Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They're here and she's back ...

Our NC team just grew by 4 women as of this morning. Some had finals to complete, some had to get away from work but they all made it. Within an hour of arrival they were on the job working away at spreading hope and blessings. They are working at Melinda's helping her get her furniture and things cleaned -- 18 months after the storm! Ministry at its finest! Melinda was extra thrilled when she learned they would be here working through Saturday!

The work at Dane's and Rosemary's also continued at break neck speed. The tiling is completed at Dane's. They are working on finishing the grouting and sealing with 3 coats. It looks so nice, the shine looks like you are walking on water. At 10 feet in the air you just might be!

Rosemary should be primed and painted by the time this team leaves Sunday morning. Another amazing feat!

Diane also made it back this evening. Her trip was very long and not without incident. She was nearing Mobile, Alabama when they closed the interstate due to a fire in the median of the interstate. After being rerouted over 70 miles out of the way she finally made it back on her original route and here early evening. Please keep her in your prayers as she came back not feeling well. The cold, snowy wintery weather (along with a bunch of sick people) got to her and she needs some healing prayers.

Speaking of prayers, good news on the NC teams hometown. The little girl who was sick last night is doing much better, no contagious diseases! Thank you for your prayers.

Our friend Joe called this evening. It seems his mother is barely hanging on, still labored breathing. He had to end the call because she was having trouble. Please continue your prayers.

We also have another friend from home, Kevin. He is in a custody situation in regard to his young daughter and could also use some supportive prayers. He worships his little girl and everyone involved could use prayer.

I spent much of my days inside Lowes. We are getting things ready for the foundation work at Mike and Faye's next week. Trying to tie things together between here and WV can sure get interesting! To say the least!!!!

Thank you for the blessing of your prayers. Without them this mission could not happen!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thank goodness for knee-pads

Yes, tiling is hard on the knees and the women are making good use of their knee pads! The tile in Dane's is looking awesome and they should've gotten done with laying all of it by this evening. The women were cleaning and sealing what had already been grouted. You can see in the bottom and top left photos where the line is just being started in the kitchen area. Dane was home sick today but felt much better when he saw the amazing progress.
When we stopped in at Rosemary's we came right at lunchtime. The finishing they have been doing on the sheetrock looks professional. Finding people who really know how to finish properly (or willing to learn) isn't easy but God always provides exactly who and what we need. They will be priming the walls and possibly painting some of the rooms before the end of the week.
Monty and I visited 2 more homes today. The first was Melinda's home. She works here at the daycare and lives directly on one of the bayous. Her house was not only flooded, it was knocked from the foundation causing the basement wall to crack. Amazingly enough the house isn't damaged as badly as we expected. We will plan to send our team in next week to do sheetrock patches and possibly tear out the tile in her bathroom. There is no need to gut the home, patching will work as the sheetrock is cracked and not molded or caved in. It is my hope to take the 4 women who are expected to arrive here tomorrow morning over to Melinda's to help her clean furniture and things which were nearly destroyed by the storm. Not only will this help Melinda in the physical sense, the ministry that will take place is the most needed right now.
The second home was Joseph. Joseph has lived in his little house since he came home from the Korean war in 1963. He had a team of volunteers who came in and did quite a bit of work. The one thing Joseph needs is a covering for his water heater. He is like alot of folks here, their water heaters are located outside their homes. Monty is working on a design that will work for him so he can then have some hot water. He has been living these past 18 months without hot water, taking baths at his friends home. Hopefully we will get that done either this week or the next. Joseph was another one who really enjoyed just having someone to talk with and someone who would listen to the stories of his life. Amazing man!
Mike and Faye had a newspaper interview this afternoon. One of the local papers is doing a "pre-story" about them. They will also do a story at the end of the build but this pre-story is to be about Mike and Faye's lives. It should be in tomorrow's paper. As Mike told their story the tears streamed down his face so hard that they stopped the interview a couple of times. He is still in so much pain due to the partial amputation but I think it's really starting to set in -- the idea that they really are going to have a new home! I don't know of anyone who deserves the blessing more than them! Isn't God good!!
We have a special prayer request for this team. Their church has a Christian school with grades kindergarten through 12th grade. One of their 5th grade girls became very ill and passed away just a couple of days ago. Now another girl the same age is also sick. We would ask for prayers of healing and a special comforting touch from God at this difficult time.
Until tomorrow ... God bless! Susan and Monty

