Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our own warehouse?

Sorry there are no photos this evening. It was one of those days where I couldn't get out from behind the computer.

There was a great blessing -- as usual -- God sent just who we needed when we needed them. We are in the process of getting computers, printers and a fax machine hooked up to move us into the real world once again. All the way from Angola, Indiana we have a gentleman who spent 18 years with Xerox -- our own specialist! He got the fax machine working like a charm and I now have a printer at the office. Tomorrow he will be working on getting things networked! Before we know it we will be a real office!

Monty spent his day on the roofing and sheetrock job. The team got the roofing done on Monday and are working inside now. The kitchen ceiling had to be torn out and redone with new sheetrock. The team is working away and will hopefully have him done before long.

The other job going is exciting for us. There was a church in the 9th ward that lost every single member after the storm. That's just about the norm around here. This pastor is past retirement age and has decided he isn't coming back. He is in the process of turning over that building to us and we hope to make it into a warehouse. Funny thing is that it was a warehouse when that pastor took over and made it into a church. BUT --- the building has not been touched since the storm. This means there is still water standing inside and thus a smell unlike anything you have ever smelled! The only way the teams can work inside something like this is by smearing Vicks VapoRub under their noses before putting on their masks! They also had rubber boots brought to them for this job. They did get a start on it and will most likely be inside doing the same thing for the next two days! This is a large building and every single thing has to come out, all the walls, all the ceilings, all the electrical, all the plumbing and all the anything that is inside! Please keep the teams in your prayers. The mess is more than anyone can imagine, the smell even worse and then add the temps in the high 90s with humidity nearly that high and you have a difficult day! We did have one women get a bit overheated this afternoon so Dovie brought her back to the church, in the air conditioning, with plenty of water and some much needed rest. It can happen very quickly and usually before the person realizes what is happening. We are so thankful to this team for coming with their willing hearts and making themselves available to do whatever needed to be done!

This evening was our weekly dinner meeting at Pastor Teresa's and as usual, she had a wonderful message for all of us. It's always so refreshing to get a mid week boost from the Lord!

We pray you are also getting much needed boosts from the Lord! If not, ask Him, He always answers!

Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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