Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We fed the multitudes - and then some

Multitudes is an understatement! I don't know the count but I do know it was amazing! The food tent had a line that extended nearly across the entire property. The free clothing line got even longer than the food line! They ran out of men's clothing and somehow someone showed up with more. The games were literally swamped with children all day. I saw more groceries piled up than ever, thanks to Convoy of Hope's participation, over 5,000 bags! There were haircuts, men getting a shave, manicures and pedicures and alot of women with alot of smiles as they sat there enjoying the pampering. Even some of our football players got involved with the pampering of the women as you can see by the photos!! It was service from the heart like none other.
We also learned to be careful what you pray for as God IS listening! When we prayed for clouds to cover the intense heat of the sun we got just that. But we also got the absolute downpouring of rain that came with the clouds -- all day! It didn't dampen any spirits though. It only dampened clothing and made sliding in the grass and mud an added sport.
Seeing the looks on the faces of those who came for help, seeing them desperately looking at the clothing and praying that they would get something, hearing them talking, telling their stories, hearing the sadness and loss in their voices, it makes for a really emotional day! But at the same time it makes for an awesome day when you see how happy they are to be able to eat anything that was served and not cost them a dime. They enjoyed the main course dishes early and then the desserts came out. There were free frisbees flying everywhere and the music kept on going despite the rains.
The most touching was watching the people come into the prayer tent. Hearing the voices of those doing the praying and seeing the tears of relief on the faces of those being prayed for! God was moving in a mighty way all through the day.
Ciri and I were in the community services tent taking names of those still needing help with their homes. Those stories are also hard to hear but so healing for the homeowners to tell. We met a lady who is a single mother of three boys who lost her home to the winds and rains of the tornadoes that came through her area. She is south of the city. We will be sending part of our hometown football team in there tomorrow to start the gutting of the home. When I told her she burst into tears and so did her boys that were with her. She said she has been trying for over a year to get some help and found none --- until today!!! Like I said, God was moving!
This evening some of the teams went to the levy to watch the fireworks. As for Monty and I, we were a bit on the tired side and stayed here at home!
Tomorrow is the last day for our hometown team and they will be more than busy. Be sure and stay tuned for tomorrow's blog to see what all and where all they go.
Blessings and remember to thank God for the freedom we have celebrated today.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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