Monday, February 26, 2007

Worker bees from NC

Here they are, day one. There are 10 of them now with 4 more due to arrive Wednesday morning. They are divided between Dane and Rosemary's homes.
The first 3 photos, minus the group shot, are taken at Dane's. They are continuing the floor tile installation and in the one you can see Monty and Frank trying to decide just what to do with the built in dishwasher. The counter tops will need to be raised a bit to allow for the tile to go in and have enough room for the dishwasher. Just one of the challenges that arrise while on the job! You can also see a great example of "girl power" in the installing of the tile. She is having a blast but we'll see how well she is walking later this evening! :)
The second half of the team is working in Rosemary's doing all sorts of things. They are working on closing in the cabinet that houses the HVAC system, wrapping the windows with sheetrock, general cleaning and tackling the bathroom necessities. Like I said, busy bees for sure.
Before they started their day I think they were thoroughly convinced that they would run out of work before they ran out of week. After only a partial day they had changed their tune! It's the usual Monday with each new team. NOT getting done is one of the most difficult things for the teams to deal with. As a society, we are cultured to think we have not done our job successfully if it isn't completed. That is not the case here. But each of these homes gets closer each week and that is due to the love and hard work that each team does each week. One teams work sets the stage for the next and it just continues until the house is all done. Hearts of service and obedience and the wilingness to learn is all it takes to be successful.
We are thankful to every team who has come and volunteered their services and left a piece of their hearts with the people here!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Late night blessing

Last night at 11:33 pm (to be exact) Faye's brother received a phone call telling him he had to get to the Mobile, Alabama hospital because his donated kidney was on its way. He had been on the donor listing for 3 years! We are happy to report he is doing very well today, doctors pumping him full of fluids and waiting on urination to pronounce it a success! Yes, both Faye's husband and brother have kidney failure. And her mother passes away from it! How much can one woman bear? With God holding her up you would be amazed! She was at church this morning and happy to come to the altar when Pastor Rick said God gave him a word that someone in the congregation needed prayer for kidneys. Another of those God-thing moments!

Our NC team took off after church for an afternoon of traveling along the coast, heading west. They will most likely be speechless when they return, just like the other thousands upon thousands that have made that same trip.

They are following in the footsteps of so many volunteers who come to help. They are antsy, anxious, filled with thousands of questions and ready to rebuild the coast in an afternoon. What they don't know is that by the end of their week here they will have changed lives forever, both those whom they have touched here and their own. It is our prayer that they take these "heart moments" back home with them, share them with their families, friends, neighbors, church members and everyone they meet. This is ministry. This is following Jesus!

Some of you have asked Monty and I if we are thinking of coming home since our year commitment has come and gone. You might wonder why we would still be here, why would we be agreeing to relocate into the heart of the 9th ward of New Orleans in a few months? Our answer is simple -- where else would we be? How could we sit at home in our recliners when there are so many people hurting and needing help? We are living a dream, following God's call on your life is exactly that -- living a dream. This calling has the ability to save lives -- both physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's NOT Monty and I that are doing this --- it's GOD and only GOD! It is He that is working through us, and through all the volunteers who come to help! This is real, this isn't something you see on TV, it's real life, it's real service, it's real miracles --- all on a daily basis. Once again we both would like to thank ALL who have come here to be God's hands and feet, all who have become an extension of our family, all who have followed Jesus and walked among the hurting as He did! May God bless all of you!

