Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One mission opportunity after another

Yes, the pile is growing and it is becoming closer to a warehouse each and every day. Today Monty and the crew tackled taking out the heating and air unit. You could see it in yesterdays blog, the holes in the roof were pouring rain directly on top of it. That unit had been purchased and installed only one month before the storm and it was a total loss. It's just another of those things we don't think about when we think of everything that has been lost.

They also worked on getting the tin roof cleaned up. What you can't see in the photos is that the winds literally peeled the roof from the structure and tossed some of it to the back of the building and some more to the right side. Both messes were in large sheets and today they managed to get the back part done. The part on the side will take a very large saw and some really cautious work tomorrow. Some of it rests on the next door neighbor's property so I'm sure they will be glad to see the team at work removing it.

Monty tells me each day there are more and more people coming around, wanting to see what is happening. He has had more than a couple of opportunities to minister to them and if you know the "new" Monty you know he makes the most of each of those opportunities! Today the gentleman was changing the bearings in one of the wheels on his van, right in the middle of the road! It always helps to make ourselves known in the neighborhoods, to let them know what we are doing, to let them know we are no threat of any kind, that we are only there to help. They all respect that and end up watching out for everyone on the job and the buildings after we leave for the day!

Another part of the team headed back south of town with Jess leading them in the rest of a tear out that was started with our hometown football team a couple of weeks ago. Marion lives in another parish (county) and they are no longer picking up debris from the streets, the homeowners are required to rent dumpsters, and they aren't cheap! But she did get one and the team helped load it with what was torn out a couple of weeks ago and continued inside. By the end of the day they had completely filled the dumpster and were using one of the rooms inside the house to stack things until the dumpster can be dumped and returned empty. They will be returning tomorrow and should be able to pronounce it done by mid day.

Some of our Alabama team continued helping one of the local churches down in St. Bernard's Parish. This pastor is the one who allows us to used his warehouse. He also lost all of his congregation but is determined to rebuild. He is a wonderful, caring and giving man and it's our pleasure to do what we can to help him. The team is installing ceramic tile on walls, not an easy job but they are doing a wonderful job.

I spent my day with paperwork and bookwork. When Monty and I joined this relief effort it was with the intent to help them get it organized and running smoothly. It never ceases to amaze me just how much paperwork can accumulate! We are making progress each day, step by step.

Tomorrow we will be starting an insulation job to go along with all the other ones we have going. Should be a fun learning day for some of the youth and the adults leading them.

Until then . . . Susan and Monty

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