a diesel to stay running) it somehow slipped out of park and into reverse -- backing into the trailer and jack knifing in the process so the back side of the truck crashed into the front of the trailer! What a mess! What a double mess! Thankfully no one else was parked near him as that place is usually packed each morning with folks getting their coffee.

Both are drivable but both are damaged quite a bit. The trailer appears to be the worst. So the phone call to the insurance company followed and of course both deductibles will apply! Double ouch! They said an adjuster will call us but not to be worried if it's a few days because of the tornado damage here and they are all over worked!

Now that's not the way a person wants to begin their day -- or end their day for that matter! But such is life and such is the definition of an accident. They happen whether we like it or not. He headed off to work and I to Bible study and life continues . . .

After Bible study I was blessed to be able to stop by our local AmVets and pick up an entire pick up truck bed of donated water. AmVets has been feeding all those tree clearing and electricians working in the area since the tornado and he had a big bunch of water left and donated it to us to take on our next trip to Alabama next week. There was so much that I need to go back on Thursday and get the rest! A BIG thanks to AmVets and to all those who donated!!!!!

Tonight is our missions training class and I really should have had them have an "object lesson" with unloading the water but . . . my compassion got the best of me since it's about 95 degrees outside! I took it on to church and with the help of Pastor Dave we got it all unloaded in the barn until we get the trailer there next week. He got his workout for the day -- and then some!

Tomorrow I have the pleasure and honor of speaking to the entire middle school in Nashville, Indiana. Our friend, Dee Dee, is a teacher there and she thought this would be a great idea for the end of the school year. The principle previewed our video from the NBC Nightly News back in 2009 and will be showing it to the entire school today to preview my coming to talk to all of them. The big warning ---- separation of church and state!!!!!!!! So please cover me with prayer for God to give me the right words and at the same time glorify Him!!!

And as I said, we will pick up the trailer this Saturday and be loading it with supplies this coming Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving for Tuscaloosa, Alabama on that Thursday.

A busy time, a time where satan loves to stick his ugly nose into things, a time where we stand on the faithful promises of God telling us that before we even utter a sound He knows our needs and will take care of everything!!! Praises!!! Praises!!! Praises!!!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve! Susan and Monty

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I promised you some photos of the results of the tornado that went through here last Wednesday evening. These are just the trees, the homes that were hit are a bit west of town and I haven't been able to get photos because it's on a major road and no place to park and take pictures. Things are beginning to be cleaned up and although it will take some time we are all thankful it's not any worse than it is.

The top photo is Terry and Cheryl and 9 of their 10 kids. You may remember our visit to their home a few weeks ago and this time it was their turn to come here for dinner and an evening filled with so much laughter that my sides were hurting by the time they headed home! We had so much fun, what an amazing family! I even managed to get all of us around the same table for dinner! Needless to say we didn't have any leftovers and Monty jokingly told them that leftovers weren't allowed! We kidded them saying all they do is eat and they said when people watch them get groceries everyone is in amazement because of what they "don't" buy since they make everything from scratch!

Monty pulled out his guitars and that's all it took for them to start singing! Their harmony is amazing and it's the best entertainment anyone could ask for! They start with about 4 of the girls and depending on the song as to how many of the other kids join in! Little Destiny wasn't acutally at part of the group but was singing just the same as she sat on the other side of the room!

I thought taking the family photo would be a really difficult thing to do -- not so! They knew just how to line up as they said they do it all the time!

Both Monty and I said we have to have them back over VERY soon as we couldn't remember having that much fun -- since atleast the time we went to their house! What a blessing they are in our lives --- priceless and a perfect example of how God brings people into our lives!!

We hope all of you got to share some of this holiday weekend with family and/or friends that you love!

Let us remember to thank our veterans for the freedom that they fought for and are still fighting for!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all. Susan and Monty

Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Forward

The main sound heard around here is the sound of chain saws and tree shredders! Nearly everywhere you look someone is cutting up and shredding broken trees. I got to drive a bit west of us this evening and saw some of the worst damage! Living in "Tree City USA" with quite a few less trees these days.

This morning I attended the weekly employee meeting at Walmart and was able to thank them for their donations for our last trip to Alabama. They were finally able to reopen and their power was back on mid morning today. The manager said the damages will easily go into 6 figures dollar wise! Sam's Club is still closed as the roof is being repaired.