Until tomorrow -- where we have the chance to get up and do it all over again --- and change the world --- into a better place! Susan and Monty

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Goodbye Indiana, Hello North Carolina

Hometown went home this morning - and left a big hole in our hearts! What an uplifting week for Monty and I and we thank all of them for everything they did! Our hope is that you all will return as soon as possible. And one thing we know -- it wasn't quite as warm when you got home as when you left here!! :)

We did have a few hours to get things arranged and take a break before our team from North Carolina arrived. There are 10 of them now with 4 more arriving Wednesday morning sometime. They are all very anxious to get to work. A few of them were in Slidell, Louisiana this time last year so they are "seasoned" to a certain extent. The others will be just that within a couple of days. The balance of this team swings more to women -- girl power at its finest! It will be a great week. They will be divided between Dane's and Rosemary's and by the end of the week both of these homes should be the next thing to done!

Monty got an update on our friend Joe at home. His mother is no better and is "hanging on" in his words. Once again, please continue your prayers for this entire family.

Mike was back in ER last night after I had already done the blog. His foot had started bleeding so they went back and they were going to rebandage it. I'm going on the no news is good news for today. I'm sure I'll see Faye at church in the morning. FYI to all who know her-----her birthday is this FRIDAY and she is quite excited! If you don't have her current address and would like it to send a card just give me a call and I'll be happy to share it with you. She would LOVE to hear from you!

Don't forget to thank God for all your blessings when you go to church tomorrow! He is amazing, isn't He.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

Friday, February 23, 2007

They're sunburned

Yes, there are a few of them coming home sunburned! And they are thrilled!
Today was one of those days with God moving in so many directions it was nearly impossible to keep up with Him.
Your top 2 photos show 2 pieces of equipment that were DONATED to clear the land at Mike and Faye's house to prepare for foundation work. Yes, you read right, they were given to us for the day. Monty is on a trackhoe which he used the entire day taking down trees and then digging to who knows how deep to get the stumps and roots out! Our fantastic electrician, Art, was responsible for the donation of it. It's been quite some time since Monty got to operate heavy equipment and he enjoyed every minute of it! Oh yes --- that is David, the mission director, suspended up in the tree. He is tying it off with rope so they can pull it down as it is being attacked with the chain saw. They kept it from falling into the power lines! I was told David loved to climb trees and spent much of his childhood doing so. There's still some of that kid inside him!!!! We all should be so blessed as to keep a part of our childlike faith inside us!!
The gentleman on the John Deere ( Joe) donated not only his tractor with bucket and yard box but he donated himself right along with it! It was a team effort of equipment and one very full day that got the job done!
It just never ceases to amaze us as to how generous and wonderful God is when He puts His hand to something!
I spent part of the afternoon, along with Art, in a meeting with the building department of Pascagoula. We were on conference call with the builder (Joe) out in West Virginia making sure we are following all the rules and regulations of building their home. Even the building department head (Steve) is in amazement at God's working in this whole thing! Things are right on schedule and should be in complete compliance with the city.
Our 2 other teams of this team were still working away at Dane's and Rosemary's. You can see the amazing cross that they put in the hallway at Dane's. That is ceramic tile and will be a forever reminder of the love of God each time he walks down his hallway! What an amazing job these men did this week. Dane is nearly speechless, and if you knew Dane you would see how amazing that is! :) They also continued the mudding and sanding at Rosemary's. The entire house is ready for the incoming team from NC next week! It may take awhile some time in the shower this evening for one of the gentleman -- he had a "small" bit of sheetrock sanding dust sort of "adhered" to his face! :)
Another part of my afternoon was spent at the hospital. I received a call from Faye saying they were taking Mike into emergency surgery and planned to amputate even more of his foot! He has been is such severe pain the past couple of days, unable to eat and then vomiting. We immediately got the news out over different prayer chains and God once again reached in with His hand of healing. Mike is out of the hospital and feeling better. When they got him into surgery they discovered infection in his foot so they removed the packing and cleaned the area, closed it back up and sent him home! He will continue the hyperbaric treatments 5 days a week and hopefully the healing will now begin. Being a severe diabetic doesn't speed things but atleast now the infection has been removed. We thank you for all your prayers and ask that they continue.
As you can see, it was quite the busy day. The sun shone all day. The temps were back in the 70s and God was shining in all His glory! I've said it before and will continue to say it: Monty and I are so blessed to be here, to be working for our Lord, and to be working with all YOUR family members who you so generously share with us week by week! We thank you and pray God returns blessings to you and yours in ten and one hundred fold!
This hometown team will be heading home at 4:00am tomorrow. Needless to say we will be saying our goodbyes tonight! It will be most difficult. Having "home" here ministers to Monty and I even more than to the families where they have worked so diligently! We will miss them and we pray they will all return for another week whenever they are able! Please pray for their safety as they travel. It's nearly 14 hours on the road and we need to cover their vehicles with protection.
Until tomorrow ..... God bless! Susan and Monty

