Thursday, October 31, 2013

She's Just That Special

I don't even remember when I first met her.  I had heard about her over the years, Monty's mother spoke very highly of her and considered her a dear and trusted friend.

I do know that when we came back from Texas she was going to have hip replacement surgery.  I decided to go and see her in the hospital and while I was there I prayed for her.  We talked and talked as if we'd known one another for years.

While I was visiting her one day the nurse came in the door with all sorts of protective clothing and such and "announced" that she had caught this bacteria "thing" and that anyone coming to visit must cover themselves with all this gown, mask and gloves "attire".  There I sat (not covered) and when I told the nurse I didn't need any of that (I knew God was protecting me as He's the one that sent me there in the first place) the nurse just smiled and then proceeded to answer the many questions I had. 

The very first thing my friend asked me was "does this mean you won't pray for me now?"  Not only did I assure her that I would -- I did -- and kissed her forehead before I left!

I also remember going to visit with her while she was in rehabilitation therapy and how we would laugh as we visited!  Her spirit of wanting to be completely healed was contagious!  Her laughter even more!  She had the nurses and other patients laughing and we all know that THAT is the best kind of medicine!

After she was released from all her therapy and such she decided she was going to "visit" our church.  She was a life long member of another church but due to some circumstances !!  she wanted to try someplace new. 

She's been at our church ever since!!!!

Her past church did get a new minister a couple of years ago and she thought she'd to back.  She went a couple of Sundays and returned to worship with us and has stayed.

She and Pastor Dave have developed such a wonderful relationship and the love they have for each other is also contagious. 

She now attends a small group Bible study and one of her sons comes along with her.  She jokes that sometimes she doesn't hear everything due to her hearing aids --- but she doesn't miss a class!

This past Sunday she was baptized!!  Yes, she had been sprinkled when she was an infant and in her "speech" before being baptized she said that being sprinkled was for her parents.  Being immersed was now for her!  She thanked her family and friends for being there.  Her other son was not going to attend but in the end said he would do it for her because she had done so much for him!  He wasn't sorry he came!!!!

I've seen a lot of baptisms but this one . . . I saw God there!   As Monty and one of her sons helped her up the steps and into the baptism tank and Pastor Dave helped lift her leg --- Monty stepped up and assisted Pastor Dave in baptizing her.  As she went under you could already hear the praises going up!  The congregation also loves this friend of mine and seeing her do this, hearing why -- it was priceless!  As she came up, hair slicked back, a smile on her face that was bigger than I've ever seen another human have --- the angels were singing and God was smiling!  The cheers of excitement and joy rang out through the whole church and I wondered if she was just going to sit in there for awhile!  Monty had told her ahead of time that we would need to call the EPA to remove the water since it would be filled with so much sin! 

It was a glorious morning, a morning where --- as I watched Monty help in her baptism --- I saw healing take place that I cannot find the words for!  God was right there, fulfilling His plan in His perfect timing and I am so grateful and thankful and overjoyed! 

She may have gotten baptized but my prayers were also answered in a big way.  God showed me how much He is the author of my life and that He is always right next to me!

She's a wonderful and trusted and beloved friend of mine!  A gift from God to me!  A gift I didn't even know I needed!

Ms Judy Mc ---- thank you for being you!  Thank you for being my friend!  Thank you for being baptized and most of all --- thank you for listening to God and obeying Him!

I look forward to what He has in store for all of us!

Yep folks --- she's just that special!           

Until next time . . .                                                                                  Susan

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Friend is a word we all use -- a lot.

But I've been thinking about the span of friends I personally have and have had over the years.  There are more than I can even number.  Each one has blessed my life in specific ways and I have grown because of them.  There are those who have come and gone -- for many different reasons.

And then there are those who are the "constant" ones, there over the years, through thick and thin.  There aren't very many of these.

New friends are fun.  Getting to know each other, working past the newness and getting into the reality of who you are.  I have a few of these and treasure the adventures.

As the years continue moving forward I anxiously anticipate the friends that I haven't even met yet and the situations that will bring us together.  God directs each one with a purpose, a lesson to be learned.

