Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day

Yep -- moving forward toward Saturday.

Mowed 2 lawns yesterday and 5 today -- done for the week! Good thing since the temps are rising right along with the humidity.

My truck also has a new starter and some other part that was necessary. Ouch in the wallet! But I'm back up and running, thank you Lord.

Tomorrow is grocery day and tomorrow evening is a special prayer service for the missing IU student, Lauren Spierer. It's been nearly a month and not a single lead to go on. The searching station has been closed and the police say they are taking "another approach" so please keep this family in your prayers and if you are here in Bloomington PLEASE attend the prayer service!

Until next time . . . love to all. Susan and Monty

Monday, June 27, 2011

Graduation Focused

Yes, this is THE weekend! After over 6 months of weekly classes, weekly homework assignments and a very tough research paper --- they made it! Graduation is this Saturday night!

The Mobile, Alabama school director, Randy, and his wife, Charlotte will be arriving sometime Friday and will have a wonderful certificate of completion for each student.

Saturday evening we will all gather at our house, their families with them, and enjoy a time of fellowship and celebration for all their hard work and dedication.

We have some very special entertainment lined up for the evening and are being very careful to not "let the cat out of the bag" as to what/who it is! :)

So every day this week I am working toward Saturday night.

Today was some shopping and details lined up for the week.

Tomorrow is Bible study and maybe getting 1 of my 7 yards mowed. Depends on the weather as today has been quite stormy and very wet.

Wednesday is supposed to be clear so I hope to get all yards mowed and out of the way.

Thursday is shopping day for the final foods.

Friday is cleaning (oh no) and cooking. Randy and Charlotte arrive and hopefully we can get together for dinner.

And then Saturday is THE day!

Monty works at the mobile home park today, tomorrow and Wednesday. He also has to get materials ready for the tornado damage job he just got awarded. That's a job of reanchoring the entire mobile home and installing new skirting all the way around.

Our biggest need right now? Keeping both trucks running. Yesterday we got stranded when mine refused to start! My daughter picked us up and took us home where we could load up tools and jumper cables. It was really tough to jump but it did finally start and we made it to the shop where they said both the battery and alternador are good. Monty cleaned the motor and parts all afternoon and evening.

And then this morning --- well --- it choked and had trouble but it did finally start! I have prayed over it and demanded satan get his nasty little fingers out of it!!!!!

A busy and exciting week! It's been such an honor for us to facilitate this missions training class and we want each student to enjoy the celebration! God has special plans for each of them! How awesome!

Until next time . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting ready for graduation

Without even realizing it I found myself very sad at our last missions training class on Tuesday night! Mary had brought 2 friends as guests and a couple of our students were on vacation but it was an amazing class entitled "Going in Jesus' Name" and was a perfect ending. It was still tough for me to fight back the tears as it's been so much fun doing this class and now we focus on graduation!

Next Saturday, July 2nd we will be having graduation at our house with an old fashioned cookout -- family style. Hopefully each student will have family coming along with them and Randy and Charlotte, the directors of the headquarters in Mobile, Alabama will also be here. So my next week is all geared toward the preparation for that. We want it to be a big celebration of their accomplishments! I have most of the decorations and the entertainment is all lined up so now comes the food itself. And of course, some pretty hefty house cleaning!!! :)

The rest of this past week had Monty replacing the alternador in his truck, along with some other parts I have no idea about. I think we've replaced more of the engine than not! Thank the Lord he can do the work himself!

We both took of rather quickly yesterday when the owner of the mobile home park where Monty works part time called saying one of the homes was on fire! We flew out of here and found the fire fighters already had it out --- the elderly woman admitted she lays in bed and smokes so go figure what happened!!!!!! The bedroom and bath are completely gone and now it has to be pulled out of the park and destroyed. Red Cross was taking care of her! What a mess and how easy it would've been to have avoided the whole thing!

I was able to take my grandkids to Wendy's and Dairy Queen on Wednesday and it was so fun! We had such a good time laughing and my 3 year old granddaughter, Liv, thinks Grandma's big red truck is such a "sweet ride" and gets such a kick out of riding in it. Which is even funnier because their dad drives a truck also -- but there's something about Grandma's!

And my grandson has his last baseball game tomorrow afternoon. I went to the one last night and this is a rain make up so hopefully the weather will cooperate and the season can be over till fall. He's had such fun and has learned so much!

I have also been staying in touch with the long term recovery and Pastor Chad in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. He has been named the chairman of the long term recovery and is quite busy but definitely the man for the job. They are still in the clean up stages and yet are making plans to move forward when the time comes. So far so good. Please remember to keep that entire area in your prayers.

So now we are beginning the weekend and pray all of you are safe and blessed. We continue the search for the missing IU student, Lauren Spierer. No leads, nothing -- and her parents are staying strong but need your continued prayers --- big time!

Until next time . . . take a minute and thank God for all your blessings! Susan and Monty
One last note --- Pastor Dave's new grandson is doing great! Even though he was 6 weeks early he is perfect and I loved being able to hold him this afternoon! Warmed my heart through and through!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Last One

Yes, after 6 months of intense classes, homework and a research paper tonight is the last and final class of our missions training! It hardly seems possible and I will truly miss our little "family" that has gathered every Tuesday night since January. But, contrary to popular opinion -- they made it -- they got all their homework completed -- and they even did a fantastic job on their research papers!

Graduation will be on July 2nd and the IGO director and his wife will make the trip up here for it. We are excited, we are thrilled and we are thankful that God worked through us plain ordinary people to bring His word on missions to this class!

Today is also another milestone -- my niece turns 30! She's in Florida and if she were here we would be having quite the family get together! Happy Birthday Katy! 30 is fantastic!

And -- last evening our Pastor Dave became a Grandpa again --- even if it was 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Little AJ had a plan all his own and he entered this world at nearly 6 pounds and is doing great. Congrats to the whole family!

The search continues for the IU student, Lauren Spierer. With no leads the volunteers are becoming less and less and all the more reason for more and more prayers. Pray for the hidden to be discovered and for strength and hope for all involved.

Until next time . . . congrats to the IGO class of 2011 --- what an awesome God we all serve!
Susan and Monty

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

This picture was taken this past January at the celebration of my Daddy's 80th birthday. Tomorrow is Father's Day -- a day important enough to be documented on our calendars year in and year out. How will you be spending Father's Day?

My heart is breaking for one special father this year -- the father of the missing IU student, Lauren Spierer. Yesterday I spent the entire day with the local police department, state police department, local fire fighters, National Guard and others searching for Lauren. Our group walked who knows how many miles! Our first search took us through wooded areas and abandoned buildings and more woods. We found nothing!

Our next search took us even more miles on foot, this time up and down county roads and through even more wooded areas. Nothing!

There are people searching day after day after day and into the night time hours --- all of us searching for SOMETHING --- ANYTHING --- to bring answers, to bring closure, to bring peace for this family.

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting her parents and older sister and marveled at their composure, their grace, their strength and their love for not only each other but for everyone taking just a bit of their time to help this family. It was such a powerful lesson for me and one that will take me back to searching again on Monday.

Yes, the temperatures were really hot and the woods was wet and thick and we were literally covered with ticks of all kinds and smiled as we found them on each other and did our best to remove them. But it didn't matter because somewhere out there is a young daughter in trouble and just like Monty and I have "preached" to thousands and thousands of volunteers over the past 6 years ---- EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING!!!!

Take a minute (preferably alot longer) and let your daddy know just how much he means to you. And yes --- daddys are human and not perfect and make mistakes and have regrets and wish they could or could've done things differently ---- BUT ---- there isn't a one of them out there that doesn't deserve a phone call or a card or even better --- a hug and a thank you. Each and every one is doing or has done the best they knew how at the time --- for for that alone they need to know you care enough to say so --- atleast once a year!

Time is short, life is shorter and none of us know what tomorrow might bring so don't waste the day and live with regrets!

Our family will be getting together at my brother and sister in law's house on a small lake near their home and we will be laughing together and enjoying the very special Daddy that God gave to all of us! He may be 80 and according to society a "senior citizen" but to my brothers and I he is and always be our Daddy!!!!!! Love you Daddy and can't wait to see you and Mom tomorrow --- after all --- you couldn't have been our Daddy without Mom! :)

Until next time . . . Happy Father's Day to you all! Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Different Kind of Disaster

If you've watched the news at all you have seen the story of the missing Indiana University student, Lauren Spierer. She has been missing for 10 days now. Not a trace! No word! Nothing! Her family has been here since day 1 and I don't know if I could have the strength they do!

Ever since she went missing there has been a station set up in front of the apartment complex where she lives. It's where people go to help search -- for anything! They have scaled down the times from 3 times a day to 2 and today was the first chance I had to go and join in.

I went a little before 11 this morning to find the Indianapolis television stations lined up for stories and to do what they can to keep the awareness level as high as possible. People started coming and signing up to walk -- wherever the leaders said to walk -- and to look for whatever the leaders said to look for.

We had a 4 block square to search in. There were 7 people in our party and we were told to look for the truck that they have a photo of. It seems there was a truck in that area -- circling the area a couple of times within a few minutes and they think it's a "truck of interest" right now. Since she went missing around 4:00 am there wasn't alot of traffic and for this truck to go around that block twice in less than 10 minutes brings it to interest.

We all walked the areas, looking everywhere, behind fences, in parking lots, in driveways and everywhere we could. We found nothing!

While we were walking we got to know each other a bit better. When we arrived back at the leaders station I was asked if I could join another search team. This one has the police and firefighters and military leading the searches. They are looking for people with experience and when they heard what we do full time . . . they were excited to have me join in with them. So very early tomorrow morning I will dress in long pants, long sleeved shirt, boots and gloves and be ready to go wherever they say to go with whomever they say to go with.

This is another of those opportunities where EVERYONE can do something! As a community we need to take a stand and let society know this kind of action WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in this community! So many of us out there today have daughters and it just hits too close to our own households! Both of my daughters graduated from IU and I cannot imagine this kind of pain! I pray I never have to!

So I will be going and searching and going and searching until . . .

I beg of you --- please keep this family in your prayers! Supernatural prayers!

If you're interested you can look this up on facebook and find plenty of information and even find flyers you can print and put in your vehicle windows or anywhere and everywhere!

Like I said --- everyone can do something -- and in doing so we WILL find her!

Until next time . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

Monday, June 13, 2011

See for Yourself

Amazing! NOW I see why satan was fighting us so hard!

The trip was incredible and MUCH thanks to everyone who played a part!!!!!!

On Friday morning (after a good nights sleep) we met Pastor Chad at his church in Woodstock. That is between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. He gave us a tour of the church and we were thrilled to see that they have a basement to go to when those "just in case" times actually happen!

He then guided us into the heart of Tuscaloosa and the relief center! More shocking sights of everything devastated! The relief center is strategically located -- in the heart of what used to be governmental housing. There's nothing left -- and I mean nothing!

The folks were lined up waiting for supplies to arrive at the center. We were able to off load everything we had (and that 18 ft trailer was full) within 30 minutes! They lined up at the center and they lined up at our trailer. Adults and children, young and old, healthy and very ill -- everyone on equal ground, everyone looking for hope!

We met so many amazing people; the Americorps young adults who come to work in the center, Samaritan's Purse (Franklin Graham's disaster ministry) and most of all the lady who started the whole thing. She just wanted to "do something" and ended up changing lives and showing everyone who came near her the heart of Jesus in action! What an honor it was to meet her and get just a few minutes of her precious time!

You can see from the pictures the set up of the center, those being served and those waiting to be served. The line never ended the whole time we were there. When we got the trailer unloaded we shifted to Dee Dee's car which was loaded to capacity. The last 2 things we had were boxes of rice that is supposed to have special nutrients for children in it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw 2 mexican kids pass by and when we located their mother she was exstatic to be given both boxes! She couldn't speak English but words weren't necessary! She felt the love of Jesus and that's what counted!

As we were nearing the end of the supplies in our trailer Monty shouted out that we all needed to join hands in prayer and it was such an amazing display of God's love -- you could feel the Holy Spirit just like you feel the shirt on your back! Everyone felt so much better and the smiles shown all across each face -- even the young mother of a 2 week old baby girl who desperately needed diapers and wipes for the baby (we had plenty and she left loaded down)!

I admit that it was tough to leave. I was wishing we had a trailer filled with supplies that knew no end.

It was then time to head out but not before praying for 2 gentlemen who got our attention big time. They were both homeless and assured us they had a place where they went each night. One had a bandage on his arm and he told us all about his kidney dialysis he goes to 3 times a week and has done for the past 3 years. The other gentleman explained that the reason his voice was so raspy was because he had throat cancer. Each one told how they hadn't been living their lives like they should but had turned themselves around with the help of God and that He was what kept them going each day! Tears were streaming down my face as they walked off to who knows where. But they had supplies in their hands and our prayers in their hearts!

Lunch was a quick burger at one of the few places open in the area. It had sustained damage but was up and running and feeding thousands, literally.

After lunch Dee Dee headed east to make a visit to a church she had heard about and that her church had made a monetary donation to. It was east of Birmingham and she had a great visit there. From there she headed north and was homeward bound. It was great to have her come with us and see and feel how God moves in situations like these. She is headed back this Thursday with Rob from our church as he and she and another gentleman go back to do some cleanup work in the Cordova area. They will each be loaded down with bottled water and more hygiene supplies to bless the area. Rob had tears in his eyes when I was telling him stories yesterday after church so I hope he's bringing a box full of tissue for his trip! I love those guys who have such warm and compassionate hearts! A real gift from God.

With our burgers gone and Dee Dee on her way it was time to have the meeting with Pastor Chad that he had requested. He is the head of the Disaster Relief for the Assembly of God churches for the entire state of Alabama and has his hands full. He is the perfect man for this job -- whether he realizes it or not! God chose him and he is already beginning to experience some of the miracles and God moments and connections and blessings! Hang on Pastor Chad because God is about to change your life forever!

The meeting went well and we were able to share some of our experiences, give him some guidance and let him know we are available to help him in any way possible.

By the time we were back in the truck and headed north ourselves it was early evening. We had to get some hours behind us because we had to have the trailer borrowed from Orphan Grain Train back by 1:00pm on Saturday afternoon. So off we went and got a bit over half way home before we stopped.

We made it back with the trailer with 30 minutes to spare and made it back home with less than an hour until my granddaughter's 3rd birthday party. A quick change of clothes and an even quicker packing of her presents and off I went. She had such fun and it was such a blessing to be able to share in her fun and laughter.

By late evening Monty and I were able to eat a bite for dinner and we were down for the night long before 10pm!!!!!!

Yesterday was church and the beginning of our Pastor Dave's 2 month sabbatical -- the first in 25 years! More than a bit overdue!!!!

I had 4 yards to get mowed yesterday afternoon and managed to get them all completed except ours -- which will now wait until tomorrow when I can enjoy being out and working around the whole yard.

Today has been a day of catch up and a day to accomplish quite a few things that didn't get done last week since I was at the trailer taking donations for 4 days.

It's also been a day of reflection for me -- looking back and seeing the hand of God in so many things and so many directions! He never ceases to amaze me and I pray I never get used to it all! What a truly awesome God we are blessed to serve!

Until next time . . . count your blessings and thank God for each and every one!

Susan and Monty

Thursday, June 09, 2011

In Alabama

I tried to get you an update yesterday but once again blogger had a burp and the whole thing "went away" so let's try again . . .

First of all I want to congratulate my youngest daughter on finding the perfect wedding dress! That's always such a special memory and I can't wait to see how beautiful she looks in it, although she would look beautiful in anything!!!!

Now, for the update . . .

What a week it's been! I'm not sure where to begin. Seems there must be something here in Alabama that satan doesn't want us to see or experience or anything as he's been working overtime and in areas we would least expect!

All week Monty was dealing with major sewer problems at the mobile home park and when he had just stepped out of the shower and sat down for our missions training school class on Tuesday night he got the phone call that the system had "blown" -- literally!!! So once again he was out working till after 10:30 pm. Yesterday he called in the troops and it is all repaired and rebuilt and working super!

I sat and loaded the 18 ft trailer for 4 days and when we pulled out this morning it was packed full . . . so much so that I off loaded some of the boxes into our church storage barn for the team going to help next weekend. Rob can have the bed of his truck full and anyone else driving can do the same. We can keep the blessings going.

Monday I had a gentleman come to me and tell me about how their church had collected and filled their 10 ft trailer with emergency supplies to take into Joplin. When they called Joplin to tell them they were headed that way they were told NOT to come as they have more supplies than they know what to do with! So he didn't know what he was going to do with all the supplies. I told him we would be more than glad to take them so he brought the trailer to the Kroger parking lot where I was and for the next 4 1/2 hours I organized and packed our trailer with their supplies! How awesome and what a double blessing for all those who donated!

It was a tough week for collecting though --- a couple of reasons. The heat has been nearly 20 degrees above the average normal and that kept many inside in the air conditioning. Those that braved the heat were busy volunteering their time looking for the missing Indiana University student. You probably heard about her in the news, Lauren, and as of today she still has not been found. The volunteers are out by the hundreds and that is exactly where and what they should be doing! Please keep this family in your prayers -- I cannot imagine their pain!

So this morning we headed south and arrived this evening. Our friend, Dee Dee, followed us with her car also loaded with supplies. Tomorrow morning we all will head out early to meet with Pastor Chad at his church. From there we will be taking our supplies to the Holt Relief center where we will unload our supplies and check out the center. You can look it up on facebook or google search it by name and see more about it. It was started by one woman who wanted to "do something to help" and I guess it's quite the place! I am so excited to see it and meet her and thank her for doing what God obviously called her to do! We will also be meeting Charles and Mia who are recent IGO graduates with an interest in disaster relief. We have spoken many times on the phone and they also have a load of supplies from the Mobile area. It will be great to meet them in person and thank them for their hearts of service.

Once we are finished at the center Pastor Chad will be taking us on a tour of Tuscaloosa. This will be the first time Dee Dee has seen any of the results of the tornadoes and the first time we have been able to go into the heart of Tuscaloosa. We will also be able to gather information as to whether we will be doing another of these trips.

After the tour we will be meeting with Pastor Chad about the work here and about the workings of the long term recovery committee that will be put together very soon. God has given us many lessons in this area and it's an honor to be able to share it with those needing it.

After all of that we will be heading back north and towards home. We received a phone call from Gene at Orphan Grain Train in Columbus today (he's who we borrow the trailer from) saying he needs the trailer back in Columbus by 1:00pm Saturday. So we will get as far as we can and make sure we have it back and parked at the church awaiting its arrival.

Please keep us in your prayers for tomorrow. I believe God has divine appointments for us and I pray we are there with our eyes, ears and hearts open to do what it is He has for us to do.

Until next time . . . blessings and peace, His supernatural peace, to all. Susan and Monty

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I need to let all of you know that starting now I will be off the computer for the entire week -- until we return from Alabama! If you read yesterday's post you will understand why! There just won't be time and I apologize but hope you will be patiently and anxiously waiting for next weekend!

I also just received word from our contact in Alabama, Pastor Chad, about a location requesting supplies so I imagine that's where we will be headed. Need to do a bit of investigating as to the exact location but sounds like right outside of Tuscaloosa in the center of the worst damage.

Please cover us --- really cover us !!!!! with prayer this entire week! THAT is what we really need -- and what everyone needs!!!!

Until next weekend . . . blessings and thanks and love to all. Susan and Monty

Friday, June 03, 2011

Kick Off starts tomorrow

It starts tomorrow! I'm going to give you a glance at what the next week holds for us so you will understand when I don't get blog updates out to you as often as usual.

Tomorrow morning I head to pick up the trailer we are borrowing. I had to purchase a really "beefy" hitch since those loaning it to us have to use theirs. If they cannot mount this new hitch for me I have a back up plan for someone else to get it hooked to the trailer and my truck.

From there I am headed back home since I have to get atleast 4 lawns mowed that will not be able to make it 2 weeks between mowing. Thankfully our weather forecast only calls for a 30% chance of showers, even if the high is to be 92!!!!

Monty will be working on the mobile home about 40 minutes from here and hopefully will be able to pronounce it "done" by the end of the day, whenever that end is for done!

Sunday he will head to church (and pray for me not being there) while I head to Kroger South with the trailer. I will be there until atleast 6pm collecting donations.

Monday I will return back to that same location doing the same thing. That evening I am scheduled to be at the local Moose Lodge to personally thank them for donating to our last trip.

Tuesday I am going to Richland Plaza in Ellettsville (about 10 minutes from here) to do the same thing. Last time that was a great place to be so let's pray it's the same this time.

I have to leave there Tuesday in time to be home, showered and ready to teach our missions training class at our house since that will be Vacation Bible School week at our church where we usually meet. It starts at 6:30 and lasts till 9:30.

Wednesday I will be parked at our church. Flyers are going home with the kids on Monday and hopefully they will come bearing plenty of things on Wednesday. It's such a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about helping others in their time of need. I plan on letting each child take his or her donation into the trailer themselves and place it in the proper boxes. That will have me at church till around 9:30pm.

Thursday morning we are off and headed south -- very early! It is our plan to meet up with Charles and Mia who are attending IGO's school of missions in Mobile and expressed an interest in disaster relief so James had them call me and we are both gathering donations and will meet at a yet to be determined location in Tuscaloosa. It will be very exciting to meet them. They have expressed an interest in going wherever we go next!

Friday we are meeting with a group of people in the area of Woodstock (between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham) who are trying to start a long term recovery committee. They asked if we could stop there and give them some pointers. Of course, we are thrilled to share some of what God has taught us over the years.

Saturday we will be arriving back home, after dropping off the borrowed trailer. It's our granddaughter's 3rd birthday and I don't know if we're going to make it back for her party or not! I pray she understands!!!!! In doing what we do it seems sometimes we miss out on alot of family things!

Now --- what this "brief" description of next week does NOT include is ---

Monty will be working all day tomorrow, has a job already lined up for Sunday afternoon since he has no other time to get to this elderly lady in need of a roof repair, working all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the mobile home park --- and somewhere in there he needs to change the wheel bearings in the front wheel of his truck, get an estimate for our insurance company on both the truck and the trailer (2 different locations), clean out his truck to prepare for the trip and come home atleast once each day I'm with the trailer and let the dogs out!

Busy???? What on earth gave you that idea!!!!!

Blessed??? Beyond belief!!!!

Until next time . . . thanks for the support, the prayers but most of all -- for the love!!!!!

Susan and Monty

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

8 Hours --- 300 Kids!

Yep, it was awesome, incredible and amazing and I had a blast!

Thanks to my dear friend, Dee Dee, I was able to speak to nearly every kid in the middle school in Nashville, Indiana about disaster relief. Each class was filled and most of them had kids sitting on the floor. I revolved between 2 social studies classes and their teachers who were most gracious and who I truly enjoyed meeting.

I had been warned about the "separation between church and state" thing a few times and although I was a bit concerned that my mind might take off on me and go where it shouldn't I think my prayers ahead of time helped. God helped me find a way to let them know and yet not say the words -- in so many words -- if you know what I mean.

It was great to share with the kids, to see God touching their hearts when we discussed the emotions that go into disaster relief. I was able to share so many stories, so many laughs and quite a few tears. We talked about relationships that are built - and last for a life time, the joy of helping others - with no ulterior motive, the idea of what it might feel like to lose it all and the things in life that really count. You name it and we covered it.

Each class was about 50 minutes and each teacher gave me the full 50 minutes. We left time for questions and each class had them ready to ask.

The final class was probably the most touching -- to me anyway. When the kids came into the room there were 3 girls sitting in the back of the room and somehow I sensed they weren't really interested in anything I had to say. Whenever I speak to groups I keep my eyes out on those to whom I am speaking to, watching faces and body language. I kept my eyes on those girls and watched God change everything about them. First it was their body language, then their faces and finally their hearts. By the end they were craning their necks to see every move I made, smiling from ear to ear and I think I even saw a couple of tears. They "got it" and God changed them! And I didn't even mention "His" name! Miraculous and wonderful and I am so humbled that He was able to use me, plain old me, to reach these girls!

It was a fantastic day! A day where I was talking for 8 straight hours and although for all of those who really !!! know me --- this will be quite the surprise --- my throat hurts!!!!!! Yea -- yea -- ha -- ha --- it's true!

But I would do it again tomorrow -- in a heart beat!

Reach the kids and reach the parents --- and change the lives --- and let them change the world!!!!!!! Priceless!!!!

Until next time . . . thanks Dee Dee! MUCH thanks!!!!! Susan and Monty