We tied the record high temp

Yes, the northern guys would really like to find a way to take some of this warmth back to Indiana when they leave Saturday morning. But it also sounds like some rather rough weather will be coming in here about the time they return home. You just never know how things will go when you are this close to the gulf.

Today we topped the record high at 75 degrees and full sunshine! It was awesome!

The entire team was up and having devotions before 7:00 am this morning. They wanted to get an early start as they were working till 1:00 pm and then heading to New Orleans for the afternoon and evening. We always encourage teams to do some traveling to our west to really get a full sense of the damage that was done by the storm. Even after nearly 18 months to the day it will still leave you speechless. I have not seen the men since they returned but Monty is in with them now and I can only imagine their versions of what they experienced!

The crew in Jim and Cindy's house finished hanging the sheetrock today. There are still some structural changes that Jim wants to make so we could only do so much until they are ready for us again. They did a wonderful job, some of the best sheetrock hanging we have seen!

The men laying floor tile at Dane's are now grouting what they had already put down. They cross they put in the hallway is stunning! They will be returning tomorrow to clean the grout and get the first coat of sealer on what is already down. The incoming team from NC who will be here next week will be picking up where these men left off.

At Rosemary's they are nearly complete with the finishing of the sheetrock. They still have work for tomorrow and the NC team will also be going in and following up with priming, painting and hanging of doors. And just like the rest of the team, this work is great! Too bad we can't keep this entire team for awhile longer --- I think I say that each week and God always sends us another great team and the process repeats itself! One of those "God things" for certain!

Our builder for Mike and Faye's house, Joe, was going to fly in tomorrow for some preliminary ground work but had a change of plans. He is changing the way the foundation will be done and didn't need to make the trip. Instead of pouring for footers he will be making pylons from treated lumber. It's alot more cost effective and takes less time. Monty will be at the site tomorrow doing some tree removal and ground clean up. Our electrician, Art, has been kind enough to find someone to donate a trackhoe for our use tomorrow so alot will get done. Monty is an equipment operator and is really looking forward to "working" (playing??) :)
Everything else for their home is coming together. We have a meeting with the city building official tomorrow and Joe will join us via speaker phone. Isn't technology wonderful when you need it!

Monty and I attended our mission class this evening and as always, we had the pleasure of listening to a couple who spent 20 years in the mission field and shared some of their knowledge. Even though we drive an hour each way to attend these classes the time just flies by and we are learning such wonderful and valuable information. And we're getting better at the homework also!!??

PS A note to Jeremy's PO ---- he's an amazing young man and we thank you for making it possible for him to be here with us. God is sending him back home a different and improved man!!

Until tomorrow ... don't forget your prayers! Susan and Monty

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's back to work

They are a rather "motley" looking crew aren't they? But they were all back to work today, Matt right there with them.

The sort of top left photo is the crew at Rosemary's house. It doesn't take a microscope to see that they have been taping and mudding sheetrock all week. The white on the clothing sort of gives them away!

The top right photo caught the crew at Jim and Cindy's having lunch in her kitchen. They are also knee deep in sheetrock.

The last 2 photos are the men who have been tiling the floors at Dane's. They also have their fare share of mud on them, but this is tile mud and it requires some good old deep knee bends to get the job done.

All of them have done such a spectacular job all week long. There were a couple more of them in shorts this morning. They didn't even mind the rain showers that came in during the night. By this afternoon the clouds moved out and made way for some beautiful sunshine and even warmer temps. Tomorrow we are to be in the mid to high 70 degree range -- something that is going to make it even more difficult for this team to leave!