This evening I spent a short time at my grandson's baseball game. It's such fun to watch them learning what to do with the ball! He's having a great time and the most fun thing for him is sliding into home plate -- whether it's needed or not! Those white pants will never be white again!

Later I headed to our local AmVets to show pictures of some of the damage in Alabama and thank them for their donations to help cover our fuel costs. They had a packed house and were truly touched by the pictures. Many, many thanks to my mother in law, Judy, for getting the word out and being the fuel behind the whole thing! After thanking everyone and on my way out a gentleman came up to me with tears streaming down his face and had much trouble even getting his words out. He wanted to thank us for helping and said "I'm not a rich man but . . ." and reached into his wallet for a monetary donation! God had touched his heart and he "got it." Priceless!

And now we look forward to tomorrow when Cheryl and Terry and 9 of their 10 children will be coming to our house for dinner! You may remember me writing about our visit to their home and we are so excited they are coming to visit with us! My table has enough leaves to open up to seat all 13 of us but I had to borrow some chairs from church! It will be a great evening filled with plenty of laughter and never a dull moment!

On a more serious note -- a very serious note -- I got word today that the construction coordinator for the long term recovery we worked with during the Columbus, Indiana flood in the summer of 2008 committed suicide yesterday morning! I was shocked to my core! It's one of those things that carries only unanswered questions and bucket loads of pain! I pray for God's grace and mercy -- tons of it!

We all are looking at a 3 day weekend and it is our prayer that it's a safe and blessed one for all of you. It's the weekend of the Indy 500 and so many other activities -- enjoy your families and thank God for each one of them.

Until next time . . . love to all of you. Susan and Monty

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disaster Hits Home!

No photos yet --- coming.

Yesterday was my 57th birthday -- and what a day it ended up being!

The forecast was for storms with a "moderate" risk for strong storms! Moderate???? We spent the entire evening until nearly midnight hunkered down in the hospital parking garage with tornadoes hitting all around.

First was the call from my Mom saying a tornado had hit 2 farms about 100 yards from them! Homes with extensive damage, barns destroyed and farm land ripped from the earth!

The sirens were blaring more than not and the storms came minute by minute, blowing up from no place. While we were in the parking garage the local police came inside and told us not to leave as a touch down had happened 1 block behind us and trees were flying right and left and falling to the ground.

Next came the report that a mobile home park just west of us had been hit and people were injured in the homes and in vehicles on the road. The road was closed.

The main street through town closed down due to trees being down.

The city just to the south of us was hit, homes and barns taken out and once again farm land obliterated.

It went on and on and on for what seemed to be endless hours. Text messages flying back and forth.

The Walmart that is less than one mile from our home is closed -- damage and semi trucks strewn in the parking lot.

The stories keep coming in -- none good -- but no deaths to report thus far.

Reality can really bite sometimes --- and this was a taste of disaster reality that was way too close to home!

We all live with the attitude that "it won't happen to me" and "those kinds of things happen elsewhere" but last night changed those thoughts for everyone around here and nearly all over the entire state of Indiana!

We are thankful that it wasn't worse. We are thankful for the Lord's protection. We are thankful for life itself -- a bit more today than yesterday.

And I am thankful that I have added another year to my life! I won't look at my birthday quite the same ever again!!!!

Until next time . . . it's a new day -- one the Lord made. Let's rejoice! Really rejoice!
Susan and Monty

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go again

No doubt you are all aware of the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri last night. Please keep them all in your prayers! Take a moment and imagine what it would be like if the hospital in your town was struck head on with winds of over 200 mph and everyone only had minutes to take cover??!!

Yes, we are once again making plans to take emergency relief supplies into Alabama (with Joplin not too far behind) and want to let you know the details.

Thanks to the Orphan Grain Train and their generosity we are able to borrow their 18 ft trailer and this time for a couple of extra days! We will start collecting supplies on Sunday, June 5th and be leaving for Alabama the morning of Thursday, June 9th.

Our list of supplies we will be collecting is:
cleaning supplies
hygiene items
laundry supplies
first aid items
batteries of all sizes
baby diapers and wipes
non perishable foods

On Sunday, June 5th and Monday, June 6th we will be parked at the local Kroger South parking lot from morning until evening.

On Tuesday, June 7th we will be parked back at Richland Plaza in Ellettsville from morning until evening.

