Friday, July 06, 2007

Home is headed home :(

Yes, quite early this morning we bid a very sad farewell to our team. Seeing them load onto that bus was heartbreaking. Realizing they would be seeing families before the night is over, Doug will be seeing my family, my daughter, son in law and grandson and I'm not. It's tough! But just seeing them was such a "shot in the arm" for us at the same time! They did a wonderful job cleaning, Tyler had rubber gloves on, Chlorox wipes in one hand and air freshener in the other ready to clean the bathrooms one last time! Hearts of service wrapped up in 300 pound football players! Definitely a God - thing!
Life does continue and that is what the Angola, Indiana and Washington state teams did. They were divided in a couple of places, most of them continuing the roofing on Michael's house. The new incoming team, also from Angola, will all be working on the roof and sheetrocking the ceilings come Monday morning and most likely will continue through Tuesday. Get ready team!
The rest of my day was spent with paperwork and Monty was on the roof job. And of course, the rains came -- again! They didn't stop work, just dampened things and people a bit.
I admit that we are looking forward to tomorrow being Saturday. A small break will be nice, even though we do have a meeting scheduled and the new team should be here before noon.
Until then . . . Susan and Monty

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