Thursday, October 26, 2006

Photo night with CA

For some reason there have been alot of problems with the blogspot this week and tonight is another one. I planned on doing a pictorial of both teams but it will not allow any more photos other than those here. My sincere apologies to the Indiana team. I will have a "special" on you tomorrow evening. I have heard that Google purchased the Blogger but haven't gotten anything to let me know. I just know that the problems have been more than aggravating and hopefully whatever is happening will be corrected soon.

First news -- the Ford truck is repaired and running well. I am not a mechanic and couldn't begin to tell you what the problem was but it is working now and purrs like a kitten, a diesel one anyway!

As usual, the teams were working well again today. The Indiana team is ready to prime and paint a couple of Bruce and Linda's rooms. Their expertise at both hanging sheetrock and finishing it is amazing. We (and they) wish they could stay longer and do more! All in God's timing!! The women have the place nearly spotless, or as much as possible on a construction site. Tomorrow is their last day and this evening they asked if we could do the morning devotions at 7am instead of 8am as they want to get an early start. Getting an early start on day 5 with all of the aches and pains of the week really catching up with you is remarkable! We are so very thankful to have had the pleasure of getting to know this team and counting them as more of our family.

The California team found themselves doing things they hadn't expected. They did a wonderful job in repairing the roof ridge and making more patches as needed to get the thing dried in. Just in time as it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. They also got the new windows installed, more sheetrock hung along with some structural changes that were necessary. They have been such a blessing to Charles and Lynne and their grandson! You can see the "family photo" taken of the team with Charles and Brian, the grandson.

Monty and I visited 2 more homes this afternoon. We will be starting both of them next week. Rosemary cares for her terminal mother full time and was literally at the end of her rope. She kept telling us that she just knew God sent us to her because she was "at the end". We will start with helping her get the house cleaned up, just the place where our incoming New Jersey team of 4 will be perfect. We also called on Project Recovery to pay them a visit, something they did this afternoon immediately after we called! They are a team of trained counselors who are life savers down here! They will get some immediate help to Rosemary and her mother and will be working right along side of us to see that their needs are taken care of to the best of our ability.

The next home is one we helped with back in March. Wendell and Sharon lost literally everything in the storm, including 4 vehicles. They have 4 children, the oldest of which just returned from Iraq. They rode out the storm in their attic, convinced that they might not make it. The water stopped at the entrance of the attic. They both work full time, raise the children and have been trying to rebuild on their own. They need help!!! We will be in sometime in the next couple of weeks to get some extra hands to do some extra work.

This evening we were blessed to be invited to bring both teams to the home of Jamie and Cindi and their daughters Elaine and Anna. Jamie loves to cook and gumbo is one of his specialities. They love to invite the teams over for some good old southern fare and it is such a wonderful evening to be invited into their home, share wonderful food and watch relationships grow. We are so thankful to them for sharing their home with us week after week and the volunteers sure do enjoy the southern hospitality!

Just a reminder to those of you who didn't catch it last night, the Convoy of Hope DVD. It is a 4 minute video showing what has been, and is still, happening all along the coast since Katrina and just how desperately the volunteers are still needed. This video is completely FREE to anyone or any organization who would like one. Just email Convoy at and they will make sure you receive yours. If you are thinking about sending a team this video is just what you need to spur some enthusiasm! Email and get yours today.

Until tomorrow ... God bless .... Susan and Monty

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