Friday, October 13, 2006

Diane gets a blessing back

Have you ever seen such beauty? And what about all the different types? If anyone out there knows what the red flower on the right in the second row is please let me know. Isn't it spectacular?

All of these, and many more, photos were taken by Diane today. As you know, she is leaving on Sunday afternoon to go back home to Wisconsin for a couple of months. Stephen and his mother treated Diane to a day of beauty in someplace called Bellingrath Gardens just over the state line in Alabama. You can go to the site at and check it out for yourself. It was a wonderful treat for her. They wanted to do something to thank Diane for all the hard work she has done in their home over the past few months. Even though there was a light rain most of the day it was still a fantastic treat for her, not to mention being able to spend time with Brenda and Stephen. I think it was even more special because when Diane gets home not only are there no flowers in bloom, the fall colors in the leaves is gone, only to be replaced by snow??!! Yes, it's that far north!!

This evening part of our West Virginia team arrived. Marv and Donna came in their RV and arrived a couple of days ahead of the team. They are on their way to Florida for the winter and wanted to join in the relief effort. They both said this has been a dream for them and they feel so blessed to be here. Considering they drove for over 15 hours yesterday they crashed a bit early this evening. I plan to suggest they make the one hour trip to Bellingrath Gardens tomorrow as a special treat before the work begins on Monday morning. The rest of the team is not scheduled to arrive until around 2AM Monday -- yes AM!!!

We have 3 wonderful families lined up for next weeks work. Part of the team will continue hanging and finishing sheetrock in Dane's house. Another part will start a new home, Bruce and Linda. The third part will start the new kitchen for Margaret, the 98 year old. It will be a wonderful week with blessings flowing all over the place. Be sure and stay tuned as you yourself just might catch a blessing or two!

Until tomorrow ... God bless .... Susan and Monty


Anonymous said...

HI Monty and Susan, Missed the chance to talk to you when you were back home the last time. Sounds like you are ALWAYS busy doing your great works. WOW-- 9 months already? You 2 are true angels! Keep up the good work.

Kim and Wally (your Bloomington neighbors)

Brenda said...

Second picture is Bird of Paradise and the thrid pictures is a banana plant.