Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lulu, part 2

These photos pretty much tell the story of Lulu and how things are for her at the moment. The first left photo is her home, surrounded by limestone that will be put on the house. The next right photo is the FEMA trailer where she currently is living. There are 2 more trailers in the back yard, remember that she has 5 children! The following 2 photos were taken of the inside of her home that is being rebuilt. This is what happens when flood waters come in and you have no time to properly store your belongings and furniture. Everything is piled in the center of the rooms as best as it can be and worked around. This means that everything is covered with dust from all the construction and will have to be totally cleaned before even setting up house! There are attempts to cover things with the blue tarps but only attempts that eventually fail. Her family has been wonderful to stop their own lives and come and help her get rebuilt. She is tired but so thankful that they are here working so hard! She is getting closer but still has a long way to go!

This morning started out with Monty needing to go to the warehouse and send out a load of sheetrock to a gentleman in Gulfport. Meanwhile Diane and I helped the youth pastor here get his room rearranged. The children's church attendance reached an all time high of 32 children and more space was needed. It's just an example of how this church is growing! Reach the children and you will reach the parents! Pastor John and Anne do such a wonderful job!

With nearly a days work already done before 11am we decided to go and catch a few crabs. The weather finally broke and the high was only to be in the low 80's. We haven't had such a beautiful day like this since March I believe! We didn't catch very many crabs but we did get to enjoy the afternoon. There was also a craft festival in Pascagoula that we stopped to check on. Once again, a perfect day for such an event. It seems most all festivals down here are held in October. The 4H fair will start next week! It makes perfect sense though. Not many people would be in attendance when the temps are near 100 degrees!

Tomorrow is the day when we are all privilaged to attend the church of our choice and praise and worship the Lord. It is our hope that you will do just that. Thank Him for all of your blessings and remember those here in Mississippi who are still trying to get their lives rebuilt!

Until then ... Susan and Monty

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