Monty and I went to visit another home this afternoon. We met James. The very top right photo is James's bedroom. James is still living in his home. I'm not sure I've seen a home as mold infested as his is. He was up high enough that the water didn't come inside from the bottom but his roof was severely damaged and it still has the "remants" of what was a FEMA tarp on top. It was pouring rain in the one upstairs bedroom, the ceiling had fallen in, the ceiling tiles have now become "one" with the flooring due to the deep black mold attaching them. This bedroom sits directly over top of the basement. The mold has grown clear through into the basement ceiling, turning it a bright green. Fortunately the basement is block walls and concrete floors, nothing has been decorated there. He has a 5 year old daughter that cannot visit him due to the mold and his health is sufferring also. Our first priority is to get James out of the home and into a FEMA trailer. This process is already underway as we speak. Next is to get some funding to purchase the materials for the roof, decking, tar paper and shingles. That step is also in progress. You might be asking yourself WHY he is in this shape after 18 months? Many reasons; divorce, helping others, working fulltime, trying to keep house payments going, being in an accident and breaking both an arm and a leg ... Get the picture? And then just not knowing where to turn, not having the time or the energy to look for help. It happens all the time, everywhere, on a daily basis around here. They are the ones who "fall between the cracks" and unless we step up and walk him through the processes he will remain in this condition. We are praying that some roofers come down with this next incoming team. If not, maybe the next team. Please join us in this prayer and pray for James and his entire situation. God works miracles all over the place down here and we are in need of yet another!

I don't have an update on our friend Joe and his mother. Please continue to pray for them and their family at this difficult and painful time.

Until tomorrow .... count your blessings and thank God for them. Susan and Monty

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One man up -- one man down

Yes, they brought out their shorts, enjoyed the sunshine and went to work. All but one, Matt. He is down for the count, seemingly with the flu bug. You can see how he spent the morning before we sent him back to bed in his room to sleep for the rest of the day. Please keep him in your prayers!
The gentleman on the right is Michael. We received a phone call about Michael and his wife, Roseann last week and went to pay them a visit. They have most of their house done on the inside but the winds from the storm had blown the concrete covering off the top of their chimney. Michael had done the mortaring but was unable to lift the cement back on top. We took part of the team and within a few minutes had the job done. Michael was speechless at the idea that we just "went around helping people?" When the job was done we all circled up in prayer for Michael, praying he will continue his search for the Lord and that the Lord will touch him as only the Lord can do. God bless you Michael.
When we left Michael's we headed to Mike and Faye's old house. As of this afternoon, it looks as though there was never a house there. The lot looks like it was swept clean, down to using a broom! The men did a fantastic job and it is ready for Joe to come in this weekend and start the foundation work! As usual, Mike Jr. and Faye were right there working with the team! I think they all enjoyed having lunch together also! The team wants to come back Friday afternoon and help in the foundation work! Could it be that it touched their hearts??!! For sure!!
The next 2 photos were at Dane's house. They continued the amazing work of laying the ceramic tile. When we were there late morning they nearly had the master bedroom and bath completely down. They were working their way down the hallway. They plan to go back and grout those areas before continuing on. That is, if Lowes gets the grout in stock asap. You can judge what most of the city is doing by what Lowes is running out of. In case you haven't met him, Dane is the man in the red shirt. He stopped by on his lunch break and was all smiles!
Our sheetrock finishing crew is running on high speed. They are making amazing progress at Rosemary's and just might be priming before the week is done. They are working together like a spiritual machine. (Don't tell them but I think the music is helping) :)
Last night I mentioned praying for our best friend, Joe, and his ailing mother. From the report today she isn't doing well at all. The entire family could really use some extra strong prayers right now, and probably for the next few days. This is an extremely difficult time for all of them and we just pray they will be surrounded with God's peace and love. Thank you for joining with us in that prayer!
Until tomorrow .... We love all y'all and thank you for coming along with us on this adventure of a lifetime! Susan and Monty

Monday, February 19, 2007

They think it's summer!?

