Friday, July 13, 2007

Goodbye Angola

Yes, it was a sad evening as we said goodbye to our Angola team, Joel's hometown and home church! Even though we know they will be back again it's still difficult to say goodbye. And seeing part of the team sobbing because they are going home doesn't help! This team was filled with alot of young adults and to see their hearts of service is so uplifting to all of us!
They continued with the mudding and gutting of the church becoming a warehouse. When they got back they were once again past the point of getting clean! They come back covered in nothing but blackness! And yet they are smiling from ear to ear and wishing they could've done more?!
Monty continued with his team of women who got in and have transformed the inside of Michael's house! He has the soffett now on and should have the outside completely buttoned up after Monday. It's humbling when the women come to me to thank me for sharing my husband with them!
This evening Joel and all of us long termers went into town and got caught in yet another downpouring of rain! It's a daily thing around here and sometimes multiple times during the day! I don't think the word "drought" is ever spoken down here!
We pray for protection for the Indiana team as they travel all night tonight and into tomorrow. There is also a special prayer request in the comments section of last nights blog entry. Please be sure and read it as this little boy really needs all of us praying for healing!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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