On Wednesday we will be parked in our own church parking lot, Vineyard Community Church.

That week is also Vacation Bible School at our church so the kids will be given flyers on Monday and be able to take their donations into the trailer and put them in the proper boxes themselves on Wednesday. What an amazing lesson for all of them -- and the parents too!

And just like last time ---- ****** we are also asking for monetary donations to help cover the cost of fuel and the expenses incurred in traveling. ******

This season of storms is already a record breaker! We ALL can do SOMETHING! Every little bit, every small bag or box adds up to big things and lives changed!

We encourage you to get involved and to stay involved. This is the time for all churches to come together with one goal -- to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help the people by showing His love to each and every one of them!

Blessings to all of you and if you have any questions either call me or leave a comment on this blog with your info for me to contact you.

On a side note -- we have a new "member" in our household! Seems a bird nest got knocked out of its tree this morning with a couple new babies inside. One did not survive the fall but the other one, complete with it's nest, is now snuggled safely in a little bird cage in our home and I spent the afternoon digging earth worms for food! The little thing looked so terrible when I picked it up but after a few feedings he literally will not stop singing!

Remember the scripture about God caring for the birds ---- He knew just who to send to find this little one!

Until next time . . . keep special prayers going for one of our missions school students, Del. He has been very ill and was to have some tests today. Healing Lord, miraculous healing for this dear friend of ours!!! Susan and Monty

Friday, May 20, 2011

Divine Connections

Many times I have been in awe as I looked back at a certain situation -- seeing how God had it all orchestrated -- all in His perfect timing and His perfect way. One would think that after realizing that a few times that one would remember and realize and not be so surprised --- but this "one" is still in awe each time!

Monty and I have been working on making another trip to Alabama with emergency relief supplies. We are getting the word out that we need a box truck for our ministry. We are talking with people, emailing, facebooking and anyway and every way we can think of.

We have the week set -- we will be gathering more supplies the first of the week of June 6th. I even have the locations thought out and am in the process of getting the approval. We plan on leaving to drive south on Thursday, June 9th.

The location? That has been one of our top questions. The warehouse was a great place last trip and this time we thought we would like to go into another area and possibly hand out the supplies ourselves, directly to the survivors.

Last night my phone rang and it was a couple who are attending International Gospel Outreach's missions training school at the Mobile, Alabama headquarters. They are interested in disaster relief! They have already been in the Tuscaloosa area to check things out and made some connections there. They want to gather supplies on their end and meet up with us to do the same thing -- get the help to the people.

It was a wonderful conversation and such a blessing for me! Sometimes (alot of times) we feel rather alone in this mission. Unless you have experienced disaster relief it's difficult to have an understanding of what God has called us to do and what all is involved with it. Talking with Pastors Charles and Mia was an incredible "boost" as I could hear the excitement in their voices and feel the love of God in their hearts!

So . . . over the next couple of weeks we will be doing alot of talking, alot of connecting, alot of planning and with God's help we will be able to meet face to face on June 9th and all of us show the love of Jesus in a very practical way -- with emergency supplies of food, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, laundry supplies, baby diapers and wipes --- and most of all --- love from the state of Indiana all the way to Alabama!

Lord, thank you for the divine connnections. And Pastors Charles and Mia -- thank you for your obedience in listening to the Lord and answering with "send me, send me!"

Until next time . . . look for those divine connections in your own life! Susan and Monty

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Many Thanks

Mary and I in front of Monty's truck as it's being unloaded at the warehouse in Cullman, AL.

Bible Study this morning continues with studying the book of Proverbs. We are only in chapter 2 and only got to verse 6 but if you haven't read that book I suggest you do so. There's just so much information packed in there! I wish I was like a sponge and could soak up all that goes into my mind -- or atleast have it "stick".

This afternoon I made a couple of stops to thank those folks who helped support our trip to Alabama and to let them know we are in the process of planning another one in a couple of weeks. The group at Bible study this morning were shocked as they looked at all the pictures and we have to keep the emergency supplies going!

Our "wish list" for now is a box truck! A good one, one that runs well enough to run all over this United States of America! Borrowing a trailer isn't the best means to do what God has called us to do so we put the word out and turn it over to God's provision and timing! If you have any leads or thoughts please leave a comment here and let us know.