Men at work!
Even with the frosty start to the morning some of them were ready for shorts! The temps rising to above 65 encouraged them even more! With tomorrow expected to be above 70 and stay that way for the rest of the week it wouldn't make any difference what we had them doing -- they're just glad to be out of the cold!!
It was just so awesome for Monty and I to have 14 men from our hometown with us for devotions this morning. They have no idea just how much their being here ministers to the 2 of us! We hadn't even met them until they arrived last evening but that doesn't make any difference -- hometown is hometown! We thank their families for sharing them with us this week. You have blessed us more than you can know.
The top photo is their church bus -- hometown for us!
The next is my new hood "ornament" that I nearly acquired while at Jim and Cindy's. He is the neighborhood cat and seemed to enjoy the warmth of the engine coming through.
The next 2 are at Jim and Cindy's. They are super busy installing insulation and hanging sheetrock. Some of their walls were only torn out half way up due to the water level. This always adds an added "challenge" to those hanging. Matching the existing can be more difficult than hanging an entire piece. But they are doing a wonderful job and when I left they were still laughing and having fun -- that's what we like to hear.
The following 2 are at Dane's. He is getting his tile flooring installed. They were mixing the cement, snapping chaulk lines and mastering the wet saw (minus its plug) and getting the job done. Dane was off work today due to the holiday so he was there to see it all happening and was more than pleased. He has wanted this tile from day one and is so happy to see it finally coming out like he had pictured in his mind.
The final 2 are at Rosemary's. The were in sheetrock mud up to their elbows and finding themselves literally stretched into positions they might not have been in quite some time! Working with that finishing process can be challenging and it takes patience to work with the mud itself. They are rising to the occasion and making excellent progress for the first day!
I have no doubt that most of them might be a bit on the tired side by the time they get back this evening! They mentioned needing a trip to Super Walmart and finding someplace in that vicinity to eat dinner. It's always interesting to see men shopping on their own -- without women helping them!!?? Wives, if only you had a video camera!!! :)
I must say this team came prepared! A room full of tools and food that looks like it could last them 3 weeks! That's the way we like to see a team come in! I doubt the food will last that long though --- it seems to disappear during the night to the "snackers".
Once again, thank you to the family members of this team! We are so glad they are here and it's going to be an awesome week. Be sure and stay tuned, you won't want to miss a thing!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome Home Town Team

Our hometown team from Clear Creek Christian Church arrived safe and sound this evening, all 14 of them! It's one of the larger teams we have had this year and we are really glad to have "home" here with us for the week. Even though we might have never met them they are still "home" and when you this far away that's golden!

They will be quite busy this week. They will divide themselves into 3 groups working on 3 different jobs, well -- actually 4. Some will be going to Rosemary's to start finishing the sheetrock. Another group will be going to Jim and Cindy's to install insulation and hopefully start hanging sheetrock before the week is through. Yet another group will be going to Dane's to install his ceramic flooring. A few of them let the cat out of the bag that they have done ceramic flooring before so they were "elected" and Dane will be getting his flooring done. He was quite surprised when we called him this evening! Since tomorrow is a holiday Dane will be off work and right there with the men working. And of course, we will be sure and throw in a couple of surprises here and there just to keep them guessing! :)

This mornings church service was really "alive". Pastor Rick had an awesome message, one just for Monty and I. Did you ever think that we magnify what we meditate on?! What do you think our life would be like if we kept our eyes fixed on Jesus? What if we focused on the healer of our diseases instead of the disease? Alot of food for thought isn't it?

Think on those things as we are blessed to be starting a new week -- a week filled with blessings and surprises and with the promise that whatever we do, wherever we are -- Jesus will be with us -- He promised and He keeps His promises!!

Until tomorrow ..... Susan and Monty

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Goodbye Wisconsin

Here they are, Leroy sporting his Flintstone shirt and Pastor Curt and Darrell all smiles. Yes, they left us very early this morning and are home with family once again this evening. We will miss them as will Maury and Rosemary. They did such a wonderful job completing the hanging of the sheetrock and having it ready for the finishing process hopefully this week! Enjoy your families and come back and see us again!

