Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Missouri meets Missouri

Plumbing parts and pieces -- a HUGE puzzle that Missouri continues to work on. They ARE making great progress! You can see in these photos that they are working UNDER the house! The cement blocks are what the house rests on so ingenuity and hard thinking are what is needed most. They are also working on some framing issues and have started with insulation. Tomorrow they will be working with the greenboard that will be put in the bathrooms and kitchen. Thanks to Convoy of Hope we have plenty of the greenboard!

Speaking of Convoy, today we were blessed with a visit from the executives based in Springfield, Missouri. Thus Missouri meeting Missouri. They were touring the coast and had the opportunity to stop by Dane's house and see the team in action. Seeing the "high and lifted up" state of the home brought some interesting looks and questions. We were so happy to see them and to have them see, first hand, some of the "issues" that come up in the rebuilding. We thank them for taking the time to stop by and pray they had a safe trip back. We only wish they could come to the coast more often!

I was blessed today -- I got to meet Dane's wife. If you remember, she is bedridden with Alzheimer's disease and not aware of what is happening. Her caretaker, Laura, came outside to see the team and I got to talking with her. She invited me in to meet Etta and it was a blessing. All I can say is that both Etta and Dane REALLY need your prayers! This is such a difficult situation and they are desperately needing all the prayers they can get! I hope to be able to stop in and see her each day we are there. One of the Missouri team members is a therapist by occupation and he was also blessed to go inside and meet her and prayed with her! Another of those wonderful God moments!

Diane spent the day at Stephen's and we were sorry to learn that he will not be home this weekend. It seems he has a major exam next week and will need to study over the weekend. We pray he will do well and that he will make it home soon. His mother and father are now ready for the last of their doors to be installed so a couple of the Missouri team will be doing them the honor of installing them tomorrow.

This evening was another special one for Monty and I. It was the Assembly's monthly District dinner meeting. This time it was held at Three Rivers Assembly up north of here. The meal was outstanding and it is always so nice for us to be included. We thank Pastor David for the invitation. Having the opportunity to fellowship with all of the pastors and their families is such a blessing for us and we thank them for including us in these monthly meetings and making us feel like family. Next month will be their Thanksgiving meal which promises to be extra special!

I would like to put out a plea --- to all those team members who have already come down here and volunteered their time. I would like to put together some personal testimonies from any of you who would like to give one. If you would be so kind as to write (or type) a brief testimony of something that stands out from your trip or someone that made a lasting effect on your life, please send it to me at your convenience. If you do not have our address here, please call me. If you don't have my phone, please leave a comment at the end of the blog (I won't publish your personal information) and I will get back to you. We do NOT have the ability to comment back on the blog but leave a way for me to get in touch with you and we will exchange information. These testimonies don't need to be "professional", just from your heart! I thank all of you who decide to do so and am forever grateful!

Until tomorrow, which promises to be another great day the Lord gives us to go out and serve Him... Susan and Monty

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