Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Three were baptized in the Gulf

Here they are, three kids with a new lease on life -- brand new lives actually! They were baptized in the gulf this evening and it was awesome! The smiles on each of their faces tells the story of how they felt! They each made the decision. They each are with the Iowa team (group photo) and each was baptized by Pastor Mike (dark shirt) who is from New Jersey. One of those "relationship" things that happens here! When God moves all else becomes secondary and state lines and such become non existent. The setting was perfect. It was the best way to end a work day! We are so thankful to have been included in the celebrations!

The Iowa team continued their work on Cindy and Virgil's homes. Those at Cindy's are actually done with what they can do this week. Cindy will need an electrician to come in before we can continue with insulation and sheetrock. We have one we work with and Monty will be calling him tomorrow to see how booked his schedule is. Cindy made 3 calls this evening -- to say thank you!!!

The other part of the team was working at putting in new subflooring for Virgil. You no longer have to be afraid of falling through to the ground when you walk through certain rooms. They also are still continuing some tear out and will concentrate on the kitchen area tomorrow. Virgil still can't find the words to thank them for everything they are doing.

New Jersey continued working with Rosemary and now have the entire house cleaned up and ready for some tearout to begin tomorrow. They managed to "uncover" a prized possession for her -- her turkey platter! The smile on her face shown brighter than the sun! She has a new chance at life now and is celebrating each and every day!

What a blessing to know each and every one of these homeowners and the teams who come to bless them! God really knew what He was talking about when He told us how important relationships are!

There was a bit of sad news today. One of the Iowa team members, Carol, learned that her twin sister's husband passed away last evening. She will probably be flying home in a day or so to be with her family. Your prayers would be much appreciated at this difficult time! These times are difficult enough without being so far from home.

We received another phone call referall from Project Recovery this afternoon. Another homeowner living inside her home filled with black mold. She is disabled and a senior citizen with nowhere to turn and no one to help. Monty and I will be going to her home tomorrow to look at the situation and possibly get some of these team members in there as early as Friday. Please keep us in your prayers --- pray that we will be able to help her! These sort of calls come in all the time and it's always difficult to hear the stories and not be able to rush right over and make everything alright. It does something to my emotions -- it sets them into high gear --- and makes shifting to a lower one a bit difficult. God called us here to help people and when there is an emergency case like this and we have to wait for volunteers it becomes really tough! THIS is why the volunteers are the keys to the whole rebuilding effort! THIS is why we need YOU and anyone else to come and volunteer! The stories are endless, the people are endless, God's power to help is endless ... please don't make the volunteers come to an end!!!

Until tomorrow ... which will be another day of being blessed by God to be able to be here ... working for Him..... Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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