I also need to put out an ENORMOUS thank you to the local AmVets, Moose Lodge and American Legion for their support in our disaster relief! Those folks playing bingo dug deep and were more than a blessing to us! I can't wait to make a visit to each one and personally thank them and show them the pictures we took!

This evening is our missions training class and we already have a prayer request. It seems one of our students, Del, is quite ill and so we need to cover him in prayers of healing and restoration! Tonight's class will focus on conflict management and will no doubt be helpful to each one of us! I don't know about you but conflict seems to be ever present in my little world!

And tomorrow is my grandson's 6th birthday! No doubt he's letting everyone know -- repeatedly -- and giving them plenty of ideas for gifts! The innocence of children! No wonder Jesus had a special place in his heart for them!

Until next time . . . may the joy of the Lord surround you and yours! Susan and Monty

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Alabama pictures

The children in the above photo came to donate last week. Their mother had already talked to them about disasters and the needs and each child had a big smile on their face as they approached the trailer with their gifts. They enjoyed climbing in the back of the trailer to see all the things. What a great mother -- teaching these children at such a young age!

We have shown our pictures and answered questions all throughout the weekend. I was a bit sad when the CD of photos I made wasn't compatible with the player at church but there's always next week and Chad has the CD and is a wizard at that sort of things so . . . God's timing, not mine.

In conversation with James, the President of IGO, he said the video is completed and coming in the mail to us asap. I am very excited to see it as he was able to capture so much of the disaster and even has Ms Tommie's conversation on it. We hope to be able to use it to speak at churches and to thank those who donated goods.

The number one question? --- when are we going back! We are still desperately trying to locate a box truck to use instead of borrowing the trailer and if it all comes together we may be looking at returning with another load the first week of June. Please keep this in your prayers as this box truck is a key piece of the entire puzzle!

I admit I am still having dreams about our trip into Alabama and expect they might go on for a time yet. It was so emotional and so moving and so shocking that it's to be expected. It's a bit difficult to step back into "life" as usual -- always is for me!

But with my grandson's 6th birthday in 2 days I have to step back into life. He made sure I didn't forget it when I took him to school this morning! :) Priceless! And this evening he has another baseball game so off I go.

For all of you, please continue to pray for all the folks in the south. Prayers are the most powerful weapon we have and we just don't use that mighty weapon enough!

Blessings and thanks . . . until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS I have to put in a very special thank you to the Bingo folks who not only collected funds for us to make this last trip but continue collecting! What an awesome group of people and I can't wait to go and personally thank them for their hearts of generosity and love!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stunned success!

I am certain of one thing -- these pictures don't begin to show the reality of what we have seen in Alabama! Even if you click on them to enlarge them! It's truly beyond description!

This week has been amazing -- blessings poured from the entire city and extended to the city to our northwest and the city to our south. The 18 foot long trailer was packed from front to back and as high as we could safely pack it. People were dropping off supplies until the very last minute.

I must thank John for coming and spending the entire day Monday and also Tuesday! He was my work horse and did an amazing job working inside the trailer sorting and stacking and sweating! And also thanks to Shelley for coming on Wednesday to allow me to get something to eat and bringing me some good cold water. There were quite a few who stopped by to lend a helping hand -- thanks to all of you!

We left at 6am sharp yesterday morning. It was nearly an 8 hour trip. We had our connection with Pastor Chad and James from IGO who was traveling up from Mobile to meet us and travel with us for the day.

We arrived in the city of Cullman which is not too far into Alabama. I didn't even realize they had been hit with a separate tornado that went right through their downtown and left them with destruction beyond words!

A warehouse had just been obtained and we were greeted by the local county jail inmates who unloaded our trailer and helped sort and organize everything coming into the area. That warehouse is awesome! Ms Alice is the manager and although she told me she has absolutely no experience she is doing a great job. The warehouse sends out all the donations to different distribution centers throughout the areas. Those centers can be churches, fire stations or the like. Each of those centers is able to reach those nearby and those they know and thus able to get donations into the areas where martial law is still in effect and no one else can get in. Ms Alice told me that more was going out the back door than coming in the front but things were coming in and she was extra thrilled when she saw all the laundry supplies we brought!

We did some video taping there and then took a tour of the area. Monty and I have seen alot of disasters but the reality of them still renders us speechless!

