Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Progress

The meeting this morning at Billy's with Mark and Pastor Randy was awesome!  Both Billy and Pastor were happy to see one another again.  Their smiles lit up the room.  Pastor's church, Bloomington Baptist is going to take on the project of putting up the new dining room ceiling and also the replacing of the siding on the exterior of one side of his home.  The recent high winds have taken a bit more of that siding off and it's such a blessing to be able to put our trust in one church and watch them bless Billy in ways he can't even imagine!

From there I was off to Michael's.  It was a sight for sore eyes, mine, when I walked in and saw the ceiling fans all installed and the trim down the center of the family room.  It's beautiful!

Today we had 2 new volunteers from our Vineyard church, Jeff and Karin.  They focused their efforts on painting, topping off the edge where the walls meet the ceiling, making it a nice and clean line, and also painting the base trim that will be installed after all the flooring is in.  They did a great job and it was nice to have new folks join us!

Keith was also working away another Saturday and helped finish off the wall trim.  That line being perfectly straight is so important and he just has that gift of being able to take a paint brush and make it look so easy!
Rob returned by mid day.  Bless his heart -- he had another job to do in the morning and still came to help out at Michael's!  That servant heart spirit --- and I think he likes being there with all of us and laughing and having such fun.  He spent his time mounting both of the wall mount sinks in the bathrooms.  These mount directly on the wall and have nothing underneath them making it easy for Michael to roll freely and pull himself up and underneath the sinks.  He got a kick out of deciding which faucet to put in which bathroom. 

It was a busy day.  It was a fun day.  It was a day where Michael was smiling all day -- and that's priceless!  It was a day of sharing and laughing and enjoying every step of the progress.

Oh yea -- I spent the day there installing the window trim and then getting the nail holes filled and touching it all up with paint.  And if I do say so myself --- it was beautimous!!!    :)   I had fun actually getting in and doing some work myself and putting up trim is what I know and love to do.  Monty was a dear and "loaned" me all his tools to get the job done.  And he's not even that upset that I went off and left his nail gun and the hose to the compressor there!!!!!!  Hopefully Rob noticed and will bring them to church tomorrow --- or else I'll be making another trip very soon!

We are moving forward and getting closer and closer . . . what we need now is the funding for Michael's flooring.  That flooring must be installed before the kitchen cabinets and appliances, before the toilets and before the base trim.  Basically everything else rides on the flooring funding coming in and getting installed.  We already have the people ready to install, our church secretary, her daughter and husband volunteered for the job a long time ago.  And we have others wanting to help them.  We just need the funding to purchase it.  We all know God has it all ready and we're excited to see where He has it coming from!!!

Until next time . . . many thanks to Bloomington Baptist and to everyone who hears God calling them to help --- and obeys the call!

Blessings and love,                     Susan and Monty

Friday, January 27, 2012

How great Thou art!!!!

I know it's been a few days since I've written.  It just hasn't seemed like there's been alot going on!

Boy oh boy have I been wrong!!!!

First story:
As some of you know (and those that don't can go back to the blog archives) we spent the summer of 2008 working the floods in my hometown, Columbus, Indiana.  There were over 3000 homes flooded and we were blessed to be able to leave Mississippi and park our camper behind the local AG church and get their long term recovery started.  Since they had no experience in disaster relief they were open to any and all help.

At their 2nd meeting I was asked to supervise the case management committee.  Case management is literally the heart beat of disaster relief.  It is here that the homeowner finds their personal advocate, someone who will do whatever it takes to bring them through the recovery process.  I was blessed to have nearly 20 case managers who had the heart and soul to take on any situation and go the extra mile.

The chairperson of the entire long term recovery was also the president of the local United Way.  He (Doug) caught some "flack" for taking on both positions but was outstanding in balancing each one, along with his personal life.  At our very first case management meeting (we had them weekly) he was in the background and I didn't even know who he was.  At the end of the meeting I showed the video on Mike and Faye (you can also find this in the archives).  I wanted to make sure each person knew just how important they were in this process.  After the video Doug came to me and asked, "how is it that we are so fortunate to have you here?"  I had to laugh and was a bit embarassed.  I told him I was the fortunate one and it was all in God's hands.  He then got a rather stern look on his face and told me "you can have your religion- and you can keep it."  Ooopps!!  It was a bit later that everyone told me Doug is an atheist! 

