Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome back Steve and Carol

Today we welcomed Steve and Carol back to the coast. Hey guys -- we really missed you!!!!

Steve and Carol work in the same capacity as we do. They also run relief teams coordinating the efforts between the volunteers and the needs of the victims of Katrina. They were here in Gautier before us and did a wonderful job. They are originally from Wisconsin and have grown to like the warmer winter weather here in the south. They landed here last October and stayed until the end of May this year. They have now returned and will be working out of the nearby city of Escatawpa. That is a bit northeast of us. We are so happy to have them return and realize that we will be able to make even more progress in the rebuilding. Please keep them in your prayers as they get settled back into the swing of things.

This week we do not have a team of volunteers. It's the only week "empty" from now until Thanksgiving. We are using it to get caught up on some things around the church here and a couple of things done to wrap up a couple more homes. Diane and I spent the day reorganizing the food pantry here at the church. There are still alot of people who come by looking for help with food and we hope our reorganization will help the process. We laughed as we worked thinking about how we could be doing a work out in a local gym and not be working as hard as we were with the cans and boxes of food! :)

Monty was busy cleaning up things in our relief tent outside. When tools and things are taken out and taken to the job, getting them returned and back in the proper places can be delayed. It's nice to be able to take the time and get things put back together. We took alot of things to the warehouse where they will be more centrally located between Steve and us.

We were blessed with a visit from our local Convoy of Hope administrators today. They came to bring us a new banner to use in the upcoming outreaches and with 3 of them scheduled over the next 3 months we needed a new one! It's always good to see them and get a few minutes to visit. They are so very busy traveling all along the coast from Florida to Texas that having those precious minutes just to talk is rare. We are so thankful for all they have been, and continue to do for everyone along this coastline!

This evening we were able to bless one of our own church member's family with some carpeting and a few barstools. This family has really had a double whammy lately. Tony is a young man who was stricken by a stroke a few months ago! He has been undergoing one surgery after another and still has one more to go. His son and wife have been learning alot about rebuilding their home, more than they could have ever thought! We pray for Tony's full recovery and that the small things we can do will make a difference in their lives! His next surgery is scheduled for next week when they will put 2 stents in the main artery of his heart. Please keep him in your prayers!

Having this week without volunteers also makes us realize just how important they are. Even with Monty, myself and Diane here it's impossible for us to make a real dent in the relief efforts. We NEED the volunteers and are so thankful for each team who takes time from their own lives to come here and be a blessing to others, to be Jesus to them! We all need to realize that we might be the only Jesus some people see -- which should make us more aware of everything we do and say! Monty and I are so blessed to be here, doing what God called us to do! We thank God each day for making this opportunity available for us and for walking each step of the way right beside us!

Thank you for also coming along with us. We love you all! Until tomorrow...Susan and Monty

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