Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome Washington and Indiana

Today was one of those days where I sit back and wonder where each hour went? Time seems to get away, even on weekends.

There were the usual couple of errands for a weekend and then the day was just gone.

This evening we did take a trip across town, way across town, and went to the Vineyard Church. Our home church is a Vineyard and until I went inside this one tonight I didn't realize just how much I missed it. This one was very large! Ours at home isn't so large. But the feeling was the same, just minus the family we have back home. This Vineyard also runs a disaster relief station, Mercy Response. We met one of the women who does the cooking for their teams and she talked about how they are venturing into the rebuilding phase come this fall. Their teams continue to come and therefore families continue to be blessed. God at work, no matter what the label above the door says. One Body! It's what we have preached since we arrived long ago!

By the time we returned this evening two of our incoming teams had arrived. Northern Indiana, Joel and Jessica's hometown church, and the state of Washington are here. They total 25 and are raring to go. The Indiana team is mostly youth and Washington are skilled workers. They will be staying here at New Orleans East Church with us for the wee.

By tomorrow evening we will be greeting our own hometown team, most of them football players from Bloomington South High School. There will be 42 of them so you do the math and will quickly realize it will be an awesome week. They will be staying at St Luke church. We are also praying that whatever has caused the power outage in that area will be corrected by tomorrow morning so we can worship in less than 100 degree heat and the team can sleep in air conditioning! You might want to join us in that prayer!

We pray all of you will be in your home church tomorrow, worshiping and praising God for the many blessings you have. Number one being a safe, clean and dry roof over your heads and a soft bed to sleep in. Remember, you don't know how much you take something for granted until you don't have it any more!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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