Throughout the next 4 months Doug and I worked hand in hand and he was not only a blast to work with but he had such a big heart when it came to helping people!  He would go the extra mile, spend the extra dollar that we didn't have and I continually told him that he couldn't be an atheist because God had given him such a servant heart!  He would sort of smile and give no response.

After 4 months hurricane Ike hit Texas and we were asked to go there.  Doug completely understood and even asked me to name my replacement.  As I left we were both in tears but I knew they all knew what needed done and would get the job completed in record time!  And off we went. 

Then yesterday . . . a letter arrived addressed to me.  It was from Doug.  He is retiring from his position after over 17 years and one of the things he's done is name what he calls his "Special 100."  These are 100 people who have had the most effect on his life over the past 17 plus years.  And I am one of those 100!!!!!!  I was shocked, honored and extremely humbled!  I actually had to sit down and think about it.

God had placed me in that position -- at that time -- for His ultimate purpose!  He worked through me and that thought is a bit daunting!  I thank God for that honor and thank Doug for everything he did and is still doing.  I know God isn't done with him yet -- and before long Doug will know too. 

There will be a special ceremony in April and yes --- I will be there with bells on --- and my cross around my neck --- the very same one he would always look at and smile!!!!!!

Then today:

As you know, we are trying desperately to get 2 homes completed from the tornado damage here back in May of last year.  Billy's house just needs his dining room ceiling sheetrocked and finished and some siding outside repaired and a retaining wall rebuilt.  The old ceiling was torn out by my college volunteers months ago but getting it rebuilt has been tough.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Mark, who you've seen pics of painting at Michael's trailer a couple of weeks ago -- called me to tell me his Baptist church was going to go through disaster relief training.  At that point it dawned on me that I should ask them to take on the project of Billy's house so they could get some real hands on training.  Mark told me he would be happy to speak with Pastor Randy about it and get back with me.

This afternoon Mark called me and asked if he and Pastor could meet me at Billy's in the morning as they would like to do the project!!!!  Praise the Lord!
I had to call Billy's daughter who lives north of us (Billy doesn't hear well on the phone so she handles everything since her mother passed away a couple of years ago).  She said it would be fine to go in the morning and was so thankful that someone had taken on the project.  She asked what church it was --- and burst into tears when I told her!  She grew up in that very church, with that very Pastor -- and was even married there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Her father had been a deacon and her parents faithful attenders until a few years ago when the church split and they just sort of stopped attending!

Now --- do you have the Holy Ghost goose bumps like I got?????

She was thrilled beyond words and right then and there I knew why we had been "waiting" for so long to get this project done!

God's timing is always perfect!  He's not late, like we think -- and He has just the right people for just the right project for just the right time!

I immediately called Mark back so he could let Pastor Randy know ahead of time.  God has a great plan!  What satan meant for destruction God took and turned into such an amazing blessing -- and we have no idea where He will take it from here!

One thing I could probably bet on --- Billy isn't going to be a lonely widow sitting in his home on the hill for much longer!

So the past 2 days have spoken volumes to me!  God has me right where He wants me and all I have to do is simply obey when I "hear" His direction!  He has it all planned and timed, it's not my schedule -- it's His!

It's such an honor and also so humbling to be just little ole me being used by such an amazing and awesome God!

So . . . how is He using you? 

Remember --- you may be the only Jesus some people ever get to see!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve!                      Susan and Monty

Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Plan B for This!!

It all started last night --- the freezing rains!  It was coming down so hard we could hear it hitting the roof of the house.

By the time I took the dogs out to head to bed the front door was frozen to the point of not being able to get it open.

This morning ----- a very icy winter wonderland where no one is moving!

The front door was more than frozen, I actually had to take hot water and pour over the handle to make it work.

The front deck (faces north) is a solid sheet of ice and all I can do is literally sit down and scoot across to get to the edge where I can then step into the ice crusted grass.  No way one can go down the steps.  One of the dogs tried it and it's a wonder he didn't break all 4 of his legs in his nasty fall!

The truck doors are beyond trying to get open!  The sand truck came through our subdivision and he almost couldn't make the curve and up the hill in front of us! 

No one else is moving!

So . . . needless to say I will not make it to Michael's house today to work on the trim! 

And I may need my daughter to come and pick me up this evening to babysit the grandkids!

