Monday, July 02, 2007

Hometown is HERE!!!

Yes, around 11pm they arrived, thus the late blog entry. We have been at the church with them helping get them settled and ready for tomorrow morning. All looked a bit tired and all agreed that it seemed like they had been on the bus for a week!

This team is quite a combination. The football coach from one of the local high schools combined with the Youth for Christ leader. Should make for an amazing week!

One of the leaders with the group is the backyard neighbor of our daughter and son in law and our grandson. It was so good to see someone we knew and someone who can tell us all about our grandson. It also makes it harder realizing what we miss by not being home and watching him grow up!

This day was pretty full, in fact, as I sit here after midnight I am wondering where the day went? Church was great this morning and the house was packed for the meal afterwards. By the time we got home we had a couple of things to do to prepare for the team coming. We did manage to get an hour of rest before eating a sandwich and then off to Pastor Teresa's house for a church leadership meeting. That meeting lasted until time to go to the church and wait for the team to arrive. Like I said, where did the day go??

I cannot tell you just how great it is to see hometown folks. Even if we don't recognize them or really know them, they are home and that ministers to Monty and I more than you can know! There are times when I miss home so much it hurts physically. But we know God has us here to be obedient to Him and follow Him. It is a blessing beyond measure to be here but we also miss home. Don't know if that makes much sense but like I said, it is after midnight!! :)

Be sure and stay tuned this week as it will be incredible. Two hometown teams here, Joel's and ours -- and it's a holiday week! God has something very special for each person here and you won't want to miss anything. We promise to get as many photos on as possible. If you have a comment for anyone on the teams please comment at the end of the blog and I will be happy to relay it to them. Just know that neither I nor they can comment back to you!

Until tomorrow . . . thanks for sharing your families with us! Susan and Monty

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