Monday, October 23, 2006

Turn on the heat???

Yes, last night there was also difficulty with the blog, thus no entry. Today is a new day and all appears to be running well.

Yes, we awoke to something called a "cold front" that blew through here last night and not even 2 fleece blankets kept me warm. You see, these camper trailers cool down just as fast as they heat up. It reached somewhere in the mid 40's and if we were home we probably wouldn't have needed the heat, but ... we're a long way from home living in a metal box!!! :)

Today was beautiful, high around 70 with a wonderful breeze, one of those days we have longed for. The "locals" seem to think it's too cold --- we're not locals!!! We love it!!

Today was the start of a busy, blessing filled week for our Indiana team. Part of them went to Margaret's house to wrap up a few things on the punch list. They were making great progress by the afternoon and if they did not finish this evening they should be after a couple of hours tomorrow. They will then be joining the rest of their team who are working away at Bruce and Linda's house. They are putting the wall and ceiling insulation in, hanging sheetrock and starting to finish some of what the WV team hung last week. There is more than enough work for the entire IN team for the rest of the week there. It sure is starting to look like a house again and Bruce and Linda are absolutely thrilled. Their son finished the electrical over the weekend so the team was ready to roll. Be sure and stay tuned to see how they progress over the week. They come to bless and the blessings turn right around to bless them back. Another of those "God things" for sure!

As I write this we are awaiting word from our team from California. They were to land at the Gulfport airport at 5:30, rent a vehicle and head this way. Shouldn't be too much longer now. We are really excited to see them as one of them is Scott, who spent an entire month with us back in the spring! He became really close family and we can't wait to see him again. We have also worked with the other men coming on the team and it feels like "old home week" with them making another return trip. They will be starting a new home project for us, Lynne's house. They will be doing some structural, insulation and sheetrock. They have their work cut out for them and we know they will be prepared to bless the family. Also stay tuned for the latest happenings with this new project.

This afternoon we had some family stop by and visit with us for awhile. Teresa and her husband Berry came and spent a week volunteering a couple of months ago. Teresa ended up staying behind when they left and worked with us for another 2 weeks. She also became close family and it was so good to see them this afternoon. They had been in Florida and were headed home to northern Alabama but decided to come by and see us. We're so glad they did --- and that they got the chance to do some shopping at Hudson's while they were here! Teresa made daily trips and we loved teasing her about it! This time it was Berry's idea to stop --- he knows the bargains she got while she was here!!!!!

Last night we were blessed to attend a different church here locally. Our dear friend, Pastor Ken, was a guest preacher and invited us to come. I have a few "one liners" that he spoke about that I want to toss out to all of you ... for some deep thought and inner reflection. I won't go into the details of the sermon but guess you will be able to read between the lines to fill in the blanks. It was an incredible sermon, one I won't forget!!!! Read these, really read them .... and then take them to thought and prayer!!!

Faith is the substance of the Christian life.

Stand up and become who God called us to be.

Tithe as you would like to be blessed.

Trust God for who He is and watch the miracles take place.

There's nothing we can't do through the blood of Jesus.

Stop being who others want us to be and start being who God called us to be.

We need to start the spiritual warfare that God calls us to do.

We must get ourselves out of the way.

Stop worrying about what other people are doing.

AMEN and AMEN and AMEN again!!!

Until tomorrow....Susan and Monty

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