BFF = best friends forever!  There is one special person who is my best friend, the one who is there for me when I'm a bit less than perky, the one who encourages me, the one who believes in me way more than I believe in myself, the one that I treasure more than words can say ---- my husband, Monty!

Throughout our 15 years we've been through more than most couples go through in 50 years.  But the key?  We've gotten through it!  "We" have been a cord of 3;  Monty, myself and God.  Without God we never would have met.  Without Him we never would have married.  Without Him we never would have made it through the tough times, the nearly impossible times.  Without Him . . .

I never want to live my life without Him -- or Monty!

Friends!  Best friends!  God's special gifts we tend to take for granted!  Today I just wanted to take a few minutes and hopefully jog your memories and feelings and hopefully help you realize the friends in your lives!   Let them know how special they are -- and thank God for each of them!

Until next time . . . Blessings,   Susan

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Over 31 times in 1 hour

I've known it for all of the over 15 years we've been married.  Now I am feeling guilty for not making the appointment sooner.  But help IS on the way -- and it will help both of us!

Monty had a sleep study done this past week.  I have known he stops breathing in his sleep, amid the snoring that I hope the neighbors don't hear and that sometimes drives me into the spare bedroom in the middle of the night.  But I had no idea!

After only 2 hours into the study the nurses came in and said he HAD to use the machine.  He had stopped breathing over 31 times in both the first and second hours!!!!!  They were shocked and got him set up quickly. 

After sleeping with the machine for about 5 hours he woke up on his own and said he thought he had just taken a "nap" and yet wondered why he was able to be awake enough to answer questions and even complete paperwork!  He had never felt that rested and was really surprised when he realized just how long he had actually slept!

We now await the doctors review of the complete test.  That could take a couple of weeks as the had so many wires and machines hooked up at the same time; checking heart and brain and who knows what else.  But there is NO question --- he WILL be getting a machine and this morning he told me he doesn't remember anticipating anything with this much excitement!

I think he will be a new man - literally!  And he may find he doesn't need some of the medications he takes!

So . . . we wait  . . . in anticipation of a real nights sleep . . . for both of us!

Until next time . . . God is SO good!  And He doesn't need to sleep!                      Susan

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Heart Wrenching

Let me begin by saying that if you are easily offended --- you may not want to read this!

If any of you remember last year -- the bus route I had was the one nobody wanted!  Literally!  I found out that it hadn't had a steady driver for years!   The reason?  The behavior of the kids.  If you don't remember any of this you can go back in the blog archives and read starting January of this year.

This school year, when it was time to select our routes and I knew I couldn't get my one from last year due to all the changed made in the transportation office, I was shocked when I got such a good route and was the second to last to select.  (seniority)

Yesterday someone (2 other drivers actually) told me why my route was still available.  The kids!  And not for behavior reasons.  "They smell" was the comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was shocked and sickened at the thought!  Another driver commented "I hate those foreign kids!"

Like I said, if this makes you burn with anger --- well --- it did the same with me!

Here we are in what's referred to as the melting pot of America -- due to the diversity of the university -- which does its best to recruit the "foreign" students!

And these are bus drivers --- been driving for quite some time!!!!

The one finally asked me outright, "they smell, don't they?"   YES!!!!  They smell good!  What do you expect?

We like to think and profess that we are open minded, we aren't prejudice, we welcome everyone, we are Americans, blah, blah, blah ---- hooey!!!!! 

And once again God has shown me He was the One who gave me this route, these kids, their parents and even the local police department!  He selected it just for me and He doesn't make mistakes or errors or judgments!

And aren't we ALL glad He doesn't!

So, just like last year --- I will drive this route with Jesus right beside me, behind me and all around me!  He is the author of my life and I am very glad He is!!!

Just sayin' . . .

Until next time . . . are you truly "open minded"???                                         Susan 

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Driving and driving and driving and . . .

 Can't believe the time that's passed since I last wrote!

This past week has been beyond crazy!  Since I wasn't driving a school bus last year this time I had no idea of all the field trips that are going on!  What a way to pick up some extra hours and have fun in the mean time!

Monday was a trip to take 3 classes of 5th graders to one of their camps about 45 minutes from here.  Then we had our weekly drawing for upcoming trips for the rest of the week.

Tuesday we awoke to some of the thickest fog I think I've ever seen.  I was ready to go out the door when my phone rang but no one was on the other end.  When I arrived at the bus parking lot I was told school was on a 2 hour delay!  I was already there so I stayed until time to go.  The big debate for the morning was whether all the field trips to one of the local farms would be cancelled or just delayed.  They were not cancelled and so everything (and I mean everything) was pretty much thrown into a tizzy! 

I got the kids to the farm but getting out was another story.  One of our largest busses (just like mine) had tried to make a left turn that no bus, no matter what size, should have tried to make.  The driver ended up getting sideways on the road with not a single tire on the ground!  Needless to say it closed the road and took a very large wrecker to get it out.  The bus has frame damage and a real mess!

So by the time I navigated through all that mess (by being turned around in another location) I only had 30 minutes to inhale some food and return to pick up the kids.  Thankfully I knew the area well since I used to live there so I knew some back roads and that helped enormously.  But by the time the day was done I had been driving for nearly 11 hours!

Wednesday was another field trip to the same location.  This one was immediately after my morning route and was taking my granddaughter's kindergarten class to the farm.  It was so much fun seeing the look on her face and getting a big hug when she got on the bus.  I had told her mom who told her teacher that I was one of the busses driving so the teacher made sure her class was on my bus!  One of the little boys was celebrating turning 6 years old that day so when we returned to school we all took time to sing happy birthday to him! 

Thursday brought another planned field trip to take one special needs little girl and her teacher to the camp.  I also had to take the children studying music to 3 different schools immediately following dropping off my elementary kids.  I do this every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Before I could even get going I was asked if I could sub for a noon shuttle (transporting special needs kids to and from kindergarten and preschools).  I had just enough time when I returned from the camp field trip to jump on the noon shuttle and run it for the 2 hours it took.  When I returned I had 20 minutes to grab a bite to eat and then return for my usual afternoon route.  The day involved 5 routes and another 11 hours of driving.

Friday I had NO field trips, NO noon shuttles and was glad!  We did do our emergency evacuation drill at the elementary school very successfully.  We tried our best to get the non English speaking students to understand what was going on and they did evacuate but I don't know how much they really understood!    :)   I did have to pick up our truck from the shop and then take and pick up Ms Gladys dog, Benji from the groomer.  I had a whole 2 hours at home!!!!  By last night I was one tired puppy and I don't think I remember going to bed!?

It's been a hectic week but a fun one.  Getting to take the kids different places, getting to meet new parents and teachers and camp counselors, driving to places I have and have not been . . . it all adds up to a lot of fun for me.  I am not "trapped" in some office and get to be out and enjoying life! 

I also now have one dedicated policeman who parks at one of my most troublesome stops where people continually run through my stop arms of the bus.  Funny how they don't run them while the policeman is there!  Which means they really DO see them!

But . . . there are the other stops where they continue to fly through!  This week I had the girl in the bright orange Jeep who called me the "B" word as she flew through.  Then there was the man in the brand new Mercedes sports car who was equally as rude!  And let's not forget the bicyclists who believe they are exempt from any road rules!

All in all ---- I love this job!  Every day is a new and different day.  The kindergarten kids love being able to load the bus  minutes before the rest of the elementary ones in the afternoon and are thrilled to see whose library book I will be reading to them while we wait.

I have more new students than I can keep track of --- but I do know is that none of them speak English!  So far I know I have students from Africa, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, China, Korea, Pakistan . . . and those are just the ones I know for sure!  Every day they get on the bus in smiles and get off the bus with bigger smiles as they see their parents waiting for them with huge smiles!  It warms my heart to see all that love packed in to one small bus stop! 

Jesus really does love the little children -- no matter where they are from or what language they speak!  The language of love is a universal language for sure!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . next week has even more field trips so if I'm not on here very much you'll know why!  I'm out having fun with the kids!  And at age 59 it's extra special to have fun with the kids!