Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome Washington

This picture was taken this past Thursday night at our Chapel service. We packed the house! The service lasted a little over 3 hours! We have service every Thursday night. It's a combination chapel and testimony night. Hearing the teams talk about how God has touched them during the week is so uplifting and miraculous!

Early this evening we welcomed our incoming team from the state of Washington. For some of them this is a repeat trip, begging to come back after last years trip. For others, this is the first time here. I had a conversation with one of the men this evening and he only decided 4 days ago to make the trip. As they drove to look at the houses they will be working in tomorrow he was shocked! He couldn't believe the devastation, how the neighborhoods are empty and the homes are left standing! He wasn't prepared for what he saw -- and he hasn't seen anything yet! This team brings skilled workers with them so they will be hanging sheetrock and doing some general construction while they are here.

The Michigan team continued their work on Tom and Carol's house and hanging the sheetrock. They also were putting on some outside siding for another homeowner. Busy, busy all over the city!

Mark and some of the team are busy scrapping metal and wiring from our upcoming warehouse. Both can be profitable and therefore must be done asap before someone from the streets decides to do the same thing.

I spent most of my day working on refinishing church pews and benches that have been through the storm. It's a slow process but they are looking better each day.

As you can see, our days are spent here and there. Keeping up with where everyone is can be a challenge. It's so fun to hear all the stories when the teams gather back together and share their days. The joy that comes from them is contagious. That "joy of the Lord" thing!!

We pray you are operating in that same joy.

Until tomorrow (when Monty's sister has her back surgery) . . . Susan and Monty

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