After touring the Cullman area we took a drive over an hour south into the areas between Birminghan and Tuscaloosa and saw even more damage. There was nothing spared in this one single tornado that was one mile wide and on the ground for a solid 80 miles! Nothing in its path survived! Not the homes, not the vehicles, not the trees, not the grass and not even the foundations. We saw solid steel beams twisted like drinking straws and vehicles turned into a mass of unrecognizable rubble.

As we were driving we saw an elderly lady just sitting outside her home, all alone, just sitting and staring. We stopped and asked if we could talk with her. Her name was Tommie Dee and she is 80 years old. She has lived in her home for over 56 years and both sons lived across the street. All 8 of the family gathered in her basement when the tornado warning sounded. She said she knew by the sound that nothing would survive -- and wondered if they would. After the noises quieted they went outside to the harsh reality that both of the sons homes were gone and hers damaged beyond repairs. To this day she still has not found either of her 2 freezers and her garage, along with its concrete foundation are gone -- nothing left but the boat. She talked to us, she smiled as she told us they were blessed because they were all alive. She told us how different agencies have come by numerous times each day to bring food and see if they need anything. They are still sifting through the rubble to find "things" -- parts and pieces of their lives! We prayed with her and every single one of us left with tears streaming down our cheeks! She was still smiling! SHE is what this entire trip was all about!

As the light was fading we realized we had no more time and really had no more ability to process what we were seeing. We bid Pastor Chad and James farewell and set out to find a place to stay for the night and to talk through what we had seen, experienced and felt. That took quite awhile.

We were blessed to have Mary come along with us. Mary is a young woman in our missions training school and headed to Ecuador to live there, to teach English at the university and to be a witness of Jesus love and saving grace to the people there. She needed this trip -- she needed to see this side of missions -- and she is, no doubt, changed forever!

I could continue writing for hours but I am also still processing and thinking and feeling . . . As I downloaded the pictures this evening it all came rushing back. How will God use us in this disaster? What will He call us to do next? We know we will be making another trip with supplies in a couple of weeks. We know Rob is there this weekend doing what he can to help clean things up and that he is also planning a week long trip for volunteers to join him sometime next month.

What we ALL do for now --- we get on our knees and pray for the people in the areas! So many areas and so many people! Therefore we better being praying so many prayers!

Until next time . . . God is good ---- all the time! Susan and Monty

Monday, May 09, 2011

Alabama supplies . . . day 1

Yes, I took some pictures and the camera is still in the truck and I am too exhausted to go and get it tonight. Hold tight -- I will get some on here!

The morning started with a bang as I loaded up and headed to Columbus to pick up the trailer loaned to us from Orphan Grain Train. When we got there they were just getting started unloading it from the weekend hauling so we jumped in and in about an hour we had it cleared out, hooked up to my truck and ready to roll.

I pulled in around 12:30 pm and thought I had plenty of time to get things ready inside since we advertised donation time to begin at 2pm --- but --- another truck from another church with another trailer pulled in right behind me and unloaded ---really unloaded ---- lots and lots of blessings! Awesome! So we were dropping supplies on the pavement and getting the trailer organized and loading it all at the same time!

All during the day it was great to see friends and family come and donate and talk and share their hearts for the people in Alabama. My youngest daughter even stopped by which meant the world to me! Thanks, Lindsay!

By the time evening rolled around I had closed the trailer and headed home. I had a few things to work on inside the trailer before closing it for the night --- and then our neighbor, Shelley pulled up with an amazing load of donations from Walmart! WOW! We are going to pack this trailer full! Thanks for all your hard work Shelley! You're the best!

And now it should be time to go to bed and although my body feels like it my mind isn't quite ready yet. Tomorrow is the 2nd day and the longest and hopefully we continue packing every square inch of that trailer and even overflowing into the bed of my truck! Please continue to hold us up in prayer and all those in the south who so desperately need these supplies.

Until next time . . . our deepest thanks to all of you who have already donated! God's blessings will come right back to you! Susan and Monty

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Getting ready to roll . . .

Yes, it's official and been long in the making. We are International Gospel Outreach Disaster Relief and getting ready to roll south.

As you know, we graduated from IGO back in 2007 with our missions license and ordination into the ministry. Since then we have worked under many different disaster relief organizations; Convoy of Hope, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodist . . .

And now it has come together and the details are completed and when we roll into the Cordova, Alabama area on Thursday afternoon these are the magnets on our truck! We are thrilled at this new venture and can already feel God's annointing!

