Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back problems

Pastor Larry's office got a complete transformation this week. Brandon and his team repainted the walls, trim and window casing. What an improvement!

Our Washington team set a new record yesterday -- they hung 50 sheets of sheetrock in a single day! Mark had to go to the warehouse this morning to get more. The teams is determined to get this house sheetrocked this week. The homeowner is coming home and they want to get him in his home as soon as possible. When I talked with this team during their planning stage they assured me they knew sheetrock and that is what they wanted to due while here. They weren't kidding! They did help out on the mud and gut out early this morning until the sheetrock was on site. Thanks so much to this team for their dedication and determination!

The Michigan team worked the mud and gut out all day. Once again a home that no one had been inside of since the storm. The family has temporarily relocated elsewhere but want so badly to return. Today was a start toward that, even if it is nearly 23 months later! Today was the first sign of hope they have had in that length of time!!

This evening was our chapel service of praise and worship and testimonies from those team members who want to speak up about something that God has done in their lives. Six men spoke up and it was amazing. One of the gentleman was on the very first team to come in and help mud out the church. He stood in amazement at how much better it looks today! He gave powerful words of encouragement and praise to the younger ones. He spoke about how God is blessing what they are doing and that they are our future and he feels very positive about our future because of these kids.

The entire service is always moving and brings both smiles and tears, all in the joy of the Lord!

On a personal side, we did hear that Monty's sister came through her back surgery fine. We want to thank you for your prayers, you don't know just how powerful they were, and are. The doctors planned on repairing one low back disc that was blown out. When they got there they found more and the lowest one actually had a splinter of bone broken off and that piece had actually pierced through her spinal column! The doctors said it was a miracle she wasn't paralyzed! Just another miracle of God is what we thought! She should recover well but will be on total rest for the next four weeks.

Monty had back problems of his own today. We were blessed to locate a wonderful chiropractor here locally. The doctor was also a man of God and treated us more than fairly. Both of us have been to chiropractors over the years and just had not located one since relocating here. Now that we have one the back problems will be taken care of on a regular basis. Monty is doing fine, just needed a day of rest after the treatments.

We thank you for your prayers. Without them we would not be able to make it day to day!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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