Friday, July 20, 2007

Divine Appointment

From tearing out the old framing of the dropped ceiling to chiseling the tile from the floor to doing whatever it took to pull the pile of sheet metal that had been the roof, the team did the job! If you look closely at the bottom left photo you can see the sheet metal buried in what used to be the neighbor's yard and fence. Both no longer exist, not even the neighbor! We are so thankful to this team for digging in and being as creative as needed to do what needed to get done. Our next step will be to power wash the inside, put on a new roof and go from there! Pray that our needs are met with this project.
Part of the team started a sheetrock job today. One of the local firemen had been busy helping others and today it was his turn. The police and firemen were the first people we tried to get help to. Some refused saying there were others out there who needed the help even more. Not any more, today he started seeing his home come together instead of come apart!
Those who had been at the church in St. Bernard's Parrish got their tiling project done! Working inside that building was like working in a hot box but they never complained, just worked for the Lord!
Monty and I both were busy inside St. Luke church most of the day. I had a wonderful conversation with Jenny from California who is in the planning stages of bringing a team here in November. We pray God will bring the people to help the people!
I was using some chemicals that required me to prop open the main door of the church. When I looked up there was this little boy standing there watching me. He asked if we "help people", his grandmother and aunt lived down and across the street and needed some help. I didn't really understand what they needed so Monty and I just decided to take a walk with the little boy and see what they needed. The story unfolded all afternoon. They were a bit shocked when we came walking up but it didn't take a minute for them to start to open up. The aunt had just moved into the renovated apartment (duplex) and needed things like bed linens, pots and pans, towels and clothing for 5 children. We took the informationa and told them we would do our best. Within 2 minutes of getting back to the church the grandmother came walking in. She continued the story by telling us she is the grandmother of 23 and doing what she can to help her two daughters get settled from the storm. She herself lives in Baton Rouge but comes here all the time to help them. She also told us about loosing her 30 year old son and her father in the storm. Since then she has also lost a brother. We prayed with her and after telling her about the church (for the second time) she thought she would try and come this weekend.
About 2 hours later her comes the little boy again. I was still working near the door and he was just facinated with the inside of the church! His eyes were huge as he stood and looked around. He was asking me about when I was a kid and when I told him I grew up on a farm he was filled with questions. He told me he had never been on a farm. He then asked me if my daddy had been with us on the farm. You should've seen the look on his face when I said yes and that my daddy was still on that farm! He then told me his mother died in 2001 from a heart attack. I told him Monty had a heart attack a few years ago and he was surprised and answered, " he didn't die, did he!" He told me he had nothing to do but sit on the porch with his aunt and grandmother. He thought that when they moved here they would have a yard. He has no idea where he will go to school in the fall because the school he was supposed to go was closed from the storm. In the end I found 5 coloring books and a pack of crayons to take home and give him something to do for the afternoon. His face shown as if I had given him gold!
Needless to say this child was a divine appointment for both Monty and I. He definitely stole my heart and I will be tapping my resources come Monday and see what I can come up with! He told me he would definitely be there come Sunday morning and I have no doubt he will be. And I also would be willing to bet that anytime he sees either Monty's or my truck parked in front of the church he will be coming to see us! You can just see the hunger for Jesus in his eyes and in his heart! Please pray for this entire family! They are just one of nearly 150,000 who suffered so much loss in this storm!
Thank you for all your prayers.
Until tomorrow . . . don't forget to count your blessings! Susan and Monty

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Cathy Ross said...

Monty & susan,
Heart breaking to hear of this little boy and his family. What can we do to help?
Cathy from PA, We're coming in tow weeks!!