We also had 2 of our 3 Habitat for Humanity parking lot residents leave this afternoon. They were being relocated elsewhere but we hope to also meet up with them sometime in the future. We got used to having neighbors and it seems quite barren again. Although we hear that a couple of our month long volunteers will be returning to our back yard living in a couple of weeks. Greg and Pam, from South Dakota will be returning for the month of March and we look forward to having them back for the entire month! They will be more than busy and awesome blessings while they are here!

It seems the entire coastal community is rallying around Mardi Gras this weekend. There are parades in nearly every city. It's something new for us! "Fat Tuesday" is this Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Schools are closed for Monday and Tuesday along with numerous businesses. Like I said, it's something very new, and different, for us. I must say the colors of purple, green and gold are used in just about every capacity you can imagine.

Our hometown team will be heading out around 5AM tomorrow morning. We pray for safe travel and good weather for the nearly 800 miles they will be traveling. Atleast we can be certain that the weather here is quite ALOT warmer than what they have been experiencing over the past few weeks! It is forecast to be in the 60s with partial sunshine!!

Monty and I have a special prayer request this evening. You've heard about our dearest and best friend Joe and his mothers health issues. The doctors have put a pace maker in her chest to regulate her heartbeating. We pray this will take care of many of her health problems and improve her over all health in a miraculous way. Both she (Josephine) and Joe could use your prayers for strength, healing and support. Thank you. This is just another of those times where being so far from home is difficult.

Until tomorrow .... God's blessings to all. Please attend your local church tomorrow morning and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty

Friday, February 16, 2007

The annointing of the Lord

Yes, it requires many different bends, stretches and reaches to hang sheetrock in a home. And our Wisconsin men managed to do anything needed to get the job done.
Today the sheetrock is all hung in Rosemary's home. Thanks to the wonderful men who chose to take a week from their families, even Darrell from his sick son, and come here just to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Maury is still in awe! These men even went the extra mile and blessed Rosemary with a new toilet --- laugh as you might --- when you have lost everything in your home you realize just what necessities are verses luxuries! We are so thankful to these 3 men and pray they will have a safe flight come tomorrow morning as they head back north. Their flight leaves at 6:15 am so we are saying our goodbyes this evening! I know they have missed their families but I don't think they have missed the cold weather up there!
Sorry for missing the blog last night. It was the night of our missionary classes and we were put to the test in just getting there. We only have a few miles to reach interstate 10 and then head out for the 1 hour trip to Mobile. Only when we reached I10 did we realize it was closed and they were having every single vehicle get off here in Gautier! We had to turn around and head right back where we came from -- which took 1 hour --- and then work our way to I10 another way. We had been on the road for 90 minutes and hadn't even gotten out of Pascagoula!!! We did make it to class and only managed to be 15 minutes late. After listening to the guest speaker we knew why satan had fought us so hard -- it was a class on "your calling" and it was outstanding! And we made it home without incident.
Today was the day Mike and Faye got to select their vinyl and carpeting for their new home. All of the home will have vinyl and the 2 bedrooms will be carpeting. Even though Mike was in alot of pain and really not up to it, I think he felt better after getting out and enjoying the selection process. Today was another of those days when God just reaches down and re-annoints His work! I received a phone call this evening and for a spit second thought the worst was happening -- the house build was going to hit a MAJOR roadblock! And as usual, God was seeing just how committed we are to our calling and took my nightmare and turned it into amazement! It never ceases to amaze me as to the lengths God will go to fulfill His promises! He tells us over and over again in the Bible that He will never call us into something or someplace where He will not be there with us and supply what we need to accomplish His will. Even though I know those promises and believe them with all my heart---I still fail and fall into doubt or fear. I am so thankful that God doesn't get tired and stop showing me His miracles on a daily basis! To God be the glory!!!!
Thanks to all of you for your prayers for us and for this mission. Those prayers are what continue to hold us up. Please don't stop!
Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty