Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome West Virginia

And welcome West Virginia we did --- at 3:00am to be exact! Sleep wasn't something they got alot of last night, and neither did we! But they were up and raring to go at 7am this morning. We were all up with some of the heaviest rain we have seen down here in a long time. The winds nearly blew our outside Convoy tent into the trailer next door! We were all soaked before we even got started but no one complained - they were just ready to get to work!

Work they did!!!! The first 2 photos are the team at Bruce and Linda's house. This is a new house for us. They had been doing as much as they could with themselves and their son. It was too overwhelming and they needed help. We were happy to jump in with part of this team and get them moving along a bit quicker. They still had a couple of bedrooms that needed the sheetrock torn out of. It has to be taken out at the 4' level and then the new put in and matched up with the old. It's a task that isn't as easy as it sounds but they are hard at it and doing a fantastic job.

The next 2 photos are taken at Dane's house. We returned this week with 3 men from this team. They are finishing the hanging of the sheetrock and will start the taping and mudding in the next day or two. You can see Dane in the photo on the right, the gentleman in the green tank shirt. You can also see how they are sweating. Even though it rained most of the day the temps combined with the humidity make for some pretty muggy working.

The last 2 photos are also at a new house we started today. This is Margaret's house. I spoke about her a couple of months ago and need to make a correction. Margaret is 88 years old, not 98! She will be 89 on November 17th and she was happy to let the team know that! She will be getting a totally new kitchen this week. The storm played havoc with her kitchen area. This team got it completely torn out today and will be rebuilding some of the floor joists and subflooring tomorrow. The insulation, walls, sheetrock and cabinets will come before the week is over. You can see Donna with the pile of trash they took out. In that pile of trash are what used to be her cabinets!

One of the awesome things about this team is their skill levels. It is just amazing to be blessed with a team this highly skilled - and with willing hearts of service to go with those skills. To be as exhausted as they were, yet filled with adrenelin, it was just a sight to behold! Once again we see a group of individuals who wanted to take time from their comfortable lives and come here to be a blessing to whomever God called them to bless! They come with no agenda other than that! They don't come with any expectations, they only come to represent Jesus and to love on the people and do whatever they can for them. They have already found that God called them directly into the homes they are in - for a specific blessing to be returned to them! They have already bonded with the homeowners and their lives are already changed! Such a God-thing, such an example of Christians who practice what they preach! Thanks to all of you and thanks to their families who are surviving without them this week! We are keeping all of you in our prayers and hope you, too, will get to come back sometime and share in the blessings that flow and flow!

We heard from Diane today and she has landed for the night a bit north of Indianapolis. This leaves here with about a 6 hour drive tomorrow and she will then be reunited with her family! She called a couple of times and already was missing being here and being a part of everything going on. It only takes being away for a day to realize how much goes on here and miss being in the middle of it all! We are praying for the rest of her journey, for safety and for a wonderful time spent with family. It is my prayer that her family realize what a wonderful, giving Christian mother/grandmother she is and that they love her even more for the example she lives out for them!!!!

I am more than tired and need to be up and ready to go in the morning. We are under a tornado watch tonight and since we hear every single rain drop falling on our trailer I am headed to bed and pray for a peaceful night!

As usual, we thank all of you for coming along with us on our mission! Without you this would not be possible! May God bless each and every one of you!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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