Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome Iowa, Good job New Jersey

Here they are, New Jersey at its finest!

The top group photo was taken before they ever entered the home of Rosemary. Next is the photo of Rosemary as the team was able to locate some paperwork she had been looking for since the storm! She was thrilled to find it!

The bottom two photos show the before shot of her dining room, covered with nothing but mess from the storm. The right photo shows the after, the furniture trashed and everything neatly organized and stacked in the middle of the room. Stacking things in the middle allows us to work around the room with the insulation and sheetrock, when the time comes. It's nearly impossible to ask the homeowners to empty their homes as they have no place to put anything. Working around a pile in each room is as good as it gets.

Rosemary was unable to take all of the day in! If she told me once, she told me 15 times that we were sent to her from God, she was at the end, she didn't want to go on as she couldn't get done what needed done --- and NOW she sees a new beginning instead of the end! She has a totally new outlook and cannot thank the team enough! And today was just the first day there! Another total God-thing and one of the blessings beyond measure of being here, working this effort and expanding our ever growing family!

The New Jersey team will take a one day break from Rosemary's tomorrow. The church here, The Refuge, is planning an outreach for a Halloween alternative. The team came here just at this time to help with the outreach. They will be working at it all day, setting up and then participating from 5-8pm. It should be an outstanding day so be sure and stay tuned for photos! The church is planning for 5,000 people---keep us all in your prayers!!!

This evening we welcomed our second team for the week, Iowa. There are 12 of them, 5 men and 7 women. They are all part of the Assemblies of God RV Maps organization. This organization travels around the country building churches. They won't be building any of those this week but they will be doing plenty of blessing of others. They will be divided between two brand new projects. You will be introduced to Virgil and Cindy. Each has their own story and each is desperate for help. Hold on one more day --- help is on the way!!!

I wish I could convey the feeling when someone tells you that they feel you were sent directly from God to help them! We continually tell them that it isn't us -- it's God! They follow up with, "yes, but you make yourselves available to be used by God" and I guess they are correct. It's the absolute greatest blessing in the whole world -- being here rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes! Words cannot express it, you must experience it! God is such an awesome and loving God and it is such an honor to be rebuilding for Him! You should try it --- then you would understand!

Don't forget about emailing for your free DVD about our relief efforts. It will tell and show you just how badly you are still needed here --- 14 months later! ANYONE can get one, no cost, no obligation. Just email to: and they will be happy to get one out to you asap. Take what you see to heart, then think about coming with a team or organizing a team! We 100% guarantee --- it will change your life!!!!

Monty and I would like to send an ENORMOUS thank you to some very special people in New Jersey who sent us some "fluff"!!!!! You know who you are and what you did for us!!! There are no words to thank you enough! Your hearts, your efforts, your care and love --- you are family to us and we love you!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Steve --- Monty could really use you about now! He just finished his 3rd day underneath the truck (he's done) and his back and neck are gone ---- adjustment here he comes!!!!

Until tomorrow .... Susan and Monty

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