Saturday, July 07, 2007

Angola, Indiana part 2

Just another beautiful face from the "Feed the Multitudes" on Wednesday! Quite the proud papa also! :)

This morning we bid farewell to our Angola, Indiana team only to welcome part 2 of the team. They divided themselves and came in two groups for two weeks. There are 10 in this group and once again it was nice for Joel and his daughter, Jessica to have folks from their home church come and spend the week with them.

We did hear from our own hometown team and they arrived back home safe and sound! Thanks for the prayers for their safe travel.

I want to send a VERY special thank you to Gary, from Illinois! He organized and sent us two very large boxes of safety equipment! There are things in there that are just outstanding and just what we need to be working in the environments that we are working! There just aren't words to thank people who do such amazing things for us. Gary and his team came and worked with us when we were in Gautier, MS and the entire week really touched Gary's heart! Somehow when we opened the boxes I felt a bit of his heart coming from inside! Thank you to Gary and everyone who was involved in sending us such wonderful blessings!

Monty and I attended the local Vineyard Church again this evening. They had a guest pastor from Boise, Idaho. He came and brought the first team of volunteers after the storm and over the next 13 months sent another 14 teams! He had a great message on the story of Mary and Martha. Martha had the personality of a "doer", task oriented. Mary had the personality of someone calmer, someone who sits and takes things in. Pastor brought home the fact that Jesus loved them both and we find both in the church. It takes a "blend" of both personalities and both are blessed. A thought that really made me think as I sure lean toward the Martha side! Sitting still isn't an easy thing for me.

I also want to let you know we will be "off the air" for the next 2 days. We will be returning to our school to do a bit of continuing education. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel and for God to open our hearts and minds to receive what He has for us. We are in process of becoming disaster missionaries with International Gospel Outreach. It is a process that happens after graduation so we will be making a few trips back and forth to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. God has called us into this field and we need to see where He is leading us. It's bound to be an adventure!

Thanks for coming along with us on this adventure. We will be back "on air" again Tuesday evening. Until then . . . rest in God's blessings. Susan and Monty

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