We have most everything in place for this trip. The trailer, I will pick it up from the Orphan Grain Train in Columbus on Monday morning, park it at our church (Vineyard Community Church) for Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. Wednesday morning we will move it to the next local city, Ellettsville, where it will park in the Richland Plaza parking lot until full -- or 6pm, whichever comes first!

It's been amazing to me to see how many local friends and family have "jumped on board" with trying to get donations! Some are looking for boxes, some are traveling to different businesses to see about donations of all kinds, others are emailing their friends and families, others are making announcements at their churches tomorrow morning, it was announced at the National Day of Prayer gathering this past Thursday, and even the folks playing Bingo are aware (thanks to Monty's incredible mother!) it's been in the newspaper and I have been on the local Christian radio station! Just awesome!

It's going to be a busy week because in the middle of gathering we will also be teaching our missions training class on Tuesday night and on Wednesday night we will be in Bedford holding our first general information meeting about our July trip to Ecuador! Exciting all the way around!

For those of you who are helping us gather -- our deepest gratitude and thanks! You are the hands and feet of Jesus and the needs are so very great and you are making a difference in so many lives -- of ones we haven't even met and may never meet! But God knows each one and He sees your heart and you will be blessed!

For those of you who are holding us up in prayer -- please don't stop! We need each and every one!

And tomorrow is Mother's Day! Wow! Already? Let's all take time to let our mothers know just how much we love them, honor them and respect them --- after all --- without them we would not be here! :) Too bad there's just one day on the calendar reserved for them -- they deserve so much more!

To my mom -- YOU are the heart of everything I do!!!!! I'll talk to you tomorrow and see you Monday morning!

Until next time . . . . prayers and praises and thanksgiving!! Susan and Monty

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A quick trip to Alabama

Yes, it's official -- we are indeed making a quick trip to Alabama next week!

Thanks to the donation of an 18 ft enclosed trailer from the Orphan Grain Train in Columbus, Indiana we will be collecting donations of emergency relief supplies next week and immediately taking them into one of the hardest hit areas of Alabama.

I have been talking with one of the Pastors in the area and he is more than excited about our trip. He is also the State Director for Disaster Relief for the Assemblies of God churches in Alabama --and he's never had experience in a disaster! He and I spent quite a bit of time on the phone the other day and I am very anxious to meet him! An amazing man of God -- a true servant!

I have also been in contact with the son of one of our own church family and he is doing "okay" and helping serve meals for the Salvation Army. When we last spoke they had used all their food supplies and were down to serving peanut butter sandwiches!

The needs are so great -- beyond what anyone here can imagine -- and we hope to fill this trailer to its capacity -- and then some! It's what God has called us to do -- for now.

If you are in the Bloomington or Ellettsville areas next week here's where we will be:
On Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday we will be at our home church, Vineyard Community Church located at 2375 S. Walnut St.
All day Wednesday we will be at the Richland Plaza shopping center in Ellettsville.
From there we will head south and return the next day.
I plan on having some pictures to use here when we return and ask that everyone keep us in your prayers. Pray for safe travel -- pray for hearts to be moved to donate beyond our wildest dreams -- and that with each donation the love of God and His Peace and Love will encompass the receiver of the donation!

Also --- here are the donations we are accepting -- at the direct request of the AL Pastor ---
hygiene supplies
cleaning supplies
laundry supplies
disposable baby diapers
baby wipes
non-perishable food items

We are also looking for donations to help defray the cost of fuel down and back.

If you are able to help in ANY way please leave a comment here and I will respond if needed.

We thank you for your generosity and pray you receive return blessings a hundred fold!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS. We now have the building plans for the church in Ecuador!!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Getting Ready . . .

Just an FYI to let you know --- we are in the process of gathering supplies which Monty and I will be driving and delivering in Alabama.

Tomorrow is a big day; acquiring a large box truck, notifying local news media, talking with the family and church connection in Alabama . . . a really big day! Please keep us in your prayers and I will let you know more details as I get them.

Our plan thus far --- acquire a truck, set a location where folks can bring their donations and fill the truck to capacity and then off we go!

THIS is God's calling for us right now! He spoke loud and clear and so we are getting ready.

Until next time . . . prayers and more prayers are needed for everyone that was in the path of these immense and destructive storms! Susan and Monty