Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Church Camp for Boys"

Allow me to introduce Margaret to you! Isn't she absolutely beautiful!!!!

Her grandson is in the photo with Margaret and myself. He is the one who made the call to us requesting help. He tells us that even though she is nearly 89 she is THE decision maker and what she says goes! Her family is very good to her, they make sure she gets her meals when she should, they check her medications each evening and they never allow her to be alone at night. One of the family stays all night with her each night!

As she sat watching her kitchen being transformed today she got so excited and said "I'll look like a million bucks and I don't have a dime!" She can keep us entertained with all of her stories but the biggest blessing to all who talk with her is hearing her speak of her love for the Lord. She gives ALL thanks and praise to Him! She tells stories of her life and how God was right there with her. The knowledge and experience she has are just priceless! Everyone who comes in contact with her falls in love with her, you just can't help it!

The three parts of the West Virginia team worked like mad today. We had begun to think we might need an ark to get to the three jobsites as the rains fell, rather poured, all night long! I never heard a total but according to a gauge I have outside it was around 10 inches!!! Like I said, ark weather! It did finally stop late morning. The teams were working away and accomplished tons!! It is just such a blessing to see the looks on the teams as they are intensely figuring out this and that and really making progress. It's an equal blessing to see the looks on the homeowners faces as they realize just how much progress is being made. They have been working on their own for so long and are amazed at how much the teams can get done in such a short amount of time! The ebb and flow of blessings, and Monty and I are the "best blessed" by being able to be right in the middle of it all!

A special thank you needs to go out to both Convoy of Hope and Camp Hope for making it possible for us to do this work in Margaret's kitchen! Without the loving and giving hearts of both of these organizations it would not be possible! We thank all of you and pray God's blessings be returned to you in abundance!!!! We are blessed to be working with all of you!

Tomorrow Monty and I will be looking at two more homes that need help. We always take a trip and check them out before sending any teams. It's just part of the preparation process! We just never know what we will find so please keep us in your prayers.

Until tomorrow ... blessings, Susan and Monty

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sara said...

Hey guys,
It is very nice what your doing for others.It shows god is with us.Keep working and good luck.
Daddys girl