But . . . not to worry . . . this is Indiana and by tomorrow evening we are supposed to be under a severe thunderstorm warning!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . be careful out there!                             Susan and Monty

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Better, Belated and Boldly Standing . . .

My mom is better!  I went to visit her yesterday and was happy to see she is doing better.  She even walked to the barn lot with me for a quick visit with one of my brothers.

Tuesday was my dad's 81st birthday so when I went yesterday I brought a small cake.  He never cares much about anything written on it because he removes all the icing before he eats it!  No wonder he's so thin!!!! 

And surprise --- one of my daughters came over while I was there!  She was in town on business and brought her lunch to Mom's and we all had a fun and quick visit!  God's perfect timing!

I also talked with Michael today and that's where the "boldly standing" part of my blog title comes in.  We are at the end of the funding we had and are boldly standing on the promise of God to provide what we need right when we need it!  Last Saturday Rob was the only volunteer who went to help so today I sent an email to our church secretary asking her to send an email to everyone she has on her mailing list updating them on our plans for this Saturday and our needs.  Scripture boldly tells us "we don't have because we don't ask" so . . . we are asking!

We are at the point where we need additional funding to complete the skirting.  Monty got nearly 3/4ths of it donated but we need a bit more to finish the job.

We are also in need of funding for the flooring.  That is our next step.  We are putting in the wood flooring that is easy to install and will be just what Michael and his wheelchair need to roll freely throughout the entire house.

And then the next step will be installing the kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

We are getting so close and each day Michael has to stay in his old trailer and haul wood back and forth just to stay a little bit warm is getting more and more difficult.

We need YOUR help!!!!  If you are able and would like to help us out (nothing is too small and for sure nothing is too large) you can leave a comment here or you can just send your donation to the address listed here in the very top of the blog.  Please be sure and attach a separate note (IRS requirements) stating 'DISASTER RELIEF' and you will receive a tax donation receipt.

Without YOU this will not be possible!

Thank you ahead of time for your hearts of love and service and obedience!

Until next time . . . we're blessed to be a blessing to others!             Susan and Monty

Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Monday

Just what one does NOT want to see when one has a list of things to do and places to go!

Thankfully Monty was able to call into the trailer park and let them know this was a priority!  What an awesome husband!

God tells us we will have trials and such --- but also promises that He has already overcome them!  Amen and welcome to Monday and a new week!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reaping what we sow

"A man reaps what he sows."  Galatians 6:7

One of the texts Pastor Dave used in todays message.

I came from a farming family, actually generations of farmers.  This text has always carried a double meaning for me because of that.

In both contexts if one doesn't plan, cultivate and finish the season there is no harvest.

The most important principles in both are repetition and consistency.

As a child, year after year, our family life followed the cycles of planting, cultivating and then harvesting the fields of corn and soybeans.  You did over and over again.  Repeating, making a few tweeks here and there to hopefully improve the harvest, one step at a time.

In the Bible Jesus referred to farmers and farming many times.  For them, no planting or cultivating meant no harvest which meant no food. We are spoiled because all we have to do is go to the grocery and possibly pay higher prices.

But today, what are we "planting?"  What is that thing that God has called us to do, to be involved in, to make a difference in, to cultivate, to take care of -- to harvest?

What kind of actions are we taking to bring that "thing" to harvest?

Maybe I am one of the fortunate ones because I know what the "desire of my heart" is.  (Psalm 37:4)

It's always been there.  I've always known,  But I haven't always cultivated or taken care of it.  But it's always been there.  Simply --- help those in need!

Sounds simple . . . but . . .

This morning Pastor Dave gave me alot to think about!  Am I following through on my actions on a daily basis to bring in my harvest?  No.

I need to remember that the harvest is worth the price of persistance.  It's worth doing the right things over and over again.  It's worth the persistance, the consistency, the repetition!

God has shown me over and over again in these past years just how important my harvest is!  I've seen it in the eyes of the homeowners, I've felt it in their hugs, I've heard it in their voices and seen it in their eyes as streams of tears of joy flow down their cheeks.

This calling God has given me --- the one He has given you --- it IS worth whatever it takes!!!!

Give it some thought today . . . and then take what God speaks to you and put it into action!

I know I added a couple of things to my "to do" list for tomorrow!

Until next time . . . "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act."  Psalm 37:5
Susan and Monty

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Going Home

Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for my mother!

I spoke with her this morning and she feels well enough to go home today!  She sounded much better and is ready to go home --- and crash on the couch with her beloved dog, Humphrey!  No doubt he won't leave her side!  Too bad he's not trained to go in the kitchen and fix meals for my dad!!    :)

She will need some time to rest and heal but is on the mend and we are so grateful to all of you for your thoughts and prayers!

Today we will be attending the funeral of our neighbor, Rudy.  Over 2  1/2 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and told he only had 6 months to live.  He fought the fight and went home to see Jesus this week.  Today is a celebration of his life!  I know there was a celebration when he got to heaven and I just home he said hello to my grandma for me!

Again, thanks to all of you and may you stay safe and healthy and in the arms of Jesus!

Until next time . . . blessings and love.                                  Susan and Monty

Friday, January 13, 2012

Update on my Mom

Mom is still quite sick but a bit better.  Her doctors have diagnosed her with this really nasty intestinal virus that has been going around.

She is weak and in pain but hopefully on the mend.

Thank you all for your prayers and let's keep them going.

Until next time . . . Blessings and love!                                              Susan and Monty

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Very Personal Request

I just got word that my mother has been hospitalized!

She has been having gastro and stomach and headache problems for a few days and this morning was in terrible pain.  My dad took her to the ER and they have decided to keep her for further testing.

Please keep both her and my dad in your prayers.

God is the perfect healer and I am placing her into His Almighty hands! 

Until next time . . . I love you Mom!                                                        Susan and Monty

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God's "due date"

Bible study this morning brought some things to mind.  Indulge me while I share them with you.

We set our course by the words out of our mouth and although you can't "hear" me, you can hear me!  I need to re-set my course!

Ezekiel 22:30 (NIV) says, "I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none."

This scripture brought a flooding of thoughts . . .

Back in March of 2007 we built Ms Faye's house -- stick built, fully finished, furnished and landscaped in 5 days!!!!!  You can go back in the archives of this blog and read if you aren't familiar with this story or haven't seen the video.

At that time we had been told by everyone, even our piers, that this could not be done!  Even the guys on the TV show take 7 days!  But God had spoken to me, very clearly, and I knew in my "knower" that this could - and would - be done!  That knowing kept me going through all the obstacles, through all the words of the unbelievers, through it all, to the end - and even then through the obstacles that popped up on the day of the reveal and house blessing.

Moving forward . . . early last summer when the tornadoes struck Alabama and we gathered relief supplies and made 2 trips to deliver them to the people in need.  On our 2nd trip back home once again God spoke to me - loud and clear - IGO Disaster Relief was to be "the" organization through which the Assembly of God churches could "funnel" their volunteers and funds in the event of a disaster.

In disaster relief the Catholics have Catholic Charities, the Lutherans have Lutheran Disaster Relief, the Presbyterians have Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Baptists have their Disaster Relief, even Billy Graham has Operation Blessing and his son Franklin has Samaritan's Purse.  Everyone works together, everyone sits at the same table with the same goal of helping the people and the only way you can tell who is from where is by their tshirts! 

But no one is there to represent the Assemblies of God churches, one of the largest denominations in the country!  Yes, Convoy of Hope is mainly supported by the AG churches but as for having a long term disaster relief organization . . .

We have been told that there is one in the pipeline but nothing yet.

As we were driving and talking about all we had seen and experienced God made all of this very clear to me and told me that WE were to stand in that place! 

When we got home I made some contacts and the response was always the same, "a woman trying to make it in the Assemblies churches is a tough road", "you aren't "Assemblies" missionaries so therefore . . ." "it's just not possible". . .  on and on and on ---everything against what God has just told me to do!  Every avenue I tried only led me into a brick wall.  And I admit here and now that I let that stop me - stop what God had told me to do! 

It took this morning and that scripture to rattle my brain once again and stir my heart! 

Do I know how it is to all go together?  No.  Do I have a big master plan all ready to put into place?  No.  Do I have any support at all?  No!

But God . . .

What I do know is that I need to start moving forward with what I was told to do.  Before we know it we will be into the tornado season with hurricane season right on it's heels. 

Assemblies of God churches need to know IGO Disaster Relief is here -- ready and waiting to put their volunteers to work, to accept their funding and to guide and educate them with both!

I have learned over the years that God's plan might not be the "logical" way but it is unique to me- to each one of us.  All we have to do is look at the Bible --- would you think it was logical to take mud and spit and mix them together to bring sight to a blind man?  The Bible is packed full of the truths of God and His promises! 

So . . . this morning lit the spark in my heart and got my mind to thinking once again -- thinking on the right track.

I would ask for prayer about all of this --- God has the plan and all we need to do is listen to His direction and then act!

Thank you!

Until next time . . . feed the vision God has given you!  Feed it with His Word!      Susan and Monty

Saturday, January 07, 2012

2 BIG Days! 2 GOOD Days!

Yesterday was a very busy day!  I helped my daughter and son in law get most everything moved into their new home!  It was also quite the experience since the workers were trying to still get things done, things that should have been done weeks ago, and thus most of the things we moved had to be stored in their garage!

I don't know how many trips we made, I don't know how many times I lifted boxes and things into and out of my truck, I don't know how many trips I made going upstairs and downstairs -- but it was a great day and even though things had to be "rearranged" a bit and they couldn't stay there all night because the water meter wasn't in and thus no water -- the day was a big one and it felt good to work late and get the new kitchen and pantry all arranged!  As the 3 of us sat on the family room floor eating pizza right out of the box we laughed as they remembered they did exactly the same thing the first night in what is now their old house! 

The movers were to come this morning to get the bigger things and I have not talked with them today to see how things are going but the "no news is good news" is what I will believe till I can stop by tomorrow.

This morning also started quite early for me.  I was up and out and headed to Terry and Cheryl's to pick up all the trim for Michael's house.  This family is filled with angels as they donated all the trim!!!!!  My truck was weighed down with most everything we will need!  They even had the red flag to hang off the end since I had 6 feet of trim hanging off the end of my tailgate!!!!  I got to visit very quickly with them but will have more time when we all get together at my parent's house a week from now to celebrate the many birthdays in this month.

From there it was another hour on the road to deliver the trim to Michael's.  It was great to pull up and see Monty and Rob working on the skirting, Keith working on installing light fixtures and Mark doing what he is an expert at -- interior priming and painting!  I laughed at the thought that when I first met Mark probably over 20 years ago he had a paint brush and roller in his hands!!!  He worked miracles and the inside is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Monty had about half of the skirting complete when I left mid afternoon and is tossing around the idea of returning tomorrow to finish since the weather is so nice and we need that thing buttoned up before any further cold weather comes in!  He can praise and worship while he's finishing skirting!  :)

 Mark doing the painting in the hallway area.
 Monty working on the skirting on the back side of the trailer.
 Rob working on the skirting on the end.
Keith installing the exterior light fixture on the back.

Two very busy and very awesome days!  Seeing the smiles on my kids faces, seeing the smile on Michael's face -- and seeing the love of God and His blessings being poured out on everyone involved everywhere ----------- priceless!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . we keep moving forward ---- all the way around!              Susan and Monty

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Every Which Way

Just a couple of days ago the snow was blowing so hard it looked like a blizzard outside. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be in the mid 50's! 

When you have weather like this combined with a Chinese Crested Hairless dog and find a sweater sale at Walmart you have one very happy dog!!!!!  Now come on -- I know you can see that big smile all over his face!!!   :)

As you read this blog it will seem to be "all over the place" . . . but thus is my brain today!

Michael had an angel show up yesterday.  Mark, a painter friend that I have know for years, showed up and put the finishing touches on the walls.  I didn't know he was going, Michael didn't either, but just when we were a bit "stressed" about getting those walls just rigght --- God stepped in and let us know (once again) that He has is all under control.  Mark will be back on Saturday and will not only top off the walls but will most likely finish the priming and most of the painting!  Thank you Lord!

Today I was able to get the bath lights, the kitchen light and the outside lights for Michael.  They can be installed on work day this Saturday.  Thank you again, Lord.

Tomorrow I will be helping my daughter and son in law move into their new home.  That is -- as long as the final inspection (in 15 minutes) will bring about the certificate of occupancy!  All the plans are in motion, the boxes are packed, the walls are bare, the kids will be at their other grandma's for the night, even the dog is taken care of --- all hinges on this inspection!  I think I will thank the Lord ahead of time!!??

I popped on Facebook to find that my childhood best friend (and still is) needing some pretty powerful prayers!  Seems her father had a severe stroke and her daughter had a miscarriage -- all in the same day!!!!  Her dad is doing a bit better but the daughter is struggling!  Let's all hold all of them up in prayer!  Love you Denise!

Saturday I will be traveling (early morning) to our friends, Terry and Cheryl's, to pick up the trim for Michael's house.  They are donating it!!!!!  Remember -- they are the parents of 10 children and they are donating to Michael!!!!!  Isn't God amazing!!!!!  I look forward to seeing them again although I must make it a quick trip so I can get back and get it delivered to Michael so he can start staining and finishing it.  That's okay because we will get to see them and spend a wonderful evening with them next Saturday night when we all go to my parent's house to celebrate all the birthdays in the month of January!  (my dad will be 81)  Should be a fantastic time!!!

Our next door neighbor was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday afternoon.  Rudy has been battling with cancer for a very long time and when they took him out on the stretcher my heart sank!  I know the man can't weigh 75 pounds -- no exaggeration!  They were hoping to do something to strengthen him -- we know prayer is the best means of strength so please cover him also!  Cancer is so mean!

Don and I are still waiting to hear from Monroe and his team.  Waiting isn't something I am very good at and definitely something I don't like to do!  But God and His perfect timing . . . so I wait anyway!

Our dear friend Del called me this morning with a friend also in trouble.  Seems they are tangled in the web of alcoholism and jail and that nasty merry go round and are in need of help, guidance and prayers.  They are young and searching . . . let's pray for them - for guidance that leads them straight to God - the perfect healer and miracle worker!

I have an aunt that isn't doing well either, physically.  She and her husband moved into a retirement community just a few weeks ago and the whole family thought she would flourish there.  Seems he is but she isn't.  She is nearly 89 years old -- but . . .

I tried to tell you --- thoughts scattered all over the place --- welcome to my brain! 

Until next time . . . we all have enough to pray for . . . and God is always listening!   Our deepest thanks to all of you for caring, for praying, for loving, for just being who and what God called you to be and do!                        Susan and Monty

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Steps forward

Now that the holidays are in the past and we can move forward --- yes, when you work in disaster relief the holidays can sort of get in the way -- today was the first day of moving forward!

Back to Bible study and what a refreshing morning that was -- I really needed every word!

Monty was back working on rebuilding trailers and as long as he can stay dry and warm who knows how long he'll be working!  He was excited to go this morning since we went to the doctor and got some ear drop meds to clear up the outer ear infection!

Michael gave me the good news that he and his family got the extra sheetrock taken back and were able to purchase 5 gallons of primer.  They have all been working away and have almost everything primed.  They also got excited and painted the master bedroom and are really happy with the color.  Pastor Martie is a retired interior designer and she did the color selections so everyone is excited to see and as long as Michael is happy -- we are all happy!

This Saturday's work day will hopefully find both Monty and our contractor friend, John, outside skirting his trailer.  The temps look good and this will really make a visible difference as well as a warmth difference with his home.  Hopefully we will have enough volunteers to finish any painting needing done and can start installing the wall mounted bathroom sinks and closing up the electrical outlets and switches too.

It's exciting to move forward and Michael is so ready that he is actually taking funding that he usually uses for wood to heat his home and putting those funds into things for the house.  He smiled as he told me about how the wind was pouring through his curtains these past few days.  We've had winds in excess of 25 mph and he has felt the brash cold coming in on all sides!  We need to get this home completed and blessed as soon as possible so he can know what it's like to be warm - without wood!

As we were discussing the cost of paint after Bible study Pastor Martie's daughter overheard our conversation and here she came -- and covered the entire cost of the paint!!!!  Once again God providing just what we need right when we need it!  He's been that way the entire time, never too late and always right on time!  It's awesome to see His Almighty hand work right before our eyes!  Thank you Lord! 

As for Don's house -- Monroe is still working on trying to gather his team of volunteers and should be able to make progress now that the holidays are past!  The weather is a real issue and we are praying that we can match up a team of volunteers with the perfect weather they will need to remove his old and more than destroyed roof and put on a brand new on and stop the rain and snow from pouring inside!!!  Please keep this entire situation in your prayers!!

So forward we go!  It's exciting to be getting closer and closer with Michael's.  It's exciting to watch God work and we are so thankful for every blessing He has bestowed on all of us!

Until next time . . . blessed to bless others!  Not just during the holidays!!        Susan and Monty