Saturday, October 28, 2006

Turning back time?

Does this look like a crew or what? The gator is inside Gator's Cajun Restaurant and these men from California had some fun posing with it!

We said goodbye to our Indiana team early this morning. Some of them were headed back north and others of them were headed to Florida with their motorcycles. They were all heading out a bit on the tired side but still wanting to stay a bit longer! They did such a wonderful job on Bruce and Linda's, two rooms ready for paint and then they can move in them. Both rooms are bedrooms which means they can now get out of their FEMA trailer and feel more at home, even if the rest of the house isn't done yet! There's just something about sleeping in your own bedroom that makes life so much better! Thanks, Indiana, we really enjoyed having you here and pray you will be making plans to return soon!!!!

We also said goodbye to two of the California team. I took them to the airport in Gulfport this morning. They had obligations to get back to and had to leave before the rest of the team does tomorrow morning. One of those that left was Scott and it was REALLLY hard to send him off again! He had really wanted to stop in and see Gladys and her completed house but time just got away. We said it is just another reason to make a return trip--- and he agreed! The rest of the team continued working away at Charles and Lynne's. They had all 3 rooms nearly completely sheetrocked and Charles had even started taping and mudding one of them last night. This is just the "boost" he needed and doing that kind of work isn't strenuous and will not be hard on his heart. The team was taking Charles and Lynne to dinner this evening----an added special treat for sure!

Monty spent the entire day underneath his Ford truck. We did get the transmission resolved but now the issue of the leaking fuel tank must be addressed. We have the new tank but getting the old one off and the new one on isn't quite as easy as it sounds! The rust underneath is a force to be reckoned with and with the help of one of the church members, James, Monty had some great help most of the afternoon! The old tank is now off but he will be spending atleast all day tomorrow and probably most of Monday getting the rest of the work done. Watching your diesel fuel leak out on the pavement is a bit disheartening and now that will be resolved! Keep him in your prayers as this is tough work and anything mechanical can try the best of patience!!

By tomorrow evening our incoming team from New Jersey should be here. There are 4 of them, all 4 came with the last trip about 6 weeks ago. We are excited to be seeing them again. They are flying in specifically for the outreach the church is having on Halloween night. It's called the "Holy Ghost Weenie Roast", a night designed for all the kids and it should be alot of fun! We are so glad the NJ team wanted to come back and help out!

Incoming immediately behind them, arriving Monday evening will be our team from Iowa! No doubt they will enjoy the warmer temps here! Today is was in the mid 70's with a real breeze from the north which means lower humidity --- a real change of pace for here!

Tonight it the night we turn back the clocks and gain an hour of sleep!! What a fantastic thought! It will make it quite dark quite early here but the morning will be good and early! I continue to be amazed at the beautiful sunsets here! Just another reminder of the beauty of God!

Hopefully all of you will be in your home churches tomorrow praising and worshiping our Lord for all the blessings we have! It's a day to be refreshed, refueled and better prepared for the upcoming week! We thank you for keeping us and this effort in your prayers.

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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