Thursday, October 12, 2006

Clean choppers, hurting puppies

God always shows His beauty, no matter what the circumstances!

The first phone call of today came very early this morning. One of our church members, Kim, works at Lowes. She called to say they would like to donate cabinet hardware, if we could come and get them - now! Needless to say, I was out the door. Good thing the store is just across the street. And donate hardware they did! I don't know how many cabinet knobs and handles we have but we can really decorate some cabinets and make them awesome! They also donated quite a few gallons of paint stripper, which will also come in handy. We are so thankful to them for thinking of us and especially to Kim for making the call! All of this will be such a wonderful, unexpected blessing to so many.

As Diane and I were sorting through all our "goodies" we were visited by Steve and Carol. They are busy getting their relief all set up and ready for their team arriving tomorrow. They are finding more than enough work, just like the rest of the agencies still up and running. We are so thankful to them, and to Convoy of Hope, for coming back to the area to continue in the rebuilding of lives!

Monty, Diane and I then left to look at another request for help. As I have said before, we do not send volunteers into a home unless we have been there first and know the situation. This one was a surprise -- she is the same as done. She had alot of wind damage, blew the roof off, but has been steadily working and is down to intalling the ceramic tile on her floors. She understood when we told her that it might be months before we could get anyone there as there are so many who aren't even in their homes yet. It was nice to go into someone's home and not see a disastrous mess. We have almost forgotten what a "put together" home looks like!

This afternoon Monty was able to take some time and get his teeth cleaned! It's one of those things that keeps getting put on the back burner time and time again. It's also one of those things that must be done! They are shining pearlie whites now. The tea down here (quit strong) doesn't do such wonderful things on teeth.

Both of the dogs also made a trip of their own this afternoon. And they are less than pleased with the results right about now. It was past time for the annual rabies shots! We had already made connections with a wonderful vet here so they got to do the honors! Another of those things that gets put off and was finally able to be squeezed in. I'm sure they would like to have it continually put off.

Diane is fast approaching her day to head home for the next 3 months and although we know she need to go it is still more than difficult to even think about it. The 3 of us have become nearly inseparable and more than good friends, we are family! I personally don't know how I will get through each day without her but I know I will. We pray her church will recommission her to return the first of January as she is truly called by God into this effort and will be sorely missed while she is away. Besides, who in the world would choose to live in Wisconsin during the winter months!!! :) Please keep her in your prayers for safe travel! Love you, Diane!!

Until tomorrow .... Blessings to all .... Susan and Monty

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