Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a TORNADO!!

There are days when you experience God's awesome power and then there are the exceptional, unpredictable days.
Today was one of those, beyond measure! In the top 2 photos (click on them to enlarge them) you will see the power of God like never before!
The cloud scenes in the last two were after the tornado went back into the clouds and moved north of us.
Yes, it was a full fledged tornado and there we were, standing in the parking lot of what will soon be our new warehouse, the team working away and taking a break to watch the lightning strikes coming sharply from the sky. And then all I heard was Monty's voice above everything else, calling my name! When I turned he was pointing towards the sky saying something about a tornado? When I turned back around sure enough, it was such an incredible sight and considering the camera was already in my hand I snapped the first one and handed it off to him.
At that point is when I climbed up on the old semi to get a better view. By this time the entire team had come around the corner and watched in amazement with us! Part of the team there was from Kansas and even though you might think they are used to such sights == NOT! They kept asking when the sirens would sound and were in total shock when I told them there are no sirens!
The cloud formations had already moved over us when the tornado formed so we knew it was not moving in our direction. All of us just stood out there, watching, some praying for the people who might be in its path and others speechless. Some were immediately on cell phones talking with loved ones at home. I find it a real God thing that when any kind of disaster is en route or has happened that the first thing we think of is our family and how we need to connect with them!
We watched for quite a few minutes and then saw it go back up into the clouds. There were a couple more trying to form but never quite made it. And then the swirling cloud mass sort of disbanded and moved on north. The team went back to work but the sight and feeling didn't leave with the clouds.
It's these times when I can literally feel the protecting hand of God on all of us here. Even though we were standing there watching this sight there wasn't fear. We were just in awe of the sight we were seeing. We all just knew God was protecting us and that nothing was going to happen to us! It's really hard to describe but a feeling you never forget.
As I watched it, standing on that old destroyed truck, the main feeling I had was that there was a wall around us, kind of like a force-field, one that would repel the tornado if it came near us. And as I felt that wall around me I also saw the tornado hang around for a few minutes and then just get drawn back up into the clouds. Like I said, really difficult to describe but such an intense feeling. I also know that the wall I felt was a wall created by all the prayers of protection from all of you who are walking with us on our mission! THANK YOU!
I pray you all feel just that kind of protection as you walk through your days!
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty

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