Monday, July 23, 2007

New Orleans on FIRE

Yes, fire it was!! On our way back home this evening we saw the heavy smoke, realized it was really close to home and sure enough, it was about 1/2 mile from us!
We arrived before the fire trucks and even though they did all they could it was a goner! Their main focus was saving the red brick apartment building next to it. They share a wall and the red brick has the ability to be rebuilt. You can see just how hot it was with the pillar of black smoke. We were standing across the canal and across the street and you could feel the intense heat.
You can also see by the people that it brought everyone out to look. I didn't know there were that many people on this side of town!
And this happened on the one day where there was no rain! The temps were a bit more tolerable as the humidity levels were a bit lower. With the slight breeze it was almost tolerable!
Our Lansing, Michigan team was divided in three teams after orientation this morning. A couple of them headed to St Lukes church building to paint a room upstairs. After destroying the wasp nest in the window they were good to go! They should be able to finish it tomorrow and then move all the furniture back inside.
Most of the team went south to St. Bernard's Parrish to Tom and Carol's house. They had alot of outside painting to do along with quite a bit of work inside. They had a good day to do both.
Another part of the team, along with Monty, went to Michael's house to hang sheetrock. Michael is a firefighter and a pastor. He was feeling pretty depressed about his situation and after some sheetrock and some more ministry he was doing better. The team will continue their progress there tomorrow.
Ciri had her dance class at church this evening and Javante was 30 minutes early! He was so excited he couldn't stay home any longer. He was also thrilled that his grandmother decided to stay and not return to Baton Rouge just yet! I had to leave before they got into the dancing but would have loved to see him. I'll try and get some photos at their Wednesday night class.
Another great note of the day. Javante's family is in dire need of some furniture, bedding and kitchen items. I decided to tap into some of the awesome resources we had while working in Mississippi and sure enough --- they came through with flying colors! We have a couch, kitchen table and some dishes donated. All we need to do is drive over with Monty's truck and pick them up! God just continues to work all along the coast! I am so thankful to Rebuild Jackson County for recognizing that the need spreads all along the coast and being willing to extend their resources not only out of the county but out of the state! Thanks to Carla and Sharon!! You girls rock!!!!
This team tapped some of their own resources before leaving for this trip. They all came out dressed in scrubs for the day. They said they do the same thing on their trips to Mexico. First of all, the scrubs are very cool in hot weather and they are able to get them donated most of the time! What a thought! Maybe some of you that are coming in the future, or thinking about coming might like to try the same thing. And maybe some of you who cannot make the trip could do the organizing and get the same thing donated for your team??!!
I also have an update on the prayer request for Monty's uncle. They found a mass on his pancreas, did a biopsy and are awaiting the results. Things don't look very good so your prayers would really be appreciated. His sister has her surgery on Wednesday so this is a pretty rough time for the family and rough on Monty for not being able to be there with them.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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