Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One goes down -- and back up

The bus continued rolling, all around town today.
After this mornings devotions both of the teams from Indiana headed out to pass out flyers for tomorrows Feed the Multitudes. They did this for about an hour. They knocked on doors, walked up to people on the streets and got the opportunity to meet, greet, talk with and invite them to the park tomorrow. By the looks on all their faces they had a good time. Some of them even surprised themselves by how easy it was to talk with strangers.
From there they all headed to the park to help get things set up for tomorrow. They were unloading trailers, setting up chairs and anything else that needed done. They were done at lunch time, took a break to eat and then headed back to the jobs they were working on yesterday. The shed is now completely down, materials sorted through and the project pronounced "done" with satisfaction. The roof has tar paper over half of it and there are a couple of them who want to return tomorrow to work on getting it done before they leave Friday morning.
Just about the time the teams got shifted back to their jobs we received a phone call that one of the kids was down for the count. He had vomited last night and wasn't feeling well. We all knew the heat had gotten to him. He did get up and move around this morning but it was too much. The ladies took him to the local hospital, they gave him fluids and he was good to go. Brady was even at the volunteer rally this evening and doing very well. We did get word to our prayer chain at our home church and we are SO thankful to them for all their prayers.
This evening we all attended the rally for the volunteers working the park tomorrow. There was worship and praise, a video showing last years event and speakers talking about the plans for tomorrow. There were stations set up all over the church where the volunteers could choose the area they want to work in tomorrow. Some of them will be working security, complete with official shirts, some of them will be working in the kids area, others will be working with games, some are serving food, some wanted trash duty and one of them even wanted!!! to work in the prayer tent! Tyler decided this was where God was leading him. He admits that praying outloud with people is a bit scarey but he knows it's where he is supposed to be! Awesome!!!
Please keep all of these teams in your prayers. This heat is rough. We pray for clouds, without rain, tomorrow. Pray for their work tomorrow, pray that the Lord will lead the people to the park where they can receive all the free things prepared for them and where they just might meet the Lord for the first time in their lives!
Until then . . . Blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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