Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jansen is the insulation king!

Sorry that I couldn't get out and take photos today but I will do my best to correct that tomorrow. Another day that I worked in paperwork and the time just went away!

Yes, Jansen led a group today and started insulating Mary's house. Jansen is from the Angola, Indiana team that came down last week. He felt God calling him to stay so he is here until the end of August. He really stepped up today and took this team and got alot of work done. When they finish the insulation the next step will be hanging the sheetrock. With more and more houses getting ready for insulation he could be the master within days!

Monty and his crew continued working with the metal roof that came off of the upcoming warehouse. It finally took renting a powerful, and large, saw to cut through everything. Alot of work but as I heard the one gentleman say, "I didn't get this far in the world by quitting." I don't think he has worked in humidity and heat quite like this but he didn't complain.

Another group did another gut out and made real headway there. Seems like they never end!

This evening we had our weekly dinner meeting. We usually meet at Pastor Teresa's but this week we met at Matt and Jen's. We all brought in different things for dinner and had fun learning a bit more about each of our families back home. Driving to their home also took us through an area of the city where we had not been. It bordered the Garden District and from what we saw in the dark - it's beautiful. We plan to make another trip in the daytime and take some photos so you can see some of the beauty here, across the river. Matt and Jen's house didn't take any water but did get struck by one of the tornadoes that hit the area. They had some major damage but their insurance company didn't give them any problems so they are now complete with all the repairs.

Now if we could get the rest of those who suffered so much loss headed in that direction things would start coming together and lives would be rebuilt!

Until tomorrow . . . we can pray for just